Monday, March 23, 2015

The Deeper I Go The Darker It Gets...

...I peer through the window
Knock at the door
And the monster I was
So afraid of
Lies curled up on the floor

So much stuff going on this week!  First up, Deadpool Fashion has some amazing stuff over at the 50 Shades Of Lust event.  For the event Jet created some naughty toys to satisfy your adventurous side and the 50 Shades Of Dead Suit, shown here.  Yes, this is a suit for the guys, but lookie how pretty it is on the girly pixels!!!  Beautiful lines, open collar shirt, sublime textures, this bad-boy can be worn with heels or boots or whatever the hell you feel like and comes in the 5 standard mesh sizes.  It goes with anything.  Of course I had to pair it with another Deadpool lovely, a set of heels from the Graveyard line.  They're made for Slink high feet and feature a little skeleton on the front for a touch of creepy!

Ok, so after you hit the 50 Shades Of Lust you need to run over to Carnevil were you will find some stunning nails by the Supreme Nail Queen B from Dark Passions - Koffin Nails.  The Razor Sharp Nails are exclusive to the event and she has them marked down 20% until the event ends.  They are available in Slink, Belleza, and Maitreya varieties and have 12 different designs in the HUD with reds, blacks, silvers, stripes, and all feature a bloody little razor blade at the nail tip.  You need these! 

Last, but in no way least, are some phenomenal eyes from FIX8!  Holy shitballs I've been waiting to use these babies with just the right look and finally I get to wear them!  Black and silver, these eyes are dark and twisted and creepy and everything you could want in an eye.  They will work with any dark look you may desire and the stunning texturing make them pop.  I've only had them on for a couple hours and have already received a number of compliments.  Grab 'em and you'll love them as much as I do!

Dark Passions - Koffin Nails Razor Sharp Nails HUD


Deadpool Fashion 50 Shades Of Dead Suit (available at the 50 Shades Of Lust event)
Deadpool Fashion Graveyard Shift 5 Shoes
Azoury Ishtar Headpiece
Meva Ani Ring


FIX8 Fight Eyes
Dark Passions - Koffin Nails Razor Sharp Nails (available at the current round of Carnevil)
Mystic Canvass Dedra Peachy Blue Lip Skin
HoD Decay Lip Tattoo
:A: Brotherhood Face Tats
Corvus Blackhole Eyeshadow
Tableau Vivant Shiny Hair Naturals


PosESion Adore 10
DM Look Back
DM Rock Star Slide
DM Wonderment


All pics taken in the Venexia sim.

*Title lyrics taken from "Darkness" by Peter Gabriel

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