Monday, October 28, 2019

Does the Cauldron Bubble?

Just a bit of Toil and Trouble...

The above images are by Asbjorn Raven  

I just love the decor that is available at this time of year. So many fabulous pieces all over the grid, but especially at Trick or Treat Lane. Almost everything in this scene is from ToTL. I say almost because that fabulous lamp is from Immoral Designs and currently at Necrosis. Isn't it wonderfully disturbing? 

This post is already filled with so many images I left out the vendor ads, you will just have to wander the events instead.Fear not lovelies, all the links you need are listed below. 
Happy Haunting!

Trick or Treat Lane
Items currently available at Dark Passions Trick or Treat Lane
Ends Nov 1

(*<*) 1313 Mockingbird Lane
Luna Mary Janes
OMG So cute! The Fatpack HUD is fabulous with oh so many choices.
Seriously these stockings are halloween fun at it's finest.

Bianca Dress
Includes a lovely texture hud perfect for the season

Outfit's Finishing Touches
Magical Pentagram


Sponsor and Featured Items
Dark Passions
Koffin Nails - Extra Wicked & Bound
Available at Hallow Manor
Open until Nov 1

[Immoral Designs] 
Cthullu Skull Lamp Purple
Currently Available at Necrosis

Bloody Night
My Pretty
Both poses are part of the Toil and Trouble set available at the
MadPea's Terrifying Tale Trail 
The terror starts here

The Scene
You can currently find all of the decor items and the cottage at 
Dark Passions Trick or Treat Lane

*paper moon* 
Paper Bats: Purple Watercolour - Bat B & Long Cluster
Available in multiple colors to choose from. 
Each set comes with 13 pieces to choose from ranging in 1-4 LI. Multiple pieces can be linked together to lessen LI.  
A set of these wonderful bats in a special shade awaits you as ToTL as a lovely gift.

Dragon Magick Wares 
The Clairvoyant's Cottage
Ritual Table
The table is a gift at the event

Junk Food 
Potions Crate
Also includes a version to carry

Lilith's Den 
Qi-Gong Display
50% off at the event.

Spiritvalley clock
Spiritvalley mirror
event gift

Spooktacular Jar Light - Bats

The Half Moon Market 
Eye Candy - Blue / Brown / Green

Mimi-C-auldron // Trick
Includes color HUD

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Run To Me

Oh, I can't control myself
Don't leave me hanging on the telephone
Hang up and run to me
                                                        Lyrics from Hanging On The Telephone
                               By Blondie

The Punk bike from Hogs & Cart Wheels is so damn cool! Like seriously  just cool. Not only does it look fabulous but its not just a prop.  Nope the Punk is an engine revving lil speed demon. It has all the bells and whistles you could hope for. It even sits 2, so your main guy can slip right in there behind you and you can enjoy an afternoon right. Or maybe you want to let him be in control and you can just sit back while he drives it home. Either way you are sure to enjoy hours of fun on the Punk. 
Did I mention the price? It is crazy cheap, the designer is practically giving it away! Stop by necrosis and take a peek at this deal, you totally don't want to miss it.
Speaking of Necrosis, the event has been extended this round, giving you more time to snatch up all the goodies I used in this post. From my horns to my boots, you will find much of this look at the current round of Necrosis. After your shopping be sure to take a wander through Whispering Pines for some horrific fun before the sim changes in November. 
Have you been to Trick or Treat Lane yet? It's super spooky cute and filled with amazing new items, many even have trick or treat goodies out for you. So while you pop over to grab a Zombie hand or this fabulous red skin, keep an eye out for all the Halloween gifts set at each store.
Details and links below.
Happy Halloween!

Necrosis at Whispering Pines

Items available at Necrosis

Dark Passions Events presents:
Trick or Treat Lane

Items available at Trick or Treat Lane

Check the amazing designs at Dark Passions

Items available at Necrosis 
Now extended until Oct. 31

.:Beauty o Darkness:. 
Necrosis Horns
Necrosis Event Exclusive
Witchy Bodysuit
50% off at Necrosis

Snare Eyes - Sober - Omega HUD
Necrosis Event Exclusive

Diabolos Earring Set
Killer deal at Necrosis

+Psycho Barbie+
[Leather Ankle Boots]
Includes texture / color HUD
Killer deal at Necrosis

Hogs & Cart Wheels
Punk chopper
Necrosis Exclusive at an amazing price!

Trick or Treat Lane
Items available at Trick or Treat Lane 
Oct 12 - Nov 2

Zombie Grabber - Green Right Leg

Fantasy Head / Body Appliers : Elspeth - Sinisha
Event Exclusive 50% during ToTl
This is seriously a HUGE skin pack covering so many head / body / cleavage / brow options it's amazing. There are also system layers to use for BoM! 
For details check the flickr ad Elsepth Skin from Ritual

Dark Passions
Koffin Nails - Haunted Drippings
This set was a special release, so may not be available anymore, but the mainstore is filled with tons of awesome Halloween designs at amazing deals! 

Finishing Touches
Thorn - Steel

mohawk half
gas mask

Siva Leg Braces

Monday, October 21, 2019

Trick or Treat - Stomp My Feet!

~ Give me something fabulous to wear!

'tis the season darklings! The season we all live for. From the super cute to the super creepy, the grid is crawling with all the spoils of October. And we love it!
Halloween is my time to go a lil cute for at least a few days, I hope you enjoy this ensemble with pieces from the Macabre Beauty family and more than a few events they are taking part in. I seriously love the items in this post, and with color / texture huds in almost everything your color combinations are endless. 
So much creepy, cute fun!
All the details are in the links below. 
Scroll down past the vendor ads and you will find everything you need to know.
Happy Halloween!

Macabre Beauty Sponsors
+Psycho Barbie+
[Monster Boots]
The color change HUD on these boots is amazing! So many color options to pick from. 
At the Hallow Mannor event

Too Ghoul GachaAvailable at Hell's Gate
The 'Too Ghoul' Gacha has 19 commons and 1 rare. All prizes include a HUD to change metal textures between Gold, Black and Silver.
3rd Eye Glasses Rare
Includes a style hud with multiple designs for the lens
Bat Septum
Monster Collar Purple
Includes a style hud with 3 designs to chose from

Dark Passions
Koffin Nails - Ghostly Grunge
Available at Trick or Treat Lane

Extra Poses
Balancing Act
Includes the pumpkins of course!

Trick or Treat Lane
The following items are available at ToTL until Nov 1, 2019
Batty Earrings
Includes a color picker HUD with brightness and glow options.

Tabitha Fringe Shorts
You can hide the patches - but seriously why would you?
Tabitha Sweatshirt
Each design includes a color HUD for the shirt.
Bat Tights  - ToTL gift free at the event!

Finishing Touches
Elenoire Mesh Hair

{ Speakeasy }
Trick or Treat Tattoo