Thursday, January 30, 2014

All I can see is red.

All I can see is red. I like red, red feels like home, feels comfortable and familiar. And red coating everything before my eyes right now, feels right. I have missed red. She doesn't see in red. She sees in rainbows. I prefer just red.

This short excerpt from Mixed Blessing by Nicola Claire is the main character's inner Vampire or "Dark Shadow" speaking as she emerges for the first time. It was also the first lines I read in the book mere minutes after sliding into this amazing limited edition skin from MysticCanvass. Could it be any more fitting? 

It is near impossible to find a good red skin in sl. Oh there are red colored skins... well usually more like sorta reddish skins, so when I heard Lara Darkbyrd was going to do a red skin for Project Limited I was ecstatic. Of course Lara did not let me down. The skin is beautiful, absolutely gorgeous. Did I mention it's a very limited release? Only 15 ever in SL, so you should really hurry. Project limited ends soon, but this will surely sell out before that.

~And let me just add a personal lil note ~
Thank you Lara for bringing Guennie Demon back to life. I have missed red.

Skin: [MC] Asrella Skin D-Cup Devil (Only available at Project Limited
Hair: "LoQ Hair" "LoQ Hair" Stout - Jet Black
Feet: Slink AvEnhance Feet Female High

Jumper: [ ZerO ] Prowler Suit  - ( Latex ) 
Boots: Slink Quinn Kneehighs black

Bracelets: DRD - Limited Collection Bracelets: Spiked bands (Project Limited)
Necklace: DRD - Skeletonhands Necklace 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

4 3 2 1 Earth Below Us


Standing there alone, the ship is waiting.
All systems are go, are you sure?

When you merge MysticCanvass and Zero Clothiers the results can be absolutely out of this world! Toss on some awesomely stompy boots from Razor and a few of the very limited edition accessories from Death Row Designs and you have gone stellar!
The beautiful Hera skin from MysticCanvass is still available for a little bit longer at the OMGatcha event. Trust me you will want all the shades and at 70L you can have ALL the shades! They even come with the appliers you need to match up your meshy body parts.
One of the best parts about the Prowler suits from Zero Clothiers is the fact each one comes with a color change hud, allowing you so many options all in one purchase. Don't forget the Spectre stockings to complete your look. The stockings are Slink and Phat Azz friendly of course.
Although you can't have my lovely white boots, but you can pop in to the Razor main store and grab up a pair with a HUGE hud allowing you to customize them to your hearts content.
If you haven't yet been to the Project Limited event put on by the fab folks at Depraved Nation you really need to stop in before it's all over. It was so cool to see the mad rush of avais to snatch up the accessories from DRD. When I popped over last night to grab a new skin from MysticCanvass (more on that lil lovely later) I do believe I saw a few pieces in brown left from DRD... but ya'd better run!

Skin: [MC] Hera Pale D-Cup Pinks (70L at the OMGatcha event still going on now.)
Hair: "LoQ Hair" BerryJuice - Jet Black (Did I mention they are having a sale?)
Hairbase: "LoQ Hair" Hairbase - Jet Black
Eyes: [C] Cyborg Eyes Teal / [C] Glow Eye Purple L / [C] Glow Eye White R
Lashes: ATIA's Forever Lashes - Tintable (relaxed)

Jumper: [ ZerO ] Prowler Suit  - ( Spectre ) 
Stockings: [ ZerO ] Spectre Stockings 
Boots: Razor  Dread Boots - Bleach (from a previous fi*Friday event, but there is a great pair at the main store with a color change hud.)

Kneepads: DRD - Limited Collection Kneeguard: Spiked  knee left / right
Bracelets: DRD - Limited Collection Bracelets: Spiked bands (Both the bracelets and the kneeguards were limited releases at Project Limited - these are all snatched up, but there may be a few in brown left)

Sunday, January 5, 2014

All differences in this world are of degree, and not of kind...

...because oneness is the secret of everything.
~Swami Vivekananda

You HAD to know this was coming....our first collaboration post!  How do two chicks (one country, one yang, one yuppie, one who runs and hides if someone tries to chat) become friends?  Well it seems that no matter how vast our differences may be (and how much we truly enjoy making fun of each other for those differences) they all seem to mesh into one big chunk of sameness.   Seriously, we're like one unit sharing the same brain.  So, knowing we wanted to do similar posts we joined forces and hit the machines at OMGatcha (one of us even forgot to dress in all the excitement and hit the machines wearing nothing more than strategically placed tape) and got all kinds lovely goodness from DRD and [MC].  Of course we had to complete our looks with some lovely and oh so sexy goodies from [ Zero ]...a perfect combination!

Watching each other's backs....those damn Zombies are sneaky!
Guen here - "Is that a giant snail??!! Darn it I forgot my giant salt shaker." - No, Dante can't take me anywhere.

Guen tries not to laugh at Dante's posturing
I was really thinking -"Dante, I think my claw is stuck....come help!"

We always keep each other grounded.



The looks:

On Dante:

Shorts: [ Zero ] Velvetine Hotpants
Jacket & Hat: [ Zero ] Vesper Vive Jacket - Cirque/Dapper - Sombre

Skin: [Mystic Canvass] Hera Pale A-cup Cyan ~ At the Oh My Gacha Event
Hair: *AP* Steph - Glitter/Rainbow Streaks - Blue
Eyes: Repulse Living Dead Eyes
Legs: Death Row Designs Creature Legs - Albino ~At the Oh My Gacha Event
Horns: Death Row Designs Creature Horns - Draconian Light RARE ~At the Oh My Gacha Event
Wound: Repulse Slashed Cheek Wound Tattoo
Tattoo: Eclipse Art Studio Tattoo My Dreams Flower

Collar: [MC] Cyborg Chain Collar - Noir 

On Guen:

Tape: [ ZerO ] Nipple Tapes - OG-X - PALE
Skirt: [ ZerO ] Barely There Micro Skirt - Leather 

Skin: [MC] Hera Snow D-Cup Cyan ~ At the Oh My Gatcha Event.
Hair: *AP* Steph [M] Glitter/Rainbow Streaks - Teal
Eyes: **NOYA** Soleillumiere Eyes 2013
Legs: -DRD- Creature legs -sapphire ~ At the Oh My Gatcha Event.
Horns: -DRD- Creature horns - Ovis ash ULTRA RARE ~ At the Oh My Gatcha Event.

Necklace: -DRD- chain necklace female 
Piercing/ Tattoo: :Little Pricks: Stapled Facial Piercing

Katink - Yes Dear
Nani Poses - Express Yourself #3 and #8 ~At the Oh My Gacha Event

All photos taken in the The Sleepy Snail sim.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

I Feel Like A Rock Star.......

In this amazing and utterly sexy fur jacket from [ ZerO ]. It is the kinda sexy lil number you will want to slide on with not much else. The Marla Lush Fur Jacket is stunning and will get you noticed.... trust me I haven't taken it off for days!

I wonder how I would look on that stage?  

Fabulous of course!
Especially in the slinky and oh so perfect pants from FK! They hug every curve in all the right ways.

This lovely lil stage is one of many at the Hesperia of Templemore on the Muzik Isle sim. The sim is stunning and seems to be home to many live music performances. You should really take a peek, or even better a listen!

Jacket: [ ZerO ] - The Marla.  Lush Fur Jacket
Nipple Tape: [ ZerO ] - Nipple Tapes - Down-Crossed - DARK
Pants: FK! - Black Leather Pants
Shoes: N-core - EMPORIUM "Pure Black"

Skin: JeSyLiLO - FOTA hunt - SnoWhite (old hunt item, a fave of mine)
Hair: >TRUTH< - Barbara w/Roots - espresso
Make-up: [mock] - Dark Kiss lip smacker (Inside the - [mock] Halcyon Camelot Mizu Makeover)

Horns: Illusions - Cerwn Horns
Hair Clip: ::Yellow JesteR:: Boney Barrattes/Horrible Hairgrips
Tattoo - Face: REPULSE - Eye socket blood face tattoo (old hunt item but there are some very similar ones at the store)
Tattoo - Chest: Little Pricks: Day of the Dead -faded
Tattoo - Tummy: [CORVUS] Beauty of Chaos Tattoo
Piercing: :Little Pricks: - Stapled Face Tattoo w/ Piercing