Wednesday, August 14, 2019

I am the sum of your parts

Beautiful darklings, do you ever look at the pieces that make your avai and see what beauty they are each on their own? And how that beauty comes together to form your vision of pixel perfection? I am often in awe of the talent of  the amazing creators in SL. Their visions are the sum of their hard work and dedication.  From clothes to skin, body parts to shoes our SL creators use their skills to give us the pieces that we each bring together in our own magical ways.
We are the sum of their parts.
And we are lucky for it. 

This post was inspired by the beautiful veil and horns set that is a collaboration of MuggleBorn and Inner Demons. I love the definition of the folds in the fabric. With the awesome texure HUD you have so many colors to choose from for the veil and the horns as well. It was seriously hard to pick a color!
Mystic Market from Dark Passions Events ends today so hurry over and find this lovely dress from Witch Craft. Yes, I said find, it's part of the event hunt so it's almost free. 
The enchanting deer, the ferns and this gorgeous mirror are all from Love and can be found at Mystic Market. The mirror is beyond description, it's truly captivating.
Aren't my eyes pretty? Of course they are, they are from Father. Everything from Father is pretty, but I am especially enjoying using his eyes. Stop by the store and take a peek at his fun make up appliers and the other beautiful eyes, including some gift versions that you are bound to love. 
I know I have blogged the Sweet Sorbet set of polish from Dark Passions before, but it goes so well with Father's eyes that it would be a sin not to use it. We can't be sinning now can we? tsk tsk tsk
Extra Poses has a new store coming, so for a few more days you will need to shop them via the marketplace. I cant wait to see the new store.
As always shopping links are below. 
Happy Shopping

The following items can be found at:
Mystical Market
August 2-14, 2019

Willow dress
Includes color HUD
Event hunt item

Fairy Ferns
Fantasy Deer (1, 2 & 3)
Fairytale Mirror - Aurora Blossom

Macabre Beauty Sponsors
+MuggleBorn+ & {Inner Demons}
Horns and Veil
Available at The Level Event

Dark Passions 
Koffin Nails - Sweet Sorbet

-Extra Poses- 
Visit their MarketPlace while the store is moving. 
That Girl
Want Some

Macabre Beauty Faves
Angel Eyes - light

Moon. Hair. 
Unwritten - Pastels

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Bewitching Moments and Mystical Markets

Hello Darklings, I hope you are having a wonderful and relaxing weekend. I've tried to find some time to relax with a bit of shopping at the Mystical Market from Dark Passions Events. I picked up this wonderful outfit from zOOm while I was there. I love that it was a full outfit all in one purchase, totally easy peasy! Some makeup and a lil collar from Spookshow, a quick manicure from Dark Passions will finish off this look that includes my fave tattoo from Psycho Barbie and these pretty peepers from Father. Now I am all ready for an afternoon of feeling zen doing yoga in my graveyard garden. The pose set from Extra does come with a yoga mat but I found that a tomb works just as well for me.  
Don't they always?
Of course all your shopping links are below the creator's ads.
Happy Zenning

The following items can be found at:
Mystical Market
August 2-14, 2019

Dark Passions 
Koffin Nails - Bats At Dusk

Amoret Set w/
Tshirt Includes design HUD
Leg Straps
Sneakers Pair

Macabre Beauty Sponsors
+Psycho Barbie+ 
[Made In Hell Tattoo] Omega HUD

Witchcraft Collar - white
Hecate Shadow - Catwa

-Extra Poses- 
Visit their MarketPlace while the store is moving. 
Relaxation Set
Namaste 1 & Stretchy 1
Wonder 2

Macabre Beauty Faves
Mother Pearl Eyes Omega HUD