Sunday, May 26, 2019

Extra Poses and Psycho Barbie have some great deals this weekend!

You still have time to pick up these great deals at Psycho Barbie and Extra. But ya better hurry!
In celebration of a new store location Psycho Barbie is having a sale on gift cards and right now there is no group join fee! So it's worth the time to hop over to the new store and grab a gift card or three.  They make excellent gifts for friends or just so you can enjoy a great deal any time. 
The new store is located on the same sim as another Macabre Beauty Sponsor, The Little Bat, so be sure to stop by there as well. 

I know it's Sunday but you can still grab these Saturday Sale Specials at Psycho Barbie. The Melted Wax pants and the Murk Tank are both available for 50L and each includes a texture HUD. 

My fabulous pose set is from Extra and includes for prop / pose combos. The Hoop Pose Set is also on the Saturday Sale. You can find this set at the Mainstore. 

Hurry these fabulous savings all end today!
Happy Shopping!

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Wanna Cyber?

Hello beauties!
Have you made it to the Cyber Fair yet? It is seriously amazing on so many levels. Some of our favorite designer friends are at this event with some out of this world designs.
The Emotech Lens from Astara is really something. It's an accessory for your avatar but it's also this cool lil communication device. If you look closely at the lens you will see it has the ability to display various designs you trigger with gestures. How fun is that? So essentially you can wear your emotions on your eye! Not only does it change it's emoji design but it comes with a wonderful HUD allowing you to customize it to your hearts content. Scroll down after the vendor ads to see a few color variations I did via the hud. 
Seriously this is a truly unique accessory that will just love.
Also at the Cyber Fair is Psycho Barbie with two new jackets. The CyberPunk jacket includes both materials and non materials versions and each comes with a design HUD allowing you to choose between three different designs for the back, each with six colors to choose from. In addition the materials version allows you to choose between 10 highlight colors, so seriously there is infinite possibilities on this set. 
Between the Emotech Lens from Astara and the Cyberpunk jacket from Psycho Barbie I may have been lost in trying out a gazillion color combos. 
Let's talk Koffins (one of my favorite subjects) specifically Koffin Nails from Dark Passions. The "Oil Spill" set currently available at the Curves event and it is stunning. With multiple shades included I was seriously challenged to pick one I liked best. You need to see these first hand, my images do not do them justice. I do believe this will be my new favorite set of Koffin Nails!
I have been waiting for an excuse to use my Briana boots from Moda again. These boots are fierce, I love that metal cap on the heel. Of course there is a big fat HUD included so you can mix and match to go with any outfit. 
I dug through my Extra poses knowing full well I had one that would work for this post, and of course I did, although it's from a past hunt. Did you know that Extra is part of The Saturday Sale most weeks? Not only can you keep up with the newest releases, the fab hunts Extra is in, but you can also get a group discount on all pose purchases when you join the store group. Be sure to stop in and join and check out the store gifts too!
Ok I  think I have made this post long enough. Vendor ads are below in addition to a couple of collages showing you the colors on the Emotech Lens and the CyberPunk jackets. All shopping links are down there as well.
Happy Shopping!

Featured Item
EmoTech Lens
Available at the Cyber Punk Fair 
May 4-25, 2019

Macabre Beauty Sponsors 
+Psycho Barbie+ 
[CyberPunk Jacket - Materials] 
Available at the Cyber Punk Fair 
May 4-25, 2019

Dark Passions
Koffin Nails - Oil Spill
Available at Curves
May 3-24, 2019

Briana Work Boots
Includes the MODA customization HUD

Self Love

Finishing Touches
Aria - Stylized Pants
Blueberrybooty version worn

Wasabi Pills
Jen Mesh Hair
Lubar Ombre

Saturday, May 4, 2019

May The Fourth Be With You

Happy Star Wars Day!
If you are anything like me you grew up wishing you were a blaster firing princess, being saved by the most handsome rogue in the galaxy, who of course was accompanied by the most loyal and hairiest side kick ever. Although this May 4th is darkened by the passing of Peter Mayhew, what better time to celebrate a bit of girl power. Because face it, Leia was one bad ass princess and back in the day many of us dreamed of being in charge like her. 
This post was fully inspired by the "listen carefully" pose from Extra, Asbjorn Raven and I couldn't resist a bit of cosplay with this one. I do owe him a huge thank you for not only getting naked and posing with just a storm troopers helmet on but also for taking the first 4 pics and doing the pose for the helmet grabbing shots too (those shots were all his idea.)  Gotta love a man who will get on his knees, wearing only a trooper helmet in the name of art for ya. 
I'm wearing the Nena bodysuit from MuggleBorn and the Davina platforms from Moda. I think they go wonderfully together. Both have tons of options to customize them from strap colors on the shoes or bulge options on the body suit, it's all there.
Of course I finished out the whole look with polish from Dark Passions. Both color choices for this look are older ones I dug out of my inventory, but that's the beauty of her polish sets, the textures are so fab they still look great even months after their release. 
As I write this I realize all of the brands featured in this post are headed by women. 
Leia would be proud. 
Rest well Peter. 
May The Fourth Be With You!

Macabre Beauty Sponsors 
Listen Carefully

Nena Bodysuit 
Solid version shown, also includes a sheer version.

Davina Platforms
Includes color customization HUD
Available at Kinky until May 22 (main store after event ends.)

Dark Passions 
Koffin Nails - Marbleized for Astralia Stiletto 
Koffin Nails - Shades of Blue v2 for Maitreya

Finishing Touches
Introvert [Unisex . Pastel]

Compatible nails system