Monday, August 27, 2018

Cherry Blossom is Falling

cherry blossom is falling
cherry blossom is on its way out
hear a new word is calling
it hears me too and it wants me to shout it out
but nothing is changing
it goes around, i'm left with no doubt
it goes around, i'm left with no doubt
that nothing is changing
string you along until you are devout.

cherry blossom is falling
cherry blossom is falling
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah falling
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah falling.

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Morgan Heels

Koffin Nails - Metal Fades

Additional Items
Maiko Maitreya Red
 Big summer sale happening now!


Piercing Set 05 Bridge / Dimples
The Darks Eyes 06

Sakura samurai Earring Gold 

Kimmy Shape 

KHALY for Catwa and Maitreya

Images taken at
Fuji Taiyou

Nitzer Eb - Cherry Blossom 

Saturday, August 11, 2018

A Mermaid's Tale

Who says mermaids have to be pastel and glittery, all full of sparkling wonder? Sometimes a mermaid's tale is a bit more tragic, a bit more heart wrenching than one can imagine. Sometimes these enchanted creatures of the sea are caught in a net of surreality.  Ruled by their Dark Passions, their inner siren may strike out leaving them alone in a pool of mystery to wonder who's blood in on their hands as they are caught in a forever Nightmare. 

Beautiful Darklings, hurry over to the Mermaid Cove before it ends on the 13th to get your hands on this fabulous polish set from Dark Passions. The bloody version I am wearing is only 1L as part of the event's hunt. Of course there is a pretty pastel version and a "clean" dark version .. you know for those days when you not feeling bloody. 
You can catch your girls up with the Handsie Covers from Nightmare available on the Marketplace. Not only are they super sexy, but the color HUD allows you to seriously mix and match the pasties, hands and chain.  I will be looking for more excuses to wear these, that's for sure.
Styling and shopping details are below. 
Happy Shopping!

Sponsor / Featured Items
Koffin Nails - Mermaid Treasures - Bloody
Available at Mermaid's Cove as a 1L hunt item. 
Be sure to check out the non bloody versions. 

Handsie Covers 
Includes a texture HUD
Available on the Marketplace

All images taken at Madry's Motel located within the 
Mother Road - Dusty Shores sims.

Additional Items
CHIZURU - Blacks

Tidal Tail 
with a huge color HUD

Exposed Ribs Tattoo - Omega Applier Hud

Immortal skin appliers for Catwa and Maitreya. 
All makeups are from the Immortal applier.

Monday, August 6, 2018


Dark Passions Events presents:
July 27 - Aug 08, 2018

Time for one more trip to the Gothic Garage Sale before they close up shop until the next round. With goodness from zOOm, Oops, The Little Bat, Astara, and Beauty of Darkness, not to mention so many more, you really don't want to miss out.  All of these fabulous items are highly discounted during the event. Walking around to do pictures I found so many gorgeous designs at such great deals it was crazy. So take a peek at my lil look here, the details are all linked below and then hurry on over to spend some time in the Garage. 

It's time for another Mesh Body Addicts round and of course you can find some Koffin Nails from Dark Passions. I love this set, the metals are really gorgeous and will stand out just enough to look fabulous! Oh so fabulous! 

What girl doesn't love sexy heels? What better place to get sexy heels than at the Fetish Fair, and who better to get them from than MODA?  You know if it's MODA it's gonna be sexy, and it's gonna have that awesome color HUD making perfect for all the sexy outfits. Face it MODA is sexy!

Happy shopping you sexy darklings.
All your links are below.

Items available at
July 27 - Aug 08, 2018

Luna Necklace
Includes color HUD

SkeleGuen Bracelet

Pentacle Earrings
Gold, Silver or Black available.

Gem Septum V1 Silver 
Includes gem color HUD. Gold version also available.

Lilla Dress - black
Three colors available,  for Hourglass, Maitreya, Belleza - Venus

Macabre Beauty Sponsor's Items
Bethany Platforms
Includes the fabulous Moda HUD. 
Available at the Fetish Fair

Koffin Nails - Metal Fades
Available at Mesh Body Addicts

Finishing Touches
Forget It - blacks
Currently not Available

The Polarius Series

All Images taken at the Dark Passions Events site where 
The Gothic Garage Sale is currently being held.

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Gothic Decor at the Gothic Garage Sale

Dark Passions Events presents:
July 27 - Aug 08, 2018

You are probably wondering where's Guennie? Well shockingly this lil post is not about clothing! It's all about home decor and some of the fabulous deals you can grab at The Gothic Garage Sale. Of course these lovely home items from Dragon Magick, Candle & Cauldron and Paper Moon are all at killer prices during the sale. 

In addition to the sale items above,  I have this fabulous lil corner shelf from Mind Vision Creations. While only a few pieces are available from MVC as of yet, keep watch on his flickr feed. The designs from MVC are all beautifully detailed and I myself am really eager to see his next items. 

What gothic setting would be complete without a bit of Decor from LiVid? I have to thank my sister Ally for decorating my sl home and for this great lil sitting area from LiVid. Ally is awesome with decor and I will shamelessly admit I take advantage of it.  If you haven't seen her blog yet go take a peek.
Beautiful Apparatus 

Shopping links after the designer's ads.
Happy Shopping lovelies!

Items available at
July 27 - Aug 08, 2018

Night Tea Sets:  Black & Silver pictured.
Giordano Bruno's Planets
Layered Tablecloth - Texture Hud
Paper Moon item's are 50% off at the Gothic Garage Sale.

Lunar Bast Rug

Hand of Fate Candle
Texture Hud includes metals and wood textures.

Finishing Touches
Corner Shelf
Check out more amazing designs from
{MVC} on Flickr

The Divination Room
This lovely set includes the table, chairs with pillows, crystal ball, star candle holders, incense holder and playable tarot cards.