Sunday, September 29, 2019

Real Queens Fix Each Other's Horns

Friends should always fix each other's horns... I mean crowns.
Eyes are the windows to the soul and Father has once again given us a beautiful new exclusive set you can only find at Necrosis.

The Pale Queen herself wearing her Beauty of  Darkness Witchy Body suit, one of the BoD items now on sale at Necrosis, including an exclusive new horn set.

New Koffin Nails from Dark Passions. Pastel Glitter Bats is a new exclusive only available at Necrosis. 
Be sure to check out the huge selection of seasonal favorites from Dark Passions, currently discounted at the event.

This set of images is truly a collaborative effort from Asbjorn Raven, The Pale Queen (Veertje Fhang) and myself. Images by Asbjorn and me and editing by Veertje.  This was a fun way to enjoy some time at the opening of this round of Necrosis.  

Take a look at the Necrosis Facebook page for your chance to enter the linden giveaway. All it takes is a quick like, share and comment with a snapshot taken at the event site.  

Be sure to hurry over to Extra Poses this weekend to snatch up this weeks Saturday Sale specials. As usual I did my own take on them, using the male pose for just me and the couples pose for the shot of Vee and myself. I love how it looks like I am fixing her horns, makes me think of  that saying "real queens fix each other's crowns." Seriously everything is better when we help each other and build each other up. It truly is.  

I leave you with that thought, links are below the ads.  

Happy Shopping!

These items can currently be found at this round of Necrosis.  
September 28 - October 12 

on the Pale Queen.
Beauty of Darkness
Witchy Body Suit 
Currently 50% off at the Necrosis Event

Snare Eyes - Sober - Omega HUD
Necrosis Exclusive

Dark Passions
Koffin Nails - Pastel Glitter Bats
Necrosis Exclusive

Sponsor Items

-Extra- Poses
Yeah Yeah
Trust Me
On The Saturday Sale this weekend
Goth Girl

Finishing Touches

Guen's dress.
Cordelia Dress: White


Sunday, September 15, 2019

Undead Glamour

Undead Glamour.
Isn't that what we are all about on the creepy side of SL? The juxtaposition of beauty and gore bring us images of macabre beauty. The best kind, if you ask me.
Garden of Shadows Fair ~ Undead Glamour opens today if you haven't visited this event before now is the time, with a theme that hints of zombie pinups it promises to be delightful.
I have so much Spookshow going on in this image, but what I really want to show off today is the earring set. I love the color hud to change the coffin and crystal colors. I especially love the purple.... I mean purple coffins? Love it!
The Necrotic eyes are another stunning creation from Father. The colors included are gorgeous and you may find yourself struggling to choose when one to wear.
Koffin Nails from Dark Passions are a Halloween staple! Nobody else brings you delightfully dark designs for your nails like Dark Passions. 
The Phial of Demons from Inner Demons is so so cute! This original design comes with 2 sizes and includes a color HUD. I wish that we had these in RL. They are like Mason Jars for the Macabre. I bet your lunch would be safe at work in these.
Happy Shopping

Sponsor Items
Dark Passions 
Koffin Nails - Dripping Decay

Abaddon Lips - Set 02 - Catwa
Moloch Shadow
Diabolos Earring Set

-Extra- Pose
All poses from extra, Including "Hello Beautiful" and "Warmer Weather."
Be sure to visit their brand new location.

Items We Love
Necrotic Eyes Omega HUD

[Strange One.] 
Velvet Hieroglyph Dress
Includes texture HUD
Available at The Garden of Shadows
Sept 15 - 30 

demonic vessel.
Inner Demons 
Phial of Demons
Includes color change HUD

Finishing Touches

Bow Tassel Wedges