Friday, April 29, 2016

Skeleton Closets

Scratch scratch, should be there
I dig the vision of rotting corpses
And I'm pouting in the corner

Five more minutes, and we'll all be dead
Five more minutes, and we'll all be dead 

Skeleton closets 
Close up tight
                                               Christian Death - Skeleton Kiss

So many lovely goodies in this post, but many are from events that end on the 30th.  So time to grab the limos and snatch them up before they are gone.

~ Sponsor Items ~

Prue .Bat Necklace.
Petite Mort
Jet Anne dress 

Dark Passions
Koffin Nails - Raven Wings Fatpack

Ouija Ring

Ribbon Touch
@ The Shoe Project

~ Additional Items ~

Venus V3

Skin Pearl Porcelain 


Eye Dots 5 (tintable)

Skull Nose Piercing 
Petite Skull Ring 

All images taken on the DEADPOOL sim

Christian Death - Skeleton Kiss

Saturday, April 16, 2016

I and Love And You

That woman she's got eyes that shine.
Like a pair of stolen polished dimes.
She asked to dance and I said it's fine.
I'll see you in the morning time.
Ah Brooklyn, Brooklyn take me in.
Are you aware the shape I'm in?
My hands they shake, my head it spins.
Ah Brooklyn, Brooklyn take me in.
Three words that became hard to say.
I and love and you.
                           ~ The Avett Brothers

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Thank you for looking!

Hello ghoulies!  Don't I have a cute lil look for you today?  I so love when my fave designers all have pieces that go together so well!
  The skirt and bustier are part of Petite Mort's Satin Garden collection over at the Dreams Gacha Event.  The collection includes 14 common pieces and 3 rare super pretty floral dresses. Dante blogged both HERE and HERE.  Take a peek, stunning huh?  And yes I meant both the clothes and Dante.
Oh I should mention only 50L a pull on that gacha!

I'm loving this necklace from HollyWeird. With the color HUD it is super versatile.  I may have squealed when I unpacked this.  I really do love it!  It's over at the BODFY event with another super cute necklace.

So a lil over a week ago I stumbled upon some super cute ballerina flats from a kinda big name designer (think red soles.)  Well I just had to have some too, so I very sweetly suggested to the mastermind of DeadPool that I though others might like them as well.  And here we have them ladies!  They are a Full Perm Mesh so if you have a favorite designer that you think needs to see them be sure to send them a link to take a peek.

I love the fact that no matter the look I can always dig through my Dark Passions - Koffin Nails stash and find a perfect polish.  I know a lot of folks think she just offers the gothy delights we love her so much for, but Bcreative Wilde makes sure that when we do want to clean up she has our mani / pedi's covered. No matter the style I always find a set of Koffin Nails to complete my look.  

Macabre Beauty's Beloved Sponsors

Cream tulle skirt 
Peach satin bustier 
Available at the Dreams Gacha Event

Lutana .Celestial Necklace. w/ HUD
Available at the  BODYFY event

Dancer - Nude
Limited Edition FULL PERM MESH
Available on the Marketplace

Koffin Nails -  Bed Of Roses

Serenade - Brown
Available on the Marketplace

Finishing Touches

Date Night Past Arcade item

Candy - America 

Globe Ring Large 

3D Art Sim LEA22

I and Love and You ~ The Avett Brothers

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Last Night I Took a Walk in the Dark

Last night I took a walk in the dark
To a place called Palisades Park
To have some fun, to see what I could see
                                                     ~ Palisades Park by The Ramones


Also available on the Marketplace in individual or full perm versions.
Includes versions for Slink, Maitreya and Belleza

Dollie Corset. / Zombies 
Four versions to choose from, including black leather, roses, ghouls and zombies. 
Currently available at the Kinky Monthly Event

Beauty of Darkness
Gacha Pants - Leather (Rare)
8 versions with enough appliers to keep your booty well covered!
Available now at the You Gatcha Event

Dark Passions
Koffin Nails - Omega HUD - Sweet Serenity
Available in Slink, Maitreya and Omega HUD versions or 
a FATPACK for all your mani / pedi needs.

Serenade - Violet
Available on the Marketplace


Haunt - Lotus 
Color was an exclusive from a prior event.

Dark of the Moon 
Skin Pearl Porcelain 
Thank you to Moon Milneaux for sending this lovely skin out 
at last months Darkness Chamber Fair. 


Skeleton Rings (Belleza) Silver

The above images were taken at
Ironwood Hills

Ramones ~ Palisades Park

Friday, April 1, 2016

She Comes My Way

Yonder she's walking
She comes my way
Her red dress on
Her long black hair

Walking like
Talking like
Wanting like
She comes to me
                                       ~The Loved One 

Sponsor Items     


Slink Nails HUD - Guen's Grace

Never Skin Sheen-3 

Additional Items     

Empty (Past arcade item)

Soft Brows 

Let it Sleep Sleeves 

lotus.ring.left {scripted}

Lita dress [SLINK] Physique Original
Currently available at Uber

From the Shadow set


INXS ~ The Loved One