Monday, July 23, 2018

I've seen the future and it's pink!

Beautiful Darklings, look at these super cute lil heels from Moda. You can find them at the Access event right now. They are pretty perfect with pants or capris. Of course they have that big color HUD you expect from Moda so you will be able to wear these with everything.  

With the bright colors of summer Dark Passions has a stunning polish set available at the Cosmetics fair that will fit in with all your summer looks. With two versions available (there is also a metal version with gold or silver stars) one is bound to be perfect for ya.  

My super cute pants are part of a summer hunt over at Belle Epoque, take a peek over at the mainstore to see all the cute items in the hunt. 

Happy Shopping

Sponsor Items
Koffin Nails - Festival Starlet - Black
Available at the Cosmetic Fair
July  15 - 31, 2018 

Karen Heels
For Slink / Maitreya / Belleza
Includes the MODA 36 color HUD
Available at the Access Event
July 12 - Aug 7, 2018

Finishing Touches

Amoret Eyeliner
Catwa Applier
Bento Piercing Set 06 Septum

Cristine Halter

BESH Pants
Hunt item.

[Runic Tattoo] Omega HUD

Adison Tone01 Skin Applier
Catwa  & Maitreya Appliers

Kimmy Shape

Kimberly Bento Head

Mesh Body - Lara

Images taken at: 

Sunday, July 15, 2018

~ SkeleGuen ~

Hello Darklings!  Are you all surviving this heat? Goodness it's been so bad where I am, I guess that is why I have been a bad blogger lately, I think I am melting!
Can we please fast forward to Halloween with it's better weather and creepy decor galore? Sigh, if only, right?  Well, you can at least spend a day in a Haunted Cemetery in SL and hopefully forget the world is melting outside in rl. Opening July 15 is Masquerade Productions: Garden of Shadows Haunted Cemetery hunt!  With over 15 awesome designers offering lovely prizes and insanely discounted prices it sounds like the perfect way to spend a summer afternoon!

So I have something super special to show you on this post. Veertje the beauty of Beauty of Darkness has made some super fabulous earrings. And by fabulous I mean OMG! I have to tell you they are perfect! I mean HELLO they are big skulls! And they come with a texture HUD, what could be better than that? 
Ok I may be a bit biased because of the name.. maybe just a wee bit. But I really do love these earrings and I just know you will also. 

And what would any outfit be without sexy shoes? The Laura Heels from Moda are pretty darn sexy and of course they have a big color hud so these heels will go with all your summer dresses. 

It's summer for many of us and even in SL we tend to brighten up our colors a wee bit, a simple way to add a lil splash of color is the SummerTide Shine Koffin Nails polish set from Dark Passions. Dare I admit they I wear half of those colors in real life? This set is super pretty and will look great at the beach or in the pool, or even just wandering around an old mausoleum. 

Links are below, but you know that by now. 
Happy Hunting!

Sponsor Items
SkeleGuen Earrings
Color HUDs for body / hoop

Laura Heels
Includes a 36 color HUD
Maitreya ~ Slink ~ Belleza

Koffin Nails - Summertide Shine
For Slink ~ Maitreya ~ Omega
Masquerade Productions presents:
All images taken at the Cemetery.
For more info check out the Facebook page

Finishing Touches

Frock Dress - Black Maitreya


Stretched ears S2 Gold

Bento Piercing Set 03 Nose Rings Ink 
Ilienne Eye Makeup Catwa Applier
Darcey Eyes Catwa / Omega appliers

The Altered Series

Thursday, June 28, 2018


Dark Passions Events
Midsummer Enchantment
June 15 - 30, 2018

Morning Lovelies!
Have you seen all the wonderful and enchanting items at Dark Passions Events: Midsummer Enchantment yet?  You still have a few days to shop and hunt. Whatever you do, don't forget the Masquerade hunt! The sim is gorgeous and the hunt prizes are even more so!
I couldn't resist blogging the "Cinnamon" skin from Lumae again. Although this time I went up a bit in shade to this gorgeous tone (#3) and added the freckles! I have to admit I am still wearing it. It's just super creamy and yummy and the lil elf ears (also from Lumae - check the mainstore) are too cute!
The nightie set from QE is so soft and pretty. I really had a hard time picking a color. Each texture hud has a pretty floral pattern and you can choose between the solid, the floral or a combination of the two. And the shoes have the patterns available as well. It's always nice when items are designed to go together. 
Astara has a pretty lil jewelry set which includes a necklace, bracelet and armband. It's really dainty, sweet and really intricate. It is available in both a god and a silver version, both include a color hud for the flower.
Remember that hunt I mentioned? The Masquerade Hunt? Well the Entangled Thorns Koffin Nails applier set is part of that hunt. Yes, this lovely polish fatpack from Dark Passions is only 5L! You can find all the hunt details at the landing point.
Happy Hunting!

The following items are currently available at:
Dark Passions Events

Cinnamon in Tone 3 Catwa / Maitreya appliers
Available in 8 tones currently at the event special pricing of 50% off.
Includes brow options, and the body appliers have cleavage / no cleavage and no nipple options. And freckles!  Such cute freckles! 
Huds support a ton of bodies and ears too!

Leevi Long Ears

Eloen Nightie / panties - eggshell
Four shades available, each with a pretty floral pattern and the solid shade on the texture hud

Eleonora Lace Up Plats -Eloen
Includes texture hud to match Eloen the nighties

Flower Necklace / Bracelet /Armband - Gold 
Available in gold and silver versions with a color hud for the flowers.

Koffin Nails - Entangled Thorns

Finishing Touches
Amoret Eyeliner
Piercing Set 04 Nose Studs 
Piercing Set 05 Dimples 

Charlotte Hairstyle 
Available now at the Dubai Event

Katya set

Liquid Eyes 06 
Thank you Shari ♥

Friday, June 22, 2018

Bright Lights and Vampire Bites

Hello Darklings!  It's almost the weekend, just a few more hours to go!
If you are looking for something super hot and sexy for some club fun this weekend snatch up this outfit from MODA which is currently available at the Vanity Event. And by "outfit" I mean the top, dress and skirt. Black not your color? You feeling a bit more angelic? No worries, the outfit comes with that massive MODA hud so you can put together a look that is perfect for you.

Misschevious has another lovely new skin out at the current Dark Passions event "Midsummer Enchantment" along with an eyes / facial tattoo gacha and a couple more items. 
While Dark Passions has some great polish sets at Midsummer Enchantment, this set is currently at The Secret Affair. Doesn't it look great on the pointy nails? LOVE!
So apparently lil Guennie got bit while she was wandering around the Ironwood Hills sim. Either that or it's a wonderful new tattoo design from Karved. This set includes shoulder versions and some love bites... err I mean neck bites as well. Again.. LOVE!
Have you been to the Garden of Shadows events yet? They are a monthly event with a slightly dark theme each round. This month is Sinister Cabaret and Beauty of Darkness is there with another new mesh accessory. Yes, more mesh from BoD. Love it. These fabulous hoop earrings have a metals / texture hud that allows you to change the colors and the design in the center. I know you can't see them very well in my pics, but I included the ad pic below with all the other ad pics, which of course are followed by all the shopping links.. but you knew that by now, didn't you?

Happy shopping!

The following items are currently available at:
Dark Passions Events

Misty Skin Brows Catwa & Maitreya Applier
Midsummer Gacha - Help Me Eyes

Savina Eyemakeup Catwa Applier 

Dark Passions Events
DP on Facebook
DP on Flickr

Sponsor Items
Nicole Outfit / Heels
Includes the awesome Moda color HUD
Available at the Vanity Event

Spikes and Heart earring
Includes texture / metals HUD
Available at Garden of Shadows 
June 12-28

Koffin Nails - Tribal Grunge
Available at The Secret Affair
June 5 - July 5

Vampire Love Bites Omega HUD
Available on the Marketplace
Includes neck, shoulder & mirror versions

Finishing Touches
Wicked -Piercing/Collar - Onyx


Lynexia Collar 1
Piercing Set 05 Bridge / Dimples
Piercing Set 06 Septum / Snakebites
Smokey Eyeshadow Collection

Monday, June 18, 2018

Gods save the Queen

The Darkness Chamber Fair
June 2-23, 2018

Dark Passions Events
June 15-30, 2018

It's time for Dark Passions Events: Midsummer's Enchantment, and once again it's an absolutely magical event. And there is a hunt, too!  Yes, with lots of fab goodies for almost free (5L) the Masquerade Hunt is not one to miss. Take a peek on the website to see a gallery of designer exclusives and some of the hunt items.
There is still time for another visit to Wonderland. The Darkness Chamber Fair's "Gothic in Wonderland" continues til the end of this week. Did you pick up the gifts when you were there last time? There are so many lovely gifts out from the fair designer's you really need to make another visit if you didn't get them all last time. Besides who can resist the Queen's Guards? They are so charming and sweet!

Almost everything in these pics are from the two events I just mentioned.  Be sure to check the links below for details.  As always all your shopping info is after the designer's ads.
Happy Shopping!

Dark Passions Events
DP on Facebook
DP on Flickr

The following items are currently available at:
The Darkness Chamber Fair

Queen of Hearts 
Outfit includes heels

Wonderland Heart Scepter
Shattered Particle
Tintable / Event gift!

Cocktail Night - Fingernails 
Maitreya polish Hud

Shadow purple eye applier / eyes

Red Queen's Guard
I am in love with the Queen's Guard!

The following items are currently available at:
Dark Passions Events

Catwa & Maitreya appliers - Cinnamon - T1
Includes multiple brow / freckles and cleavage options.

Savina Eyemakeup Catwa Applier
Savina Lips Catwa Applier
Savina Necklace / Earrings
Includes color change HUD

Finishing Touches

Mini Crown Of Hearts

Kimmy shape for Catwa Kimberly / Maitreya

Kimberly bento head

Mesh Body - Lara

Monday, June 11, 2018

The Darkness Chamber Fair Presents:
Gothic in Wonderland
June 2 - 23, 2018

Come join us in Wonderland where we take a trip down the rabbit hole and sip our tea with a motley bunch. From the Queen's Guard to fashion for the Gothic princess there is something for everyone. 
Speaking of Queen's Guard look at these delightful lil soldiers from Angelic Designs. They really are charming lil bastards and say the sweetest things.. ok not really, they are kinda jerks and a lil cranky if you bump into them, which is what makes them totally delightful. I may or may not have spent a good bit of time poking them just to hear them whisper their sweet lil phrases.  I think you will really enjoy them, they are seriously fun.
Ok so I know this post is crammed with goodies, we got clothes from Zoom, a head piece from Epicine, eyes from AZ Designs,  decor from Lunacy, Beauty of Darkness and The Little Bat.  And of course it would't be a TDCF post without poses from Serendipity. I always look forward to their poses at  the event. 
I mentioned BoD doing decor but the lil booth I am in is also from BoD. You can see them on fully display at the Gothic in Wonderland event as they are the booths for each store. They are not only super low land impact, but also include a texture HUD and are modify so you can resize. I actually used two booths, a bigger one in back and the LI was still crazy low. Ya gotta love that!
Take a peek at the event pages for more info.
The Darkness Chamber Fair

As always shopping links are below the vendor ads.
See you in Wonderland!

The Darkness Chamber Fair Presents:
Gothic in Wonderland
June 2 - 23, 2018

Event Exclusives
Alice Dress

Sika Headdress 

 Shadow Blue
Appliers for Catwa / Lelutka/ Omega & mesh eyes available.

Gothic Wonderland Stall Hearts
Dark Wonderland Pouffe
Dark Wonderland Pillows

[Dark Alice] Giant Deco Pocketwatch
[Two of Spades] Card Soldier
[Three of Hearts] Card Soldier
[Three of Diamonds] Card Soldier
[Four of Clubs] Card Soldier

WL Rug/Dark Heart
WL Rug/Red Spiral
Special event Gacha w/ 28 commons and 1 rare fatpack. 

Hanging Pocket Watch / Curved - Jam - Still mini 
Hanging Pocket Watch / Curved - Open - Normal
Hanging Pocket Watch / Jam - Still 2 & 3
Hanging Pocket Watch / Open - Still 1 & 2

Kylie pose set a TDCF exclusive.

Finishing Touches
Alice Madness - 100% Tattoo Upper Omega

Frida Boots

Ilienne Eye Makeup Catwa Applier

Compatible nails system (Maitreya Stiletto base)
Heart choker

Koffin Nails - Astralia Stiletto HUD - Murderous Metallic


Kimmy Shape

Khaly Tone 01

Mesh Body - Lara

Kimberly Bento Mesh Head

Monday, May 28, 2018

Feeling Coy

Beautiful darklings, look at this gorgeous lil number. I have to say I have meet some really nice guys these past few days while I was wearing this super sexy outfit. You seriously get noticed in this! Between the shoes from MODA and this kimono from Witch )O( Craft, this really is an eye catching outfit.
Take a peek at the vendor pics below to see the other textures of the dress and the details about the shoes at Pocketgacha.
All your shopping links and additional styling details are below.
Happy Shopping!

Sponsor Items
Samara Heels 
MODA for PocketGacha - Samara Boots & heels.
For Maitreya, Hourglass, Isis, & Freya.
Full set also available to purchase for 1999L! 
Free Huds available at MODA mainstorePocketgacha HQ or on the Marketplace.

Hanae dress 
Includes a texture HUD
Available at the Expo Event until May 30, 2018 - check the mainstore after the event ends.

Astralia Stiletto HUD - Murderous Metallic

Finishing Touches
Adison Tone01 for Catwa / Maitreya

Forget It - Black Magic

Piercing Set 05 Bridge / Dimples 

Compatible nails system (Maitreya Stiletto base)

Poses from the Coy set

Kimberly Bento head

Mesh Body - Lara