Wednesday, January 17, 2018

TDCF: Cyber Edition

The Darkness Chamber Fair: Cyber Edition
January 20 - Feb 10, 2018

It's that time again! The Darkness Chamber Fair is back, but we're doing it a bit differently this time. This time around we are going futuristic. It's The Darkness Chamber Fair: Cyber Edition.  

With all the future has to hold for us, you have to wonder where we will be and just how it will all look. Will we become our own circuit boards? Will we bear the scars of stellar flame bursts on our bodies. Will our defective parts be replaced with metal and hoses? How far away will humanity drift as we go forth into the stars. What looks like light at first may hold dark secrets beneath the surface. 

They say the eyes are windows into our souls, well the Space Eyes from Normandy are windows into a celestial world. The textures are gorgeous and vibrant and really just lovely. With an assortment of applier HUDS and mesh eyes this set will have you star gazing from within any SL head, mesh or system.   

Also from Normandy are the two different tattoos I have on. The Server Tattoo is a wonderful sleeve set which comes in multiple colors. I just love how intricate the pattern is. I am also wearing The Nebula Scars set, which is so pretty. Well as pretty as scars can be. With a choice of three opacity levels you will easily find one that looks good on both pale and darker skin tones. I do wonder just what leaves those kind of burn marks in such lovely colors....hmm. 

One thing is for sure, Cyber sure is sexy and W:6 nailed it with this amazing body suit. With a huge texture HUD and versions to cover the main mesh bodies you can't go wrong with it. The textures are delicious and oh so tantalizing, but be warned modesty is not an option with this one!   

As always all your links and details are after the vendor ads. 
Happy Cybering!

Items currently available at 
The Darkness Chamber Fair: Cyber Edition
January 20 - Feb 10, 2018

Server Tattoo (White)
Nebula Scars (40%) OMEGA
Space Eyes Catwa HUD

Ana bodysuit  MAITREYA
W:6 Ana bodysuit HUD
Macabre Beauty Sponsor at TDCF

Dark Passions 
Koffin Nails - Shattered Dreams 
Astralia Stiletto HUD / Maitreya HUD 

!The Little Bat 
Pastel Lips - Catwa

Kimmy Shape
Pinup is now known as Witch )o( Craft

.Shi : 
Introvert [Unisex . Pastel]

Alise Omega Applier

-Suicidal Unborn!- 
Piercing Set 05 Bridge
Piercing Set 05 Dimples
Piercing Set 05 Spike Septum

Rox Ears 

Compatible nails system

Mech Leg

KHALY Tone 01
Appliers for Maitreya body and Catwa heads

Kimberly Bento Head

Mesh Body - Lara 

Photo Booth - Starstruck 
Provided at

Monday, January 8, 2018

Hotter than a Snowflake

This bodysuit from WitchCraft is amazing. It is sexy and sweet all at once. With gorgeous amazing details, you will be melting more than a few hearts in it. 
Did you know the Genre event is ending? I dont just mean this round, but the event is truly ending. So rush yourself over and snatch up the latest wintery polish HUD from Dark Passions before it's too late. OK yes, they will be available in the mainstore after the event, but still why not pay one last visit to Genre before we bid it adieu. 
All your shopping links are below along with the details on all the finishing touches used in this look. Of course there is Lamb, Suicidal Unborn and YS&YS. I sweat can't get enough of them!
Happy Shopping

Angelique  - white
Available at the DAZZLE Event

Koffin Nails - Maitreya HUD - Frostbitten
Available at the final round of GENRE


Delora Eyes Lavender
Ilienne Eye Makeup Catwa applier
Piercing Set 05 Bridge
Piercing Set 05 Dimples

Fallen Stole
Includes color HUD

Maldives (Pack 2)

Khaly Tone01

Kimberly Bento Head v3.0

Mesh Body - Lara V4.1

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Winter's Hollow is Soon to Fade Away

Dark Passions Events Presents
Winter's Hollow
December 8 - 28, 2017

It's the last call for Winter's Hollow, soon the snow will melt and it will all just be a faded memory. Hurry your dark lil self down to shop until they board up the booths for another year.
This lovely dress from Get Frocked is truly elegant and with the amazing butterfly detail on the back it's rather magical not to mention just darn sexy! Of course there are versions for all the main body styles.  
The "Let it Snow" necklace from !IT! is the perfect accessory, especially with the color hud. There are multiple versions available each with changeable gems and metals on the texture HUD.
Don't forget to seek out the hunt items while at Winter's Hollow. Check the sign at the the landing for details of what to look for. My headpiece is from The Little Bat and included in the hunt for almost nothing! Dark Passions also has some Koffin Nails in the hunt but with this outfit I used an older version for my Astralia nails. You can pick up the polish HUD at the main Dark Passions store right next to Winter's Hollow. Don't forget that if you were a VIP group member in the Dark Passions group before 9:00 AM Christmas morning you are eligible for 100L in store credit. Just click the present at the front of the store!
I am once again wearing the Jawbreaker hair from Lamb, this time without the bun add-ons. I just love the fact they are optional, it really gives you a totally different but equally fabulous look.
There are some new eyes from Suicidal Unborn at the new round on N21. Look for the gacha machine and try your luck at snagging one of the rares. But seriously it's SU! they are all amazing.
Shopping links / slurls are after the designer ads.

Event Items
These items are currently available at 
Winter's Hollow
Winter Gown - Lilac

Let It Snow Necklace
Texture HUD with 8 bead colors / 10 metals

Jewel Headchain
Includes 8 color texture HUD

Sponsor Item
Koffin Nails - for Astralia Stilettos - Marbleized

Finishing Touches
Jawbreaker - Variety/Ombre/Eccentric
Includes bun and extra pieces add-ons

Ophelia Eyes Amethyst
Ilienne Eye Makeup 

Compatible nails system 


Khaly Tone 01


Mesh Body - Lara V4.1

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Yule Time Enchantment

Hello Darklings, I hope you are all well and enjoying the holiday season. Have you made it by Winter's Hollow yet? The event site itself is gorgeous and has some lovely lil picture spots, not to mention a hunt with some fabulous items for 5L (like the polish I am wearing from Dark Passions!) And now there is also a Solstice Tree with beautiful gifts from some of the event designers.  You just don't want to miss this event and all it has.
Keep up on all the latest news from the event at the website: Dark Passions Events
Be sure to check out the awesome Cruella Noelle gacha from 1313 Mockingbird Lane. I absolutely adore the antlers, and how cute are they with the oh so pretty Sugarplum dress from Oubliette?
Have you noticed that Beauty of  Darkness is now has some items in white?  Just in time for all your wintery looks, these stockings are a lil naughty and a lil nice. 
I have to talk about this hair from Lamb. It is just so frickin cute! As one of the newest releases, it includes a style hud so you can choose to push your hair back. The buns are an add on, which gives you even more style options, in addition to some lil extra wispy pieces which finish off the look perfectly, which is not surprising as it's from Lamb after all!
Shopping details and links are below.
Merry Christmas!
Happy Holidays!
Happy Shopping!

Dark Passions Events Presents
Winter's Hollow
December 8 - 28, 2017

Cruella Noelle Antlers w/Vines
Cruella Noelle Shoulder Armor
Gachas make great Christmas gifts!

Koffin Nails - Ice Witch
5L hunt item

Sugarplum Dress - Taupe
Available in 6 colors

Wicked Lace Socks
Available at 

Finishing Touches
Jawbreaker - Variety/Ombre/Eccentric
Worn with the included Buns and Extra Pieces
Includes style HUD

Luminous Eyes
Ilienne Eye Makeup
Nude Lip Gloss Collection
Piercing Set 04 - Nose Studs

Seeds of Metal
Long & short necklaces and bracelet
Includes texture HUD

VALKYRIE Fur Boots (Knee) "Brown"
December Arcade item

Khaly Tone01 Skin Applier for Catwa

Kimberly Bento Head

Mesh Body - Lara

All images taken at Grey Magic

Monday, December 11, 2017

Winter's Hollow

Dark Passions Events Presents
Winter's Hollow
December 8 - 28, 2017

Hello Darklings!
Winter has come and it is gorgeous! 
Winter's Hollow from Dark Passions Events is now open until Dec. 28, 2017. 
With 25% off all items you don't want to miss this event. This collection of chilly delights from some of the top alt and goth designers will freeze your little dark hearts! In a good way.
I'm going to keep this short as I am under the weather a bit, all the details you need are after the vendor pics. 
Happy Shopping

Dark Passions Events Presents
Winter's Hollow
December 8 - 28, 2017
Event Items
Merrie Full Skirt 
Merrie Sequin Bustier

Eerie Choker & Earring 
Includes texture HUD

Sponsor Item
Winnie Lips V2 
Available at Suicide Dollz until Dec 15 
(check the main store afterwards)

Some Finishing Touches
Dust Bunnies - Variety

Ilienne Eye Makeup 
Piercing Set 05 Dimples 
Hadria Eyes 

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Red, White and "Black Friday" Sales End Soon!


The Black Friday Sales are still going on!

You still have time to make these awesome Black Friday sales. Who can resist a great sale? And with holiday gift giving time just around the corner those gift cards are a fabulous idea. Even better at half off!
So follow the links below to snatch up your deals before they are gone!
Happy Shopping

[Leather Dress]
[Heartless Tat]

Devil Tails eye makeup
Cross and Dots face tattoo

Koffin Nails - Murderous Metallic
For the Astralia Stiletto nails

Piercing Set 05 Bridge
Piercing Set 05 Dimples 
Delora Eyes - Lavender



Thursday, November 23, 2017

Skulls, Skeles, Crosses and a sale! Oh my!

This is the most delicious piercing / collar ever. I know you are saying "What collar, Guennie? I don't see a collar." The cross piercing from Lenore is a collar!  It's available now at Suicide Dollz in 3 colors to choose from. Each color includes both an RLV and a non scripted version.

My adorable lil dress from Psycho Barbie is also at Suicide Dollz this round. In addition to the black set there is a super cute pastel set. Don't forget to swing by the main store and join the Psycho Barbie group.  There is a small join fee, but it's really worth is with special items each month, like this adorable Skele Pet. Seriously I LOVE this lil guy!

Hurry yourself on over to The Coven Raising The Dead and get the gorgeously creepy Necromancer Blood Magic polish HUD from Dark Passions. We never can have enough skulls in our lives can we?

Did you hear the news yet? Beauty Of Darkness is having a Black Friday sale! OMG!Seriously a killer deal with the whole store at 50% off! Sale lasts until Nov. 28, so hurry on in.

As always your shoping links are below. 
Stay creepy chicas!

Available at the current round of Suicide Dollz
[Skele Pet]
Group gift for Nov. Available at the mainstore

Koffin Nails - Necromancer Blood Magic
Psycho Heart Arm Tattoo

Formerly Pin Up
Kimmy Shape 

Wicked -Piercing/Collar - Onyx
Available at the current round of Suicide Dollz

Laney Eyeshadow
Piercing Set 05
Bridge / Dimples / Snakebites / Spike Septum
Xenira Eyes MOURN


Catwa - Applier Dark Lip Tint

Necromancer Rings


 Khaly Tone 01 Skin Applier - Catwa / Maitreya appliers

Lara Mesh Body

Kimberly Bento Mesh Head