Tuesday, April 14, 2020

The Ghoul's Back In Town

Have you heard the news? 
DRBC is back!

Our favorite mistress of creep, the ghouliest ghoulie girl around is back with a new design! Oh, it's been a blink since Deathrocker Bettie Crocker has been on the grid with some new fabness but here she is with the Sheena Shirt - Punk Pack. It not only comes with a great texture hud but the sleeves are separate so you can wear them with all kinds of other outfits and there is also a cute lil necklace that is just perfect with the top.
Pair it with some easy leggins and some sexy lil booties like these from Glamistry. Be sure to use that hud included with your shoes to add a pop of color on that sole, because it's good for your soul.
Don't forget Extra Poses is having an Easter Hunt. Stop by the store and take a peek through the sweet side (not the naughty side) for the hunt poses. 
Ostara's Altar is in full bloom. Another old friend, The Stringer Mausoleum  is there with these limited edition eyes. Don't forget to wander the sim for some hunt prizes from TSM and all the other event designers.
Stay safe darklings, and please be kind to each other. The times are dark but we don't have to be!

Sheena Shirt - Punk Pack
Includes a texture hud

The Stringer Mausoleum 
Nightvvych Eyes [Omega] - L.E. Ritual
At Ostara's Altar
April 3-19, 2020

Heels PF1047
Includes a customization hud

Sat sale leggins!

Hair - Faye

Extra Poses 
Spring thing 5
Free in the Extra Easter Hunt 
April 11-18

Friday, April 10, 2020

~ Winter's End & Ostara's Altar ~

Leave the darkness of Winter's End 
behind as you head to the 
beauty and light of Ostara's Altar.

Dark Passions Presents: 
April 3 - April 19, 2020

March 27 - April 12, 2020

Items at Necrosis
Dark Passions
Koffin Nails
Vengeful Pastel

outfit & hat.
Infernal Alchemy
Harmonic Decay
For Maitreya shown in Poison 
5 colors included {ghost, poison, blood, plague & night}

Items at Ostara's Altar
Never Wish
Rose Pentagram Earrings
Includes color / metals hud

Finishing Touches
Spring Thing
You can pick up this bento pose and 4 others for free at the Extra mainstore as part of the Easter Hunt. Look for the 5 jelly beans hidden in the white store.



Sorcha boots

Items at Necrosis
[Angelic Designs]
Memento Mori - Skulls Long Light String
Includes the AD customization hud that is just infinite in color combinations.

Immoral Designs
Earthly Possesions White
Available in 4 wood tones

Infernal Alchemy
Occultist Tapestries
Ascendant Bat (2 additional designs included)

Lilith's Den
Ofnusius Totem
I am so in love with this piece. Seriously made me gasp the first time I saw him.
TwigCharm Cross

Visit Zenos at Necrosis
Ouija table
Includes a HUD you can control... shh don't tell anybody!
Voodoo Bone Reader
Table has a color / pattern change menu. Bones throw on click and deliver reading in local. The candles - are magical!

Items at Ostara's Altar
[Angelic Designs]
Sweet Sacrifice - Pentagram Petals
Includes the AD customization hud.

Galaxy 1 - Crystals 1 & 2

Dragon Magick Wares
Ostara Coffee Table
5L Hunt gift

The Half Moon Market
Antler-Handled Boline & Athame

The Little Bat
Witch Poster
Hex, Rose & Tarot shown

Paper Moon
Potted Snake Plants - Watercolor Cobalt/Faded

WitchySpring brooms rack
Ostara cauldron - blue (hunt gift)

Haze Pottery Bowl & Chalice "MorningStar"

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Necrosis. Winter's End

The thaw begins,
The decay remains.
Winter's End is upon us...

 Necrosis is back with another delightfully dark collection of gothic delights.  With items ranging from furniture to nail polish you will find plenty of items to melt your dark hearts. 
Every now and then I see an item in SL that takes my breath away. That was exactly the case for the Ofnusius Totem from Lilith's Den. Literally gasped when I saw it's menacing stare lurking from the booth. Is it possible to be in love with a creepy, scary lurker because I seriously am.
So many great parts to my look today, from Father's Undead makeup, Spookshow's eyes, Beauty of Darkness's dress, Psycho Barbie's tattoo, Dark Passions Koffin Nails and of course a sassy pose from Extra.. it's all pretty fabulous! Oh and let's not forget the lil hearty friend from Normandy. It's a steamy lil hearty companion that will wander along with you sharing love with everyone. I think right now we can all use a lil more love!
Details after the ads. 
Stay safe creepsters.
Happy Shopping

Winter's End
March 27 - April 12, 2020

Items available at Necrosis
Undead Face
Omega / BOM in 3 tones

Nija Eyes - Lenses
Diabolos Earring Set
Available at the main store.

+Psycho Barbie+ 
[Runic Tattoo]
Omega hud includes 4 color tones

.:Beauty of Darkness:.
Verdelet Dress Maitreya.
Texture hud included. 
Discounted at the event.

lil lovey.
Rusted.Heart Companion
Includes a red and a black version

the lurker.
Lilith's Den
Ofnusius Totem
Discounted at the event
Twig-Charm Cross
For a better look at these items check Lilith's Den on Flickr.

Sponsor Items
Dark Passions 
Koffin Nails - The Alchemist's Talons
Available at We Love RP until March 31 - check the mainstore afterwards.

As I Am

Finishing Touch
the Freya Hair

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Morning Goodbyes

Glamistry heels include a customization hud so you will always
have the perfect color shoes for your dress.

Sometimes it takes a minute to say goodbye. Even though you know it's just for a bit as you go about your day, you still need one more embrace, one more moment to hold each other close.
Shopping links after the designer's ads. 

Sponsor Items
Hell Lingerie Body / Panty 
Available at Girls Heaven

Shine Bento Stiletto Nails
Available at Skin Fair

Heels PF1041
Includes customization hud

Holding Her Close

Finishing Touches
Fox - blacks

Shoe Fix Pose

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

The Gypsy's Curse

 Bargains on The Bayou
Feb 23 - March 18, 2020

It all started here. The disbelief was too much and the gypsy laid their curse.
Images by Asbjorn Raven taken at Restalrig
For more information about the historical role play sim, Restalrig please visit their web site: https://www.restalrigsl.com/

*Secret Oktober* 
Luna Dress 
For Maitreya Lara 
Available at The Darkness Chamber Fair

The Craft Bento Stiletto Nails 
Available at The Darkness Chamber Fair

Ouija Hoops
Includes metal HUD


Saturday, February 29, 2020

Look before you...

It's Leap Day! So take a risk or two, but be sure to check behind you, because you never know what is lurking in the shadows.  I need to send a thank you to my dear Asbjorn Raven for this set of pics, not only did he take them, it was all his idea. It's a lovely mix of creepy and sexy, don't you think?
So have you been to The Darkness Chamber Fair yet? Yes, it's back with a new round of the old fave "Bargains on the Bayou." Be sure to pay a visit to the event before the round ends on March 18 so you can snatch up these awesome tables from Immoral Designs. The coffee table has multiple versions, including some with a ouija board, and candles. No the blood isn't included... this time around! 
Speaking of sales, it's Saturday so of course Extra has some new deals for you. This week they have three new poses on sale, you can find them just outside the door.
I am so in love with this sexy lingerie set from Witch Craft. It is wonderfully retro with a lovely dose of spooky! Seriously looks amazing on. I can't even explain how much I love this set!
Links are below.
Happy Leap Day!

is back with
Bargains on The Bayou
Feb 23 - March 18, 2020

[Immoral Designs] 
Calvariae Locus Capulus Mensam
Coffee table includes 7 versions
Glasstop Endtables
Tables are The Darkness Chamber Fair Exclusives
Cthullu Skull Lamp Purple
Lamp currently available at The Darkness Chamber Fair 
at the mainstore on the Necrosis Sim

Sponsor Items
As I Am
On this weeks Saturday Sale along with one more pose.

Paige Top / Shorts
At the Saints and Sinners event - ends 2-29!

Finishing Touches
Fox - Blacks

Halen Dress

Platform T-strap Stiletto

Friday, February 14, 2020

Under my Umbrella

Happy Valentine's Day Darklings.
Such a day for love, such a day for a bit of blood too!
Keeping this short as my head is screaming at me and my bed is calling me.
Details and links are below the designer's ads. 
Happy Heart Day!

Items available at Necrosis until Feb 16.

Every Rose Has A Thorn
Includes the Rose, face and body applier HUDS

Humanoid Eyes - All - Omega HUD

Sponsor Items

Dark Passions 
Koffin Nails - Witchy Lovespell
XOXO Hunt Prize
Hurry Ends Feb 16!
Find all the details on their website. XOXOHunt

Heels PF1045
Includes a customization HUD

Extra Poses
Goth Girl
I used my bento hand animations to help with holding the umbrella

Finishing Touches


Rain out of love GACHA - Red umbrella

Valentina E. 
Victoria Blouse / Dress -  Dove