Monday, September 7, 2020

Now I lay me down

Hello beautiful ones. 

Tell me, have you made it to the Mystical Market event from Dark Passions yet? If not, don't dally for it ends tomorrow, Sept 8. There are so many wonderful bargains at this event. From clothing to decor, your wallet will barely take a hit with these crazy savings. 

This sexy lil dress is from WitchCraft and on sale this weekend. Available in a choice of colors or a fatpack all at a crazy low price, it's perfect for a late night cuddle with your favorite creepster.

Happy Shopping!

25% - 50% Off Discount Event 
August 28- September 8, 2020

Items available at Mystical Market
Love me Deadly Mirror

Majestic Noir Coffin Leather - Cross

Lilith's Den  
Magic Twirl Lights - Bizarre
Ofnusius Totem
Koffin Nails - Autumnal Haze

Sponsor Items
Pepper Dress - Maitreya (white)

Finishing touch

Thursday, September 3, 2020

Dark Passions Events Presents: Mystical Market

It's time for another fabulous event from Dark Passions Events.  At the moment Mystical Market is in full swing with an awesome assortment of fantasy, gothic & just magical designers bringing you an assortment of fashion and decor items all at discount prices.

My lovely lil dress is from zOOm, and these earrings from Afterparty look adorable with it. Of course Dark Passions has a polish set that is perfect to complete your look. All of these items at at Mystical Market, so take a quick jaunt over to the event and snatch up some great deals.

Happy Shopping!

Mystical Market
25% - 50% Off Discount Event 
August 28- September 8, 2020

Items available at Mystical Market
Cross Earrings 
Includes a metal HUD

Dark Passions
Koffin Nails - Mystical Haze

Alianor Dress - purple

Finishing Touches
Eternity - Grayscale
Made in Hell Tattoo

Thursday, August 20, 2020

Shave and a Cut

This dress is all the sexy! Like all of it, and it's a free gift from Normandy at Necrosis.  That alone is worth a trip to the graveyard that is Necrosis, but while you are there be sure to check out all the other goodies for sale and all the awesome gifts. 

The Purah Stockings are a Necrosis event exclusive from Beauty of Darkness. I love the different designs on them, and especially the fact the hud gives white options! Love them! Be sure to hurry, as  this round of Necrosis closes on the 21st! 

I have to point out my straight razor. It's from Angry Store, they are wonderfully delightful in their creepiness. You really need to go give them a looksie. 

Happy Shopping!

July 31 - Aug 21, 2020
Event exclusives

Free gift at the Necrosis event. 
Dress includes stockings and a color hud.

.:Beauty of Darkness:. 
Purah Stockings
Literally for all the bodies... seriously so many bodies!
Texture / customization hud

Sponsors and friends
+Psycho Barbie+ 
[Cross Mesh Pasties]
[Made In Hell Tattoo] Omega

Angry Store 
Sweeney's Razor

Finishing Touches
Dua Hairstyle

Universal Thong

Spectra heels

Monday, August 17, 2020

Beneath the Clock Tower

The darkness reigns at 

Hello darklings, the Necrosis Year of Decay celebration is still going on. You really do not want to miss out on this round. There are so many fabulous exclusive items I just had to show you as many as possible in this post. 
From our dresses to the massive clock tower, you can find it all at Necrosis until Aug 21, so better hurry time is running out!
A special thank you goes to The Pale Queen for not only always being amazing but also for helping me with these pics. Be sure to check out her Beauty of Darkness booth at the event for some super cute stockings.
The vendor ads below will give you additional info and of course all the links are there too, after the ads.
Happy Shopping.
See you at Necrosis.

Don't forget to pick up the celebration gifts from the Necrosis designers.

Not pictured in this post but their creator is! ♥

July 31 - Aug 21, 2020
Event exclusives

Hogs & Cart Wheels

[Angelic Designs]
[Bones of Your Enemies] Pentagram

Lilith's Den
Coffin (Included in the Party Coffin set)

Infernal Alchemy
The Count's Cafe

[Immoral Designs]
Clock Tower

Dark Love
Queen Of Chaos - Dress / Halo / Harness / Cross chain
Includes color HUDs

My Craft Tattoo

Finishing Touches

Serendipity Poses

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Necrosis - A Year of Decay

It's a graveyard bash at Necrosis.

Necrosis is celebrating A Year of Decay.
That's right Necrosis has been bringing you the best in creep for a whole year now. A year of dark delights and decadent decor, and we have loved every moment of it.
Necrosis started as a tiny little event held in a greenhouse on the Whispering Pines horror sim. The original designers were mainly friends who supported our whim, and we love them dearly for it. Eventually we grew to friends of friends and then some. We slayed Christmas with a bit of blood on the snow. Eventually with our Tained Love round we found our way into our own graveyard, our own place where the dead could dance among the tombs.
Hard to believe it's been a year. Our dark little event is so very near and dear to my heart. A huge and very heartfelt thank you to everyone who has helped along the way. Little by little our darkness grows all because of each of you.

I absolutely fell in love with this top from Blasphemic. It's super sexy! With the texture HUD you have 6 spooky patterns to choose form.
The Magik tattoo from Germinal includes both a fresh and a faded version. The beautiful symbols on this black out tattoo are truly bold and absolutely gorgeous. I will be wearing this one often.
Dark Passions brings us this murky, smokey polish applier which looks lovely with the Magik Tattoo.
And last but not least is the tree I'm sitting on. The Primordial Tree Arch is from Angelic Designs and includes multiple sits that you really need to experience to appreciate. It is on display at the Necrosis event, so feel free to climb up and stay awhile.  We are dying to have you visit us.

Happy Shopping

Exclusives for
Year of Decay 
July 31 - Aug 21

Angelic Designs
Primordial Tree Arch
Be careful where you sit!

Includes HUD


Dark Passions
Koffin Nails - Grim Garden

Finishing Touches
Dua Hairstyle

Lila - Rolled Cuff Jeans


Friday, July 24, 2020

Feeling a lil old school...

Time for another visit to 
Dark Passions Events Midsummer Enchantment. 

Sometimes you just need to take it back to a classic goth look and that is exactly what I did here with this super sexy dress from Beauty of Darkness. The dress includes a HUD with 6 patterns, 2 fishnet options and a choice of metals. Being that it's from BOD it comes with a gazillion body options.
My lovely nail set is part of the hunt at the Midsummer Enchantment event. There are so many great hunt prizes to find at the event and they all only cost a few L's.
For once lil Guennie is fully accessorized!  That so doesn't happen often, but thanks to Bubble and Velika Rituals I managed to this time around. My choker and earrings are from Bubble and have a great selection of metals on the included HUD. The rings are all a set from Velika Rituals and they also have a HUD with metals and a choice of different colors for the crystal. Pretty cute huh?
Ok it's late, you'd be better off going to the event and seeing all the fab items then reading about it.
Links below

Happy Shopping!

Dark Passions Events Presents
July 10-26, 2020

Exclusive items available at
Midsummer Enchantment  

.:Beauty of Darkness:. 
Vikkilongoria Dress
Includes a pattern HUD

Dark Passions  
Koffin Nails - Lunar Tear - Purple
Hunt prize

[ bubble ] 
Geometric Choker & Earrings
Includes a metal HUD

Velika Rituals 
Eternal Mist Ringset
Includes a HUD for the metals and the crystal ball

Finishing Touches
Spookshow  new location
Moloch Shadow


Jennifer heels

Monday, July 20, 2020


Dark Passions Events Presents
July 10-26, 2020

It's another round of Midsummer Enchantment from Dark Passions Events. Have you been yet?
I couldn't resist the elegance of the Scarlett Gown from Secret Oktober. Available in four colors, with a shape this sexy you just might want more than one.
Sometimes you need a lil help lighting the way and this magical lantern from Laminak is perfect for just that. Available in a wonderful selection of colors there is also a HUD with hold animations. Be sure to check the booth at the event to see the wall version they have available.
Links are below.
Happy Shopping!

Exclusive items available at
Midsummer Enchantment  

*Secret Oktober* 
Scarlett Gown - Black for Maitreya

Enchanted Ice - Holdable Lantern - Pink

Finishing Touches
Violet Heels