Monday, May 29, 2017

Entropy IV: Memento Mori - A quick peek at an LEA sim by NaTaS Janus.

The physical beauty of SL comes from the designers. They brings us the sights, sounds and items for us to play on and in. Without them and their continual improvements to designs we would still be looking like Ruth and playing in a cubic world! One of the greatest places to see some innovations in sim design and artistic creativity without boundaries are at the LEA sims. 

Entropy IV: Memento Mori
A Linden Endowment for the Arts (LEA) sim.

So I finally made the time to pop over to see the latest LEA installation by NaTaS Janus, titled Entropy IV: Memento Mori. Admittedly I didn't make it past the landing spot because I just had to stop and take pictures! That means I am still missing out on the six distinct regions within the sim, ranging from laser tag, a maze, a midway and a church basement to name just a few.  Trust me I have plans to explore the rest, but for now I give you this little tiny peek.  

Of course when we go out in SL we must always look our best, I have some of my favorite designers here as usual, coming together in what I think is a pretty cute look.  Perfect for some casual exploring around and about SL.  

As always your shopping details and links are after the designer ads.

Sponsor Items
Laced Sweater
Includes a color HUD
Available at The Thrift Shop event

Rubber Anklet
Includes a color Hud
Available at Lost & Found

Dark Heart Necklace
Includes a color HUD 
Available at the main store

[HellBound Skirt] White
Available at the main store

Koffin Nails - Jeweled Ombre Solids On fingers
Koffin Nails - Shades of Pink v2 On toes
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Kimmy Shape 
for Catwa Bento Kimberly


Finishing Touches
Cool Girl - 5 Color Fades

Medison - Catwa Mesh Head Applier - Polar
Medison Lipstick  for Catwa Heads - SET 3

Bento head - Kimberly

Mesh Body - Lara 
Bento Hands 

The Emerald Mini Series - group gift

Serendipity balancing pose 2

Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Bats

The Bats have left the bell tower
The victims have been bled
                                              ~ Lyrics from Bela Lugosi's Dead by Bauhaus

Hello beautifully macabre ones. 
Did you know there is still a lil time left at the Dark Style Fair? If you hurry you can snatch up this super cute top from Psycho Barbie.  I have to admit it was hard to pick which design I liked best. They are all really cute and all included in the HUD!
Have you been by Beauty of Darkness lately? This tattoo is the latest release, and as always with BoD the HUD has every body style covered.  Seriously so many! Gotta love that!
Don't forget to swing by Genre to pick up this lovely release from Dark Passions while it is still on the special event price. 
As always all your needed links are after the vendors. 
Happy shopping!

Little Bat Girl Tattoo

[Mayham Bra] 
Includes texture HUD with crosses, stars and skele hands.
Available at The Dark Style Fair    
[HellBound Skirt] White
Available at the main store. 

Koffin Nails - Outer Limits
Available at Genre

Kimmy Shape

Finishing Touches
Kronium Collar
Kronium Cuff
Available at The Dark Style Fair
Hadria Eyes (Fatpack)
Available at the Main Store

Little Wild - Past Arcade item

Immortal Skin Applier 
Catwa Bento Head and Body Appliers

HEAD Kimberly

Mesh Body - Lara V4.1
Bento Hands L V4.1
Feet V4.1

Model 140
Available at The Dark Style Fair


Bela Lugosi's Dead by Bauhaus

Monday, May 15, 2017

Would You Walk Away

And when the rain comes down
Would you choose to walk or stay
Would you choose to walk
Would you choose to stay
Would you
Walk walk walk walk walk away
Would you walk away
                                     ~ Lyrics from "Walk Away" by The Sisters of Mercy

Who doesn't love a blood red dress, especially one as sexy as this one. I have a little confession to make, I still haven't taken this dress from Pin Up, off. I love it that much! It's truly gorgeous.  

Koffin Nails from Dark Passions always manage to finish off a look to absolute perfection. I love how the vines in the polish pick up the vines on the dress. Total perfection!  

I don't think I need to say much more. All the details are below after the ads. Thank you for stopping by.  
Happy shopping!

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[Pin Up]
Gloria S Gown & Heels
Available at the May round of Fashion Dazzle
Kimmy Shape 
for Catwa Kimberly Bento head
Available at the Mainstore

Dark Passions
Koffin Nails -  Marilyn's Memoirs
Event Price: 290L - Fatpack / 120L -  Maitreya, Slink, Omega Each 
Available at The Dark Style Fair

Finishing Touches 

Hadria Eyes - Fatpack

New location!
Esra's Giant Teardrop necklaces & earrings
Royal Khadijah Estate Ring

Immortal Skin Applier - Catwa Bento Head
Tone Immortal Body applier v2.0 for Maitreya

HEAD Kimberly v2.11

Mesh Body - Lara V4.1
Bento Hand  V4.1
Feet V4.1

The Heady Series


The Sisters of Mercy ~ Walk Away

Monday, May 8, 2017

Something About You Makes Me Crazy

Something about you makes me crazy
I think about you once a day
Although I know you're now a lady
When can we go outside and play?
                                                            ~ Lyrics from Dot Dot by Celebrity Skin

So it seems that Beauty of Darkness has a lighter side that is starting to appear with these pastel socks.  The Lil Bat socks are perfect for those soft goth looks with just the right amount of sweet mixed in with the spooky. As always with BoD virtually every body style is included in your HUD. 
Both Psycho Barbie and Dark Passions are at this round of The Darkstyle Fair with some pretty fab offerings including the Devilish Harness from Psycho Barbie. You can wear this with or without the pasties. Dark Passions has a couple of lovely polish sets like the Lunar Light set. They are  available in either a Fatpack or for individual body styles / Omega. 
Have you been to Coven yet?  It's pretty wonderful, as usual.  The Little Bat has the Corrosion Mask available for this round. How can you pass that up?  It has a skull, bat wings and a cross! And of course a color HUD. 

It's a new month, so it's a new round of The Darkness Monthly event and W:6 is there with a rather large selection of goodies, including this fishnet top. It's mesh and includes most body styles along with a color HUD also.  

So I stumbled across a new pose store, Rêve Obscura. They  have a great selection of really unique Bento poses for both male and female avatars and some couple poses as well. All at great prices too! I am really excited about this store and I am sure you will be seeing me use them quite often  

As always your links are below.
Happy shopping!

Sponsor Items

Lil Bat - Multi Appliers Socks HUD
Suicide Girl hotpants - Multi Appliers HUD

Koffin Nails - Lunar Light
Event Price: 290L - Fatpack / 120L -  Maitreya, Slink, Omega Each 
Available at The Darkstyle Fair

Kimmy Shape For Catwa Bento Kimberly 
I have adjusted the body a lil bit, but not the face shape.

Corrosion Mask
Includes a color HUD
Available at Coven

Devilish Harness
Available at The Darkstyle Fair
Heartless Tat
Past group gift

Sasha Fishnet Top 
Includes a color HUD

Additional Items
Shauna (twotone) - Pastels memento  
Available at Mememto Mori

Adreana Collar (from the Miss Whatever gacha)
Available at N21
Hadria Eyes This color is included as a bonus in the fatpack
 Available at APPLIQUE

The Gloria Series
Available at The Chapter Four

F Love Bento pose
Last image
Shout Out To My Ex Bento pose
First image

Medison Catwa Mesh Head Applier - Polar 
Medison Eyeshadow  for Catwa Heads - SET 2

HEAD Kimberly 

Mesh Body - Lara 
Bento Hands


Celebrity Skin ~ Dot Dot