Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Goth Summer Nights

G'morning darklings, have you made your Midnight Rendezvous at The Darkness Chamber fair yet? The clock is ticking. This round closes on Saturday July 11th, so you better run before those chamber doors get closed again. 

Today I have on a perfect little summer dress from Secret Oktober. It is great for these hot summer months. You can dress it down with some lil sneakers or maybe go a bit sexier with some lil wedges, either way it's super cute. 

I am once again using Serendipity's Cordelia pose set also available at TDCF. She has a great men's pose set at the event as well. Both are at an amazing price. I'm not going to tell you how low the price is, you need to go see.  Seriously it's a great deal. 

Have you been to the SL birthday celebration yet? You have to at least go check out the shopping sims. It's multiple sims filled with some of Sl's top designers, many of which have some great deals and some super cute gifts.  This polish set is from Dark Passions and is actually a gift at SL17B, 7 perfect shades in a Fatpack for free! You can't pass that up. 

Links are below.
Happy Shopping!

Sponsored Items
*Secret Oktober*
Smell the Roses Dress available in four colors for Maitreya
The Darkness Chamber Fair Exclusive 
June 20 - July 11

Cordelia Bento Pose Set
The Darkness Chamber Fair Exclusive 
June 20 - July 11

Dark Passions 
Koffin Nails - Coffee Berry
Free gift at the
SL17B Shop & Hop
June 19 - July 12

Finishing Touches
Faye - hair

Images taken at CEMETERIUM
A 24/7 Dark Vampire Underground Club & Hangout
Where the Dead Live

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Time for a Midnight Rendezvous at The Darkness Chamber Fair

Come into the darkness, come out of the light my gothlings and meet me for a Midnight Rendezvous. I'll bring the fashion, you bring the wine and together we shall wander the Darkness Chamber Fair.
Yes, dears it's another round of TDCF, once again filled with some familiar faces and some new ones too. Come take a wander through the chamber and dig up these amazing items. From poses to furniture there is a bit of everything for your dark little hearts.
Back when lil Guennie was just a baby bat in SL she lived in cropped tops. It's been a blink since I have wore one, but I have to say I do totally love this one from After Midnight Fashion. It's super cute, and has a handful of designs to choose from. And comes with these jeans. Love it!
E-Mesh has some great vampy ears. Even with my pale skin they were easy to match. Gotta love that shape on them, I just wanna rub them. 
Speaking of rubbing, did you see the polish from Dark Passions? Sexy isn't it? In a darkly sexy kinda way. I think I'm gonna be keeping this one on for awhile (or until her next amazing release, cuz well it's Dark Passions and there is always another amazing new release in the works.)
We have Serendipity Poses back in TDCF this round. With both a male and a female set at amazing prices you will want them both. They are super cute.
Blasphemic is bringing a blackout tattoo to us, with a choice of levels of darkness you can choose the look that suits you best. Lots of options here, from Omega to BOM you should be able to use this on pretty much any body or head.

Take a peek at the TDCF Flickr page to see what some of our other bloggers have been up to. 

Midnight Rendezvous
June 20 - July 11 

Exclusive items available at 
The Darkness Chamber Fair  

Cordelia Bento Pose Set

After Midnight Fashion 
Rainn Jeans& t-shirt
Shirt includes a design HUD
Maitreya / Slink / Legacy / Belleza

Vampire Ears
Includes a color / tattoo HUD

Blackout Tattoo
Upper body only

Sponsor Item
Dark Passions 
Koffin Nails - Ebony Metallic Colored Tips
Available at SL17B June 19 - July 12
Special event price of 75L
Dark Passions at SL17B

Finishing Touches

Jennifer heels

Velika Rituals
Witchcraft Rings

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Capturing Beauty

It was just another night at Sinners. 
The usual crowd of rockers, vamps, goths and wannabes. Nothing different than any other night. During my shift behind the bar I noticed one of the regular wannabes was taking pictures of the scene again. He did this about once a month. He was always  nice enough (tipped well) and sometimes he would bring in copies for the regular girls and for us to put up behind the bar. It seemed a bit weird to get an actual photo these days but everyone was always happy when they saw them. Besides the pics made for great conversation. He was really good at it. He really did capture their good sides.

I once asked him why he did it, what was in it for him? He told me that it was his way of feeling strong, that he knew a guy like him would never date a girl like any of them. He said he loved how their eyes would shine in the lens of his camera. He said that he loved to capture beauty. 

I had no idea what he really meant. 

Photos by Asbjorn Raven
Black Soul Dress by After Midnight Fashions
A Necrosis Exclusive for The Summer of Goth event.
Ends June 14th

Saturday, June 13, 2020

All together ooky

Angelic Designs ~ [Victor Gothique] Chair
Angelic Designs ~ [Lost Souls] Casket Loveseat
The Angelic Designs items include a menu allowing you to pick just the right colors for your room.
Zond ~ Old Tv - A Necrosis Exclusive
Zond ~ Gramaphone
The Old Tv from Zond is lots of  fun. It includes a collection of vintage show intros.

Pixelancer  ~ Black Rose Boutonniere - A Necrosis Exclusive.
Pixelancer  ~ Black Rosebud - An Exclusive Necrosis Gift.
Both items are available on the little table in the booth. 

 Look at those peepers! 
I don't even know how to beign to explain the creep that is all over this scene. You can blame Pixelancer for it all. It's a combination of living, breathing, pulsating ick, ichor, tentacles and ooze. Seriously this stuff is alive! It was creeping me out on so many levels, which is a good thing because we do all so love the creep! 
While the Tentacles are making their debut at our event, the Ick is a Necrosis Exclusive, stop by the event booth to see all these items in all their glory.

All of the featured items are currently available at Necrosis.
The Summer of Goth round ends soon though, so you'd better hurry.

Friday, June 12, 2020

Hell on Heels

Hello Darklings, just a quickie at another exclusive from one of the Necrosis designers. This time around its the Suicide Skull bike from Hogs & Cart Wheels. Be sure to stop by the event before it ends to grab this set of wheels at a crazy low price.  Seriously crazy low!
Leather pants, require sexy heels of course. Glamistry has you covered. Of course you know with the customization HUD you will be able to match your heels to all your outfits. 
Everyone knows biker chicks like accessories, especially ones with color change HUDS. My collar is one of many you can find at Spookshow along with some other amazing accessories.
Hurry yourselves off to Necrosis before this round ends. 
Happy Shopping

Suicide Skull

Sponsor Item
Heels PF1049 

Tammuz Collar 

Finishing Touches

The Faceless Mask *BANDAGE* 

Aria - Stylized Pants 
Dynamite - Jackets with Pockets 

Backdrop:. 11:11 

Le Poppycock 

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Don't burn your meat - A PSA from Necrosis

We here at Necrosis always look out for you, our dear beloved Darklings and we want to take a moment to remind you
not to burn your meat. 
Make sure you don't over cook it.
Flip it from side to side, roll it around a bit,
slather it up
with Goth Block, 
 just don't burn it.

The above was a Public Service Announcement from Necrosis.

Have you made it to Necrosis yet?
Better hurry, this round ends soon. 
Take a jaunt over to check out the Casket Grill from Immoral Designs, available in a selection of colors. It even gives out wieners! Only the best for our shoppers at Necrosis!
When you go as pale as the Sacrilege Skin from Infernal Alchemy you absolutely must make sure to use The Goth Block from Spookshow. If you don't you may find yourself with a bit Too Much Sun (appliers from Germinal.) Once that sunburn sets in you won't want to wear things that rub, so the sexy lil strapless jumpsuit from Secret Oktober will be perfect. I swear I was wearing this for a week straight I love it so much! 
Links below.
Happy Shopping!

Necrosis Exclusives

[Immoral Designs] 

Casket BBQ Grill -Black

*Secret Oktober*

Dead of Night Jumpsuit  Maitreya


Too Much Sun?

Infernal Alchemy

Sacrilege Skin - Black 

Omega appliers / BOM included 


Goth Block - Cream 

Includes holdable bottle with animation / face applier and a dollop for your hands!


Black Pentagram Earrings 

Thursday, June 4, 2020

Beauty of Decay

Hello darklings! It's time for another round of decay at Necrosis. This time in among the graves you will find new offerings from Beauty of Darkness, Rotting Lab and Graveyard to name just a few. This round is bigger than ever before, with new brands and so many of your old Necrotic faves. 
Glamistry continues to give us amazing new styles with loads of options via the customization HUD. I love how these heels mix sexy and a bit of urban and are perfect for summer fun. With the customization HUD you can match them to every outfit, yes all of them!
As always your links are below, limos attached!
Happy Shopping 

On The Pale Queen

Starcross - Full with Blood 

Dead End Shirt 

all the things.
Guen's Black crosses 
Goth And Dots face tattoo - Heart and Dots
Spikes Heart Nose Ring
The Darkness Hotpants 
Currently available at the BoD main store and Necrosis

Blessed Be Tattoo 
The Craft Bento Stiletto Nails 

Witchcraft Rings 


On Guen

Purple Pentagram Earrings 

Dead End Shirt 

Sponsor Items

Heels - PF1048 
Includes customization HUD

Gradient Bento Coffin Nails 

Finishing Touches

Hair - Faye 

Effortless Smoky Eye 


Take That

Images taken at Necrosis

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

The Ghoul's Back In Town

Have you heard the news? 
DRBC is back!

Our favorite mistress of creep, the ghouliest ghoulie girl around is back with a new design! Oh, it's been a blink since Deathrocker Bettie Crocker has been on the grid with some new fabness but here she is with the Sheena Shirt - Punk Pack. It not only comes with a great texture hud but the sleeves are separate so you can wear them with all kinds of other outfits and there is also a cute lil necklace that is just perfect with the top.
Pair it with some easy leggins and some sexy lil booties like these from Glamistry. Be sure to use that hud included with your shoes to add a pop of color on that sole, because it's good for your soul.
Don't forget Extra Poses is having an Easter Hunt. Stop by the store and take a peek through the sweet side (not the naughty side) for the hunt poses. 
Ostara's Altar is in full bloom. Another old friend, The Stringer Mausoleum  is there with these limited edition eyes. Don't forget to wander the sim for some hunt prizes from TSM and all the other event designers.
Stay safe darklings, and please be kind to each other. The times are dark but we don't have to be!

Sheena Shirt - Punk Pack
Includes a texture hud

The Stringer Mausoleum 
Nightvvych Eyes [Omega] - L.E. Ritual
At Ostara's Altar
April 3-19, 2020

Heels PF1047
Includes a customization hud

Sat sale leggins!

Hair - Faye

Extra Poses 
Spring thing 5
Free in the Extra Easter Hunt 
April 11-18