Thursday, December 10, 2020

The Victim Has Been Bled

Nov 27 - Dec 11, 2020

Antique Sleigh 
Set includes a large "life sized" version (8LI) and a small mantle version (2LI)
[Dead Fred]  Misfortunate Snowman (2LI)
This lil guy has some awesome things to say, just give him a lil touch and you'll see. You can even add custom text!

Chest Veins Purple 50
Upper Eye Black 

Baroque Beauty Necklace 
Includes customization HUD
Note: Not a Necrosis designer - but I loveeee this necklace. You should totally go check them out and tell them about Necrosis!

Koffin Nails - Coal Dipped & Frosted 

Skaoi.Eyes - Blind/Black

All images taken by Asbjorn Gothly-Raven at the Necrosis sim

On both of us 
Selene long dress wearing the optional sparkles
Includes customization HUD
Also on The Pale Queen 
Skaoi Fractured Horns + Crystals 

Monday, December 7, 2020

Wreck The Halls at Necrosis

Nov 27 - Dec 11, 2020

BLASPHEMIC - Zeta Dress includes a color HUD
What's Lost Spirits - Jack in the Box  

G.I.N - Juggles Pose and Ornaments
Cereberus Xing - Fallen Filth Claws
Normandy  - Skaoi Eyes 
Beauty of DarknessFeronia Ears Customization HUD
Angry Store - Nutcracker Display wearable version included. 

Lilith's den - Yule Lamp pentacle dark
Angry Store - Christmas Box Green
Black Jack Emporium - Skull Wreath  and Yuletide Bone Candles on the table with the star
What's Lost Spirits Evil teddy #7 from the Forgotten Toys X-mas Gacha
Infernal Alchemy - Dining Set includes table, chair and three piece candle set on mantle.

'tis the season all over the grid, even at Necrosis. Although things are a bit less jolly old St. Nick and a bit more who ran over grandma in our lil graveyard, but seriously would you expect any less from the darkest designers on the grid?

Sunday, November 29, 2020

The Darkness Chamber Fair has gone black (with deals)

The Gates to Hell have opened up to bring you all kinds of savings! This round of TDCF has been extended through to Dec 01 to bring you some Black Friday deals. So in addition to the amazing designs already featured at the event now you can find further deals on many items. 
Take a stroll through the event space and look for the savings in many of the booths. 
The decor and my outfit / make up are all available at TDCF until Dec 01. I literally love all of the pieces in this post, like just love them.
I could tell you how much, but it's the biggest shopping weekend of the year, so seriously grab that link below and tp yourself over to TDCF for some great deals.

Items available at the

Broken Dolly [BoM]
skin applier
the watcher
such a lovely companion

What's Lost Spirits 

Cassadaga sarong outfit.
includes texture hud for the sarong skirt.

Eerie Mesh Nails 

Sponsor Item
Beauty Of Darkness
Feronia ears BOM 

Finishing Touches
Hair - Sage 

Velika Rituals
Eternal Mist Ringset 

Friday, November 13, 2020

Thru The Gates to Hell at The Darkness Chamber Fair

BoD Productions Presents:
The Darkness Chamber Fair
Gates to Hell
Nov. 07- 28, 2020

Face it some events are darker than others. Some events have been rocking the dark side of SL long before it was cool. No event has done it this dark for this long, no other event is The Darkness Chamber Fair. 
This round takes you to the Gates to Hell, with almost 50 designers bringing you all manner of delights. From horns to masks, coffin tables (no that's not a typo, it's really not a coffee table) to nails (the kind for your fingers not your casket) TDCF needs to be your next shopping trip.
Once again Germinal has me swooning over a tattoo. I am in love with the "silence hands" tattoo. So much so I haven't taken it off yet. On my chest and face are the 666 tattoo from Disciple. This is a new designer to me and I am looking forward to seeing more designs from them in the future. 
Dark Love always brings the sexy, and this dress is no different. With a color / pattern hud this dress will be perfect for so much. 
Links are below, but really it's not hard to find your way to 

The Darkness Chamber Fair: Gates to Hell
Event Exclusives
666 - Chest & Cheek BOM includes applier versions

Silence Hands
Includes BOM and appliers in two shades

Dark Love 
Mamba dress Includes texture hud

Sponsor Items 
Dark Passions 
Koffin Nails - Mystical Haze

Devils c string  Included with the Vikkilongoria dress

Finishing Touches 
Gore Boots Maitreya White


Eris Earrings 

Friday, October 30, 2020

Feeling Blue

Well October is almost gone, and of course that leaves us spooky kids feeling a bit blue. Soon that other holiday will creep up with the candy canes and elves, but until then we shall bask in our bats and Ouijas... oh who am I kidding, some of us never stop with those things. 
Run over to Trick or Treat lane for all the goodness in this pic, hurry before the porch lights turn off and you are left with an empty candy bucket. 
Happy Haunting darklings, enjoy the weekend.

Oct 9 - Nov 1, 2020 

Saga - Frozen
Catwa & Maitreya shown includes BOM and appliers
Planche Jewelry set
Includes earrings, necklaces and a bindi
21 metals and colors included controlled via a HUD
Batty bralette
Appliers and BOM
I am wearing the midnight color in my pics, the ad shows twilight.

Finishing Touches
Forever - Jewel
Group gift

Samia - Darlene Single 4

Backdrop - Passion

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Pumpkins and Potions

There is one place on the grid that brings the magic of season 
together like no other. It's been gone for a few years but this year, amidst all the ugly that has been 2020, Pumpkin Town has risen up and has shined with all the beauty and splendor that we expect. It is everything we know and love about Halloween on the grid. The Pumpkin Queen never fails to deliver a magical world, vibrant with color and whimsy. Be sure to visit before the pumpkins once again turn into... well pumpkins. 
Ohh and there is shopping!  And a carnival, and rides. And so much fun!  
Happy Haunting!
Oh look at this skin, seriously it's gorgeous! I mean stunning, there are no filters on this post, no layers of appliers, nope it is this ad promises. 

Pumpkin Town 
Oct 1st - 31st

Koffin Nails - Spooky Striped Tips
Ysunie Spider Bubble HandBag
Includes customization HUD
Mesh Dress ESTHER V#2 

Oct 9 - Nov 1, 2020 

Saga - Leaf
BOM & Appliers

1313 Mockingbird Lane
Matilda Booties 
Includes customization HUD
Love Potion Bottle 
Includes texture HUD

Finishing Touches
Stand Samia - Misty mirror 3
Sexy Witch Hat - Black
Witchcraft Rings 

Monday, October 26, 2020

I want to show you something...

Dark Passions Events presents:
Oct 9 - Nov 1, 2020

Hello darklings, are you enjoying the season? There is so much to do, so much to see and not nearly enough time. However, there is always time for another trip to Trick or Treat Lane, seriously there are so many great items there you really need to stop by for another look.
Almost everything in this post is from ToTL. From the building to my outfit, you will see it all at ToTL. 
A special thank you to Runa from Lilith's Den for helping Asbjorn and I see what was right in front of our eyes. We were close to thinking we had finally lost our minds when she popped in to the sim and helped show us what we were overlooking. 
And a huge thank you to Asbjorn himself for shooting these pics, he has a way with lighting that is truly beyond my reach.
Ok dears, no vendor ads this time, because it's the spooky season and I still have more to do and see. 
Happy Haunting

Items available at Trick or Treat Lane 
Pumpkin Top - Fatpack
Includes a color HUD

Ingrid Legging
Includes texture HUD

Skulls n' Roses Mask 
ToTL gift
Koffin Nails - Nightmare Streak

Finishing Touches
The following outfit pieces available at the mainstores
Feronia ears


And the ultimate lil fidget toy
Zorphan Toy Eye

Scene / Decor
Items available at Trick or Treat Lane 
Sauin Cottage

paper moon
BEWARE Spooky Sign - Purple
Strange Brew Cauldron - Purple

Doggo De Muertos 1 & 2
Gem Path - Cats Eye Swirl
Gem Scatter - Cats Eye
Kreepy Kids - 
There are a handful of Kreepy Kids in this pic, and even more available. With names like Ghostly Gail, Gory George and of course the Terrible Triplets how can you not love them?
Dustville scarecrow
Trick or Treat gift 2020
Herb Drying Rack / Chandelier
Shiny Spider Web 1 & 3
Triple Pumpkins Pile Green Orange / Pink White

Friday, October 16, 2020

In a cabin in a swamp...

Hello darklings, this is gonna be a quicky. There's a lil bit of Necrosis in this post. If you haven't been by yet, hurry as it closes on Sunday. 
Be sure to check the Necrosis Facebook page to read about the wrap party coming Sunday. There will have a horror trivia contest with prizes from the Necrosis designers. With music by DJ Psypher at the 12 AM bash and at Noon join DJ Zola the Cemeterium DJs are sure to having us dancing right out of our skin!
Come joins us if you dare - Dress to Distress!

Let's not forget that Trick or Treat Lane from Dark Passions Events is open for the season. As always it's a fabulous collection of holiday fun. Don't forget the hunt! Check the signs at the landing for all the details. 
Check out the shopping guide and plan your attack, the sim is gorgeous as always. 

Happy Haunting

October 9 - November 1, 2020

The Little Bat 
Plague Eyes 
Bat Carving - Hunt gift

Dark Passions 
Koffin Nails - Nightmare Streak

NECROSIS Exclusives
Extended 'til Oct 18

Feronia ears 

Corpsy Dress 

DeadWood - Cabin
                                                                    Nox Floating Coffin

Finishing Touches

Lumberjack Axe