Sunday, March 20, 2016

Her Ghost In The Fog

The Moon, she hangs like a cruel portrait
Soft winds whisper the bidding of trees
As this tragedy starts with a shattered glass heart
And the Midnightmare trampling of dreams
But oh, no tears please
Fear and pain may accompany Death
But it is desire that shepherds it's certainty
As we shall see
                                                          ~ Her Ghost in the Fog, Cradle of Filth

Event Items
    Darkness Chamber Fair
Mistik Dress White Fit Mesh 
[ bubble ] 
Bat Wing Gauge Earring 
Includes a color change HUD
Dark Cervena (Black) 
Includes a color change HUD

Suicide Dollz
Ouija Jewelry Set 
Includes rings for Slink Casual or Elegant, bracelets and necklace. 

Cosmetic Fair
Dark Passions 
Koffin Nails - Slink Nails HUD - Sweet Serenity

Sponsor Items  
[Mystic Canvass] 
Never Skin Sheen-5 CL
Serenade - Violet
Available on the Marketplace

Finishing Touches  
[ abrasive ] 
Frail Fishnet Tights - Bare

Ironwood Hills

Her Ghost in the Fog ~ Cradle of Filth

Monday, March 14, 2016

Today Is The Greatest

Today is the greatest 
Day I've ever known
Can't live for tomorrow
Tomorrow's much too long
                                                       ~The Smashing Pumpkins 

I'm here to tell you that DeadPool Fashion is now part of Suicide Dollz!  I am so excited to see the brand that is essentially responsible for starting Dante and I on this bloggy journey is now part of my favorite event.  I just love it! 
This round Deadpool has these super stompy sneakers ad a gorgeous ouija jewelry set.  You need to hurry your self on over and snatch these items up! Ya really do. 

One of the lovely things BCreative Wilde, the nail goddess at Dark Passions likes to do on occasion is design and name a polish set after members of her main blogger team (her "Lucky 13" as she likes to call us.) Dante and I both have amazing sets and now it's Shari Cortes turn.  If you know Shari, then you know she loves purple and her polish set is a lovely assortment of purple and lavender ultra chic polishes.  You can grab them over at the Mesh Body Addicts Event til the end of the month. 

Have you made it to the Darkness Chamber Fair yet?  What are you waiting for?  So many gorgeous items, all so dark and lovely your lil black hearts will explode.  I fell in love with this t-shirt.  It comes with a texture HUD that includes 16 different color / pattern combos.  Yes, I said 16! You so want this!  The fair also runs to the end of the month.  
Don't miss it!

Event and Sponsor Items

Opens March 13, 2016
Ouija Ring
Gothica Boots

Mesh Body Addicts
March 10 - 31, 2016
Koffin Nails - Shari's Song

March 10 - 31, 2016 
Gothic Shirt 
Includes a texture HUD with multiple designs

Never Skin Sheen-5 CL

Jubiloso - Grey 

Additional Yummy Items
Date Night 
Past Arcade gacha item

Soft Brows

Milly - Leather Shorts

Thin Belly Chain - Gothic Cross

Frail Fishnet Tights - Bare

 Poses used: A Vague apparitions /  Breathe in / Faint recollection


The Smashing Pumpkins - Today

Monday, March 7, 2016

Pack Your Things

Pack your things
Leave somehow
Blackbird song
Is over now
Mouths are dry
Rivers run
Hands are tied
             ~ Blackbird Song by Lee Deyze

Sponsor Items
We love our amazing sponsors. 
Thank you all for your support today and everyday.
You are truly our inspiration.  

Koffin Nails - Camouflage Mirage
Method Village (Bi-Weekly Shopping Deals)
Feb 24 - March 8, 2016
    Price: 50L - (each type, Slink, Maitreya, Belleza) 50% Off 
    Price 138L - (Fatpack) 50% Off
    Discount only available at Method Village

Available on the Marketplace

Jubiloso - Grey
Available on the Marketplace

Never Skin Sheen-5 CL

Additional Amazing Items


Soft Brows 

Dark Kiss LipSmacker

Ballet Tank Noir

Bisquit - Zipped Skirts 
Includes a color HUD for the straps, zippers and metal parts.

[ abrasive ]
Frail Fishnet Tights - Bare

Laced Knee Boots - Slink  - Black
Available at Shiny Shabby for Feb.

Urban Elbows 

Unisex. - for Slink Casual. 

Bangles - San Remo - Silver Aged 

Screaming Studded Bangle 
 Jawless Skull Necklace 
Skull Nose Piercing 

All images taken at The Wastelands sims
The Great Fissure (95,103,71)
The Junkyard (107,172,73)

Blackbird Song by Lee DeWyze