Thursday, March 5, 2015

I'm A Princess Cut From Marble...

...Smoother than stone
And the scars that mark my body
They're silver and gold...

So I've been telling you that AFI Designs has a new store and a new darker line (you can find those posts here and here).  The store build is stunning and the revamped clothing line is just amazeballs!  So I decided to show you another one today, the Foiled Outfit.  It comes in the standard mesh sizes and includes a skirt, top, and lovely Elizabethan style collar.  With a shimmery look and unique cut, this one is sure to get you loads of compliments!

Now, you know I love my Mystic Canvass Skins and here I'm wearing one of my all time favorites, the Lee Skin.  It comes with 5 different makeup schemes and shown here is Grease.  So you've seen this skin on me before, why am I telling you about it again?  Because big news folks!  Mystic Canvass has a new satellite store over in the Depraved Nation so if you're over there shopping stop on in!  You can find the new store location here.

Annnnnd....that's not all!  FIX8, a new eye store that is taking the grid by storm also has a new location!  Of course you can still shop the marketplace but if you want an inworld location for all your creepy eyes needs, you can find that here!


AFI Designs Foiled Outfit
Meva Silver Bangles Set & Rings
Promagic Anklet 3
CX Implant Series Chained Heels


Mystic Canvass Lee Skin Grease
FIX8 Campaign Yellow Mesh Eyes 
KMADD Hair Fadima Dark Brown
The Skinnery Aphrodite Eyeshadows


PosESion Rinoa 8
PosESion Amarantis 5
PosESion Amarantis 10


All pics taken in the LEA 29 sim.

*Title lyrics taken from "Yellow Flicker Beat" by Lorde

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