Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Oh, You Were A Vampire

Oh, you were a vampire
And baby I'm the walking dead
Oh, you were a vampire
And baby I'm the walking dead.

I've got the ways and means
 To New Orleans
I'm going down by the river
Where it's warm and green
I'm gonna have a drink and walk around
I got a lot to think about.
~lyrics from Bloodletting by Concrete Blonde

There is still time to make it over to this month's round of Horror Haute and grab yourself some vampy goodness like this lovely dress from Insanity Inc. INS INC is a new designer to join the HH monthly event and with this round they not only offer this perfect dress / corset combo but also a matching men's outfit. You can pop on over to the HH Skybox to see the men's outfit. In addition to the dress at HH you can find my eye shadow and lipstick both at the event. Of course all the HH items are totally killer deals! *ok yes that is sooo cheesy but it's past this vamp's bedtime, I get loopy once the sun comes up!*
If you look closely you will see I accessorized with some more awesome items from The Bloody Horror Fair which is totally lag free at this point. So hop on over and get your hands dirty shopping all the bloody mess!
When it comes right down to it, you really need "good bones" to look good. If you have peeked at many of our blogs you know by now our "bones" almost always include Mystic Canvass,  VerseEye  & Dark Passions ~ Koffin nails. These brands (along with DeadPool Fashions) really are our bones. They are the brands we stand behind and who have stood behind us for so very long. We love the designers and we love their designs just as much. I feel so lucky to have them all as sponsors and most importantly as friends.
Today's eyes are some of my fave's from VerseEye. I just love the black endless depths of them. They truly help finish that dark look so well.

Did you know that over at Dark Passions there is a whole assortment of more basic nail polishes for those days when you just need a simple bit of color? Today I have on the red / black gradients. Like the ViZiX eyes from VerseEye they are truly one of the go to items in my inventory.

My skin... *swoon* Each new skin from Mystic Canvass leave me saying "I am never taking this one off" and well the Dedra skin is no exception to that rule. I was so happy to see it released in my fave shade, Peachy is really the perfect shade of pale. I did add a bit of make up from HH to it today, which is always a nice way to change up a beloved skin. There are so many appliers available for Dedra, I truly may never have to take it off again (well at least until the next new MC skin.)

Eyes - VerseEye  - VerseEye - ViZiX 2 - Midnight Available on the Marketplace.
Polish: DP - DP - Koffin Nails - Slink Nails HUD - Shades of Red Gradients.
Skin: [MC] Dedra Peachy D-Cup Black Lip NEW RELEASE!!!
Dress: INS INC Dark Duet Ladies Dress and Corset. Currently Available at Horror Haute until Oct 31.
Necklace: [LDP] Bones. Available at The Bloody Horror Fair.
Headband: ::Axix:: Macabria Hairband + Chains [Red] Available at The Bloody Horror Fair.
Eye shadow: SKBW Vampire Eyeshadow. Currently Available at Horror Haute until Oct 31.
Lipstick: ~SongBird~ Messy Eater - Just A Sip. Currently Available at Horror Haute until Oct 31.
Hand Tattoo: !TLB - Bats. Available at The Bloody Horror Fair.

Hair: +Spellbound+ Velvet // Black White Dipdye from the TAG Gacha event.
Earrings: [ S H O C K ] Graceful Death Earrings 
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual
Poses: ::Axix:: LadyCrow. Available at The Bloody Horror Fair.

All images taken at Done Wiv A Twist Estate

Friday, October 24, 2014

Happy Haunting!

All images shot at Pumpkin Town.
October is packed with so much fun in SL. So many great events and so many fabulous releases from the designers, I just can't get enough of the Halloween fun!  Here is a peek at some more goodness from some of my fave designers. I wont bore you with a bunch of text about them, I think the pictures tell you what you really want to know. That they are all FAB!! Links are all below for your ghoulie pleasure.  
Happy Haunting!

Eyes - VerseEye  - Calypso - Sea Urchin 
Polish: DP Koffin Nails - Sinful Webs - Available at The Cosmetic Fair.
Skin: [MC] Dedra Peachy D-Cup Black Lip NEW RELEASE!!!
Dress: DP - Dark Passions - Valdis - Painted: Halloween SE  - Available at Pumpkin Town
Shoes: :DEADPOOL: SARAH - HOLLOWS EVE EDITION - Available at The Bloody Horror Fair.
Headband: . AUTOPSY. Headband Ronce Black - Available at The Bloody Horror Fair.
Horns: .random.Matter. - Borgin Horns - White - Available at The Bloody Horror Fair.
Bat Ring: [Kaos] Batty Rings  Black - Available inworld or on the Marketplace.

Hair: +Spellbound+ Velvet // Black White Dipdye from the TAG Gacha event.
Staples: :Little Pricks: Stapled Face Tattoo / piercing.
Rings: KOtic - Springs
Bangle: POMPOSITY - Screaming Studded Bangle
Necklace: POMPOSITY - Jawless Skull Necklace - Currently available at Suicide Dollz.
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual 
Feet: Slink AvEnhance Feet Female - High

Sunday, October 19, 2014

It's a bloody good time!

Hello again lovely ghoulies. I hope your October is getting along wonderfully and is filled with lots of haunting fun!  So many wonderful events around SL right now it's kinda mind boggling!

Does my setting look familiar to you?  I need to say I totally hijacked it from Mildread Gloom. See Millie and Dante and I all live together and I totally admit I am that annoying room mate who gets into the others stuff. But how can I not?  Look at this setting Millie put together.. no really go look on HER blog, way better shots there of her fabness! Shhh!! Don't tell Millie on me ok!

Most of what you see on me here is from The Bloody Horror Fair. You really need to get by that event, it's HUGE! I am loving all the amazing stuff to be seen there. My outfit comes from ::Tabou Irresistible::  and includes the leggins, tank top, arm warmers, eye make up, machete belt and spike headband. I am wearing the rust version but it is also available in black.
The awesome skele hands are from [LDP] L'Douce Push and are actually part of a complete Accessory set called Angel de la Muerte. The set includes a bone halo, bone choker. this bone bra and death angel wings. You can see them all pictured here.

I know it's a bit hard to see in these shots but I am wearing the much anticipated new skin from Mystic Canvass called Dedra.  As always it is stunning and you can look forward to seeing it quite often on my pixels. Lara has done an amazing job and worked so hard to get heaps of appliers available for you as well.
This lovely Ouija Board nails set from Dark Passions - Koffin Nails is currently available at the Cosmetics Fair this round. There are a handful (yes I know that's bad but I had to) of designs on the HUDS which you can peek at here.
My spooky peepers are the Blood Lust eyes from VerseEye. When you pop over to his Marketplace page be sure to look around, there really are quite a few spooky eye available from VerseEye.  And as always the pack includes a variety of sizes and types, from system eyes to mesh and even sizes for petites as well. 

Eyes - VerseEye  - Blood Lust Marketplace.
Polish: DP - Ouija Board - Available at The Cosmetic Fair.
Skin: [MC] Dedra Peachy D-Cup Black Lip NEW RELEASE!!!
Outfit: ::TI:: Bloody Horror Outfit - Available at The Bloody Horror Fair.
Skele bra: [LDP] Bones Bra - Available at The Bloody Horror Fair.
Tattoo: elska - These old bones - Available at The Bloody Horror Fair.
Knife: .DirtyStories Halloween Lollipop - Available at The Bloody Horror Fair.

Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ Baron Hair  - Solstice
Cheek Scars: Corvus : Cheek Scars
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual 
Feet: Slink AvEnhance Feet Female - High

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Cry Little Sister

Cry little sister - Thou shall not fall
Come, come to your brother - Thou shall not die
Unchain me, sister - Thou shall not fear
Love is with your brother - Thou shall not kill

Hello beautiful macabre ones. Looks like lil Guennie is running around without her pants again!  How can I resist with yet another fabulous shape from Supernatural at the XY Room. I am just loving her shapes! Again I have it paired with a lovely skin from [annaA] which is also available at the XY Room. You can also grab this super cute lil tee in one of the gatcha machines along the back wall of the event.  Who can resist a gatcha machine?
While you are at the XY Room you absolutely want to grab my super cute socks from Blush. There are a variety of colors available, but you better hurry as they wont last at this killer price for much longer, the event ends on Oct. 20 so if you haven't gone yet you better hurry.

These super cute panties are available at Dirty Stories as are my knee pads and my knife. The sim itself is gorgeous so it's really worth a trip.

As always my nails are Koffin Nails from Dark Passions. This lovely set "Masked Magic" can be found at the Night of the Living Cart sale as part of the event hunt. This is a shiny new and exclusive item for the hunt and will not be available afterwards. Did I mention they are only 2L!
My lovely violet eyes and also the black ones in the last shot are of course from VerseEye. You can grab those and so many more on the Marketplace.

I couldn't go out wandering all alone, now could I?  I took my adorable lil Dead Skully pal with me to keep me company. This lil cutie is from Kaos Clothing and currently you can snatch him up on the marketplace for 10L.  This is the "zombie" version, but there are a handful of other super cute colors. At this price you can send them to all your friends!

Goodness not quite sure what happened to lil Guennie in there!
This lovely eye make up / lipstick tatto is  from Squeek and is part of the Death Becomes her hunt. When you purchase the makeup for 50L you will get a token which makes available an additional item (or token gift as they are called) from Squeek which you can tp over and grab for free at the main hunt maze.
The tomb and all it's attached accessories (only 8 prims land impact) is actually a token gift from Howling Asylum and you can get it for free when you purchase one of the other two lovely tombs available for 75L during the hunt. As you can see it makes a great photo setting!
You can see pics and read all the details here.

Eyes - VerseEye  Serenade Violet  and Vizik 2 - available on the Marketplace.
Polish: DP - Koffin Nails - Masked Magic Event exclusive @ Night of the Living Cart sale
Skin: ::[annaA]:: "Debbie" OO1 - vanilla - available at the XY Room
Shape: Supernatural - Jessy Shape - Size - S - available at the XY Room
Shirt: Selfie - knot Top! Pink available at the XY Room
Socks: My lovely socks pink available at the XY Room
Tears: ::Squeek!:: death becomes her available at the XY Room
My Lil friend: [KAOS] - Dead Skully Doll - Zombie avail on marketplace.

Hair: Truth Hair - Vixen - variety pack - available at the Oct. round of Uber.
Lashes: - Eyelash 2 - available on the Marketplace.
Lip Gloss: Blacklace Beauty -  Sticky LipGloss Clear - available on the Marketplace.
Cheek Scars: Corvus : Cheek Scars
Panties: .DirtyStories.Sally's Panties - Light pink
Knee Pads: .DirtyStories. Skeleton Knee Guards 
Knife: .DirtyStories. Dangerous Girl 
Tattoo: Corvus : Made in Hell Tattoo
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual 
Feet: Slink AvEnhance Feet Female - High

Cry Little Sister by Gerard McMann from The Lost Boys 

Friday, October 10, 2014

Like a Bad Girl Should.

Ooh, You look good,
Ooh, You smell good,
Ooh, You taste good, 
Like a Bad Girl Should!
Lyrics from "Like a Bad Girl Should" by The Cramps

I am loving this look on my pixels!
A few days ago I was happily unpacking all the goodness from this months round of the XY Room and found some wonderful items to show you. - What is the XY Room you ask? Its an amazing sale event where all items are 100L and under. Yes,  nothing is more than 100L!  You need to make this event a habit. It will run monthly from the 1 - 20 of each month. I was really amazed at the variety and quality of items at the event. I know I will be looking forward to each new round.
My skin, shape and shirt are all from the XY Room event. I have to say they are all pretty fab. The shape from Supernatural is curvy in all the right places and sure has gotten me some nice comments. Supernatural actually has three shapes at this months round. This skin from AnnaA is luscious and creamy. I am loving it. There are appliers also available at the event, so all your av enhancements should be coverable. Last lil bit from the event is this sexy shirt from PrincessD. It's available in a variety of colors and since it is fitted mesh it is sure to fit your avai. With a shirt this sexy who needs pants?

Did you see my shoes? Of course you did! These are yet another sexy shoe from DeadPool Fashions. Be sure to follow the link below to see all their new shoe (and clothing) offerings. The shoes prices are crazy cheap! By now you know my eyes are ALWAYS from VerseEye. Why bother with any others as VerseEye always has something perfect to complete my look?
Sometimes a girl just needs to break out the red polish, and this gradient set from Dark Passions - Koffin Nails offered a lovely match for both my Slink  hands and toes. In addition to all the lovely seasonal and special occasion nails Koffin Nails offers a wonderful assortment of basic sets, gradient sets and french manicures. You are sure to find the perfect shade for your look.

Shoes: :DEADPOOL: BLACK WIDOW SLIP ON (SLINK HIGH.) Also available on Marketplace
Eyes - VerseEye - Rhythm - Blue - available on the Marketplace.
Polish: DP - Koffin Nails - Shades of Red Gradients 
Skin: ::[annaA]:: "Debbie" OO2 - vanilla - available at the XY Room
Shape: Supernatural - Livia Shape - Size - S - available at the XY Room
Shirt: .:: PrincessD ::. WeiWei Shirt  - FitMesh Red - available at the XY Room

Hair: Truth Hair - Vixen - variety pack - available at the Oct. round of Uber.
Lashes: - Eyelash 4 - available on the Marketplace.
Stockings: AviCandy - Stockings Licorice Back Seam - available on the Marketplace.
Lip Gloss: Blacklace Beauty -  Sticky LipGloss Clear - available on the Marketplace.
Panties: +Macabre+ Lingerie Sexy Lace - Black 
Tie: [geek.] Basic Training Tie Black -Wrist - available at the Oct. round of Uber.
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual 
Feet: Slink AvEnhance Feet Female - High

"Like a Bad Girl Should" by The Cramps

Friday, October 3, 2014

This is Halloween, this is halloween

Halloween! Halloween! Halloween! Halloween!
In this town we call home
Everyone hail to the pumpkin song.
~Lyrics by Danny Elfman

It's here! October has finally arrived, and with it comes all kinds of promises of ghoulish delights. It's finally that time of year when the beauty becomes macabre and the Macabre Beauties become oh so busy, but oh so happy, in all the ghastly goodness. Keep tight watch on us this month as we hope to bring you all kinds of treats.

What better place to kick off Halloween than Pumpkin Town? What is Pumpkin Town you ask?  Well it's a long running annual SL event, in fact this will be it's 5th year. Pumpkin Town has so much to offer for your amusements and enjoyment. There will be musical performances and DJ sets.. yes DJ sets including the fabalous and amazing Bcreative Wilde, the mind and creative force that is Dark Passions and Koffin Nails. You can catch Bcreative on Oct 10 at 1:00 P.M. SLT.
Pumpkin Town even has a Horror Cinema so you can catch some great classic spooky flicks while there.
You can check out all the event schedules and further details on the web site here:
or on Facebook here
Pumpkin Town also has a cause. A pretty amazing cause in fact. At this year's event you can help contribute to Feed a Smile. A mere donation of 100L will help feed a child in Kenya. You can discover more info on how you can help here at the event page, including a Drax Files video. That alone is worth your donation. 

You know I am wearing Koffin Nails by Dark Passions and eyes by VerseEye, I won't have it any other way. My polish, Hallow Dot or Not, is available at Pumpkin Town where you can find a few more offerings from Dark Passions as well.
Jacks at VerseEye give me my ghoulish stare and you can find these on the Marketplace along with all his other designs. As always each eye set comes with system eyes, multiple sizes of mesh eyes and even lil itty bitty peepers for your teeny avais.

"Will you step into my parlor?" said the spider to the fly.
"Those are the prettiest lil shoes that I ever did spy."

Oh my shoes, my wonderful, glorious shoes. When I first saw a sneak peek of these lovlies I was instantly in love. I must have pestered Jet at DeadPool Fashions a gazillion times.  I just could not wait to get my hands on these! 
The Alyx shoe from DeadPool Fashions is for the Slink high feet and is available in both black and white. You can grab these amazing heels for 100L.  They are worth so much more than that, and you will find the DeadPool original mesh is so flawless you will slide them on with everything.

Shoes: :DEADPOOL: ALYX black for Slink high feet. Also available on Marketplace.
Eyes - VerseEye - Blood Lust available on the Marketplace.
Polish: DP - Koffin Nails - Hallow-Dot or Not available at Pumpkin Town 2014
Skin: [MC] Alina Peachy D-Cup Dark Brow

Hair: !lamb. Song - Ombres & Dips
Staples: :Little Pricks: Stapled Facial Piercing
Necklace: POMPOSITY - Split Long Cross Necklace - PLAIN
Belly Chain: POMPOSITY - Thin Belly Chain - Gothic Cross (Past gacha item - check the main store.)
Ring:.DirtyStories. Beware Ring
Dress: M.O.D.A.N.M.E.S.H. Opened Dress Tina (random lil buy I found at the fi*Friday event last week.)
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual 
Feet: Slink AvEnhance Feet Female High