Friday, October 2, 2020

Necrosis presents:

September 25th - October 11th

Necrosis is back with it's biggest round yet. 
The Necrotic Horror Show is in full swing with over 30 amazing designers all bringing you new and exclusive designs. From sexy outfits, scary accessories and  creepy decor to spooky sets of wheels, there is a bit of everything for your dark shopping desires. 

Don't forget the Necrosis hunt. Hidden around the sim are all manner of goodies from our designers, from sexy lil shirts perfect for slaying to sticky pointy things, also perfect for slaying. Be sure to look high and low, for you can never tell just where the items may be hiding.

With so many amazing items at Necrosis it was kinda hard to pick a look, but as you can see we have gone a bit clownish here in this post. All courtesy of the HUGE Necrosis exclusive release from Spookshow. The Build a Clown set has literally everything you need to get clowny! Each set is available individually as either a makeup fatpack, or an accessories fatpack, There is also the massive EVERYTHING pack.  Seriously just get the everything pack, it's fully awesome.

Take a look at the amazing ears on Asbjorn, those are from Beauty of Darkness and come with both a tintable and a BOM version. They are fully customizable and seriously amazing on so many levels. I do not think Asbjorn has taken them off since he put them on! 

Asbjorn is also wearing the Clown mouth from Spookshow and the Apis Horns from CereberusXing, As with anything from CX the detail is incomparable.

My outfit is really pretty simple, but oh so perfect. This super sexy top and skirt is from Normandy and includes a color HUD. There are also fishnets and boots available that match it.  I may have swiped the red body fade tattoo from Dark Love's Pandora set. The set itself is gorgeous, and always nice when you can use pieces in other outfits. 

So grab your guys and ghouls, it's time for a visit to 

Necrosis is not just a fashion event, with Designers like Lilith's Den, Immoral Design and Infernal Alchemy there are entire booths filled with decor items. Serendipity Poses have even settled in to a tomb and is offering the couples pose we used. 

This round of Necrosis we have partnered with 
Feed a Smile a project of Live and Learn Kenya International. The purpose of Feed a Smile is to help raise funds to feed children in Kenya. Not only do they partner with events and groups in Second Life they have a stage where they hold live performances to help raise funds. You can keep up to date with their organization and events on Facebook. Remember even a small donation of 100L will provide a meal to child in need. 

Don't forget to turn on your music while you wander the Necrosis sim. The music stream is the perfect accompaniment to graveyard wanderings. The dark and delightful Cemeterium is providing The Tunes For The Tombs. Be sure to pay their club and graveyard a visit. You can check out Cemeterium on Facebook to see their upcoming events. 

As always your details and links are below - keep scrolling there are lots of them!
See you in the graveyard!

The Necrotic Socials

Items exclusives to
The Necrotic Horror Show
Sept 25 - Oct 11

moments - 16...  (bento couple pose)

[Immoral Designs] 
Penny Well
Haunted TV

Gorey Rose Bush
hunt item

on Asbjorn
Apis Horns
Feronia Bom & Tint ears
Clown Face Kit  
Clown Mouth 1 [Pointed] A

On Guen
MONO. - Skirt & Top
14 Color Hud 
Pandora - Red Tattoo
Clown Face Kit 
Clown Mouth 2 [Swirl]
Eye Blush [Tintable] 
Clowning Brows 
Sasha [Tintable] 
Clown Nose 
Shiny - [Tintable]
Screwball Shadow 
Lower - Pink/Purple
Little Clown Markings 
Heart [Tintable] 
Pom Pom Party Hat
Includes texture / color Hud

Hold Me Balloon 

About the Build a Clown sets
- The set has 8 items which are available to purchase separately or as discounted fatpacks.
        -Makeup Fatpack
        -Accessories Fatpack
        -EVERYTHING Fatpack

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