Friday, October 9, 2020

Afternoon in the Greenhouse

September 25th - October 11th

Just scenes from a quiet afternoon hanging in the greenhouse with the Mr. If you haven't yet visited this lovely conservatory at the end of Necrosis Road, take a minute to stop in and see the collection of images from some of the Necrosis bloggers, known collectively as The Dead Bloggers Society. When you visit, click the images on the easels and you will get a link to view more of that blogger's work. Now I may be a bit biased but I seriously think this is one of the best blog teams on the grid. 
So I have to admit I did these pics before Necrosis even started, I was that excited over this tattoo from Germinal. It's at once eerie and elegant. I just love it!
Both Asbjorn and I are wearing the Feronia ears from Beauty of Darkness. They are beautifully delicate and so easy to color match. With a massive HUD to customize them and both BOM and tint options you will be able to find just the look you love.
I am hearing rumors that Necrosis will be extended this round, so there is plenty of time to come explore the graves and shop the tombs.
Don't forget the sim wide hunt with free gifts from the Necrosis Designers. Details on the board at the cemetery gates.
Happy Shopping!

Items exclusives to
The Necrotic Horror Show
Sept 25 - Oct 11 

Feronia Bom & Tint ears


Finishing Touches
Maven Dress  

Bloopy heels 


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