Friday, October 30, 2020

Feeling Blue

Well October is almost gone, and of course that leaves us spooky kids feeling a bit blue. Soon that other holiday will creep up with the candy canes and elves, but until then we shall bask in our bats and Ouijas... oh who am I kidding, some of us never stop with those things. 
Run over to Trick or Treat lane for all the goodness in this pic, hurry before the porch lights turn off and you are left with an empty candy bucket. 
Happy Haunting darklings, enjoy the weekend.

Oct 9 - Nov 1, 2020 

Saga - Frozen
Catwa & Maitreya shown includes BOM and appliers
Planche Jewelry set
Includes earrings, necklaces and a bindi
21 metals and colors included controlled via a HUD
Batty bralette
Appliers and BOM
I am wearing the midnight color in my pics, the ad shows twilight.

Finishing Touches
Forever - Jewel
Group gift

Samia - Darlene Single 4

Backdrop - Passion

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