Thursday, August 6, 2020

Necrosis - A Year of Decay

It's a graveyard bash at Necrosis.

Necrosis is celebrating A Year of Decay.
That's right Necrosis has been bringing you the best in creep for a whole year now. A year of dark delights and decadent decor, and we have loved every moment of it.
Necrosis started as a tiny little event held in a greenhouse on the Whispering Pines horror sim. The original designers were mainly friends who supported our whim, and we love them dearly for it. Eventually we grew to friends of friends and then some. We slayed Christmas with a bit of blood on the snow. Eventually with our Tained Love round we found our way into our own graveyard, our own place where the dead could dance among the tombs.
Hard to believe it's been a year. Our dark little event is so very near and dear to my heart. A huge and very heartfelt thank you to everyone who has helped along the way. Little by little our darkness grows all because of each of you.

I absolutely fell in love with this top from Blasphemic. It's super sexy! With the texture HUD you have 6 spooky patterns to choose form.
The Magik tattoo from Germinal includes both a fresh and a faded version. The beautiful symbols on this black out tattoo are truly bold and absolutely gorgeous. I will be wearing this one often.
Dark Passions brings us this murky, smokey polish applier which looks lovely with the Magik Tattoo.
And last but not least is the tree I'm sitting on. The Primordial Tree Arch is from Angelic Designs and includes multiple sits that you really need to experience to appreciate. It is on display at the Necrosis event, so feel free to climb up and stay awhile.  We are dying to have you visit us.

Happy Shopping

Exclusives for
Year of Decay 
July 31 - Aug 21

Angelic Designs
Primordial Tree Arch
Be careful where you sit!

Includes HUD


Dark Passions
Koffin Nails - Grim Garden

Finishing Touches
Dua Hairstyle

Lila - Rolled Cuff Jeans


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