Friday, July 24, 2020

Feeling a lil old school...

Time for another visit to 
Dark Passions Events Midsummer Enchantment. 

Sometimes you just need to take it back to a classic goth look and that is exactly what I did here with this super sexy dress from Beauty of Darkness. The dress includes a HUD with 6 patterns, 2 fishnet options and a choice of metals. Being that it's from BOD it comes with a gazillion body options.
My lovely nail set is part of the hunt at the Midsummer Enchantment event. There are so many great hunt prizes to find at the event and they all only cost a few L's.
For once lil Guennie is fully accessorized!  That so doesn't happen often, but thanks to Bubble and Velika Rituals I managed to this time around. My choker and earrings are from Bubble and have a great selection of metals on the included HUD. The rings are all a set from Velika Rituals and they also have a HUD with metals and a choice of different colors for the crystal. Pretty cute huh?
Ok it's late, you'd be better off going to the event and seeing all the fab items then reading about it.
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Happy Shopping!

Dark Passions Events Presents
July 10-26, 2020

Exclusive items available at
Midsummer Enchantment  

.:Beauty of Darkness:. 
Vikkilongoria Dress
Includes a pattern HUD

Dark Passions  
Koffin Nails - Lunar Tear - Purple
Hunt prize

[ bubble ] 
Geometric Choker & Earrings
Includes a metal HUD

Velika Rituals 
Eternal Mist Ringset
Includes a HUD for the metals and the crystal ball

Finishing Touches
Spookshow  new location
Moloch Shadow


Jennifer heels

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