Monday, August 17, 2020

Beneath the Clock Tower

The darkness reigns at 

Hello darklings, the Necrosis Year of Decay celebration is still going on. You really do not want to miss out on this round. There are so many fabulous exclusive items I just had to show you as many as possible in this post. 
From our dresses to the massive clock tower, you can find it all at Necrosis until Aug 21, so better hurry time is running out!
A special thank you goes to The Pale Queen for not only always being amazing but also for helping me with these pics. Be sure to check out her Beauty of Darkness booth at the event for some super cute stockings.
The vendor ads below will give you additional info and of course all the links are there too, after the ads.
Happy Shopping.
See you at Necrosis.

Don't forget to pick up the celebration gifts from the Necrosis designers.

Not pictured in this post but their creator is! ♥

July 31 - Aug 21, 2020
Event exclusives

Hogs & Cart Wheels

[Angelic Designs]
[Bones of Your Enemies] Pentagram

Lilith's Den
Coffin (Included in the Party Coffin set)

Infernal Alchemy
The Count's Cafe

[Immoral Designs]
Clock Tower

Dark Love
Queen Of Chaos - Dress / Halo / Harness / Cross chain
Includes color HUDs

My Craft Tattoo

Finishing Touches

Serendipity Poses

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