Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Don't burn your meat - A PSA from Necrosis

We here at Necrosis always look out for you, our dear beloved Darklings and we want to take a moment to remind you
not to burn your meat. 
Make sure you don't over cook it.
Flip it from side to side, roll it around a bit,
slather it up
with Goth Block, 
 just don't burn it.

The above was a Public Service Announcement from Necrosis.

Have you made it to Necrosis yet?
Better hurry, this round ends soon. 
Take a jaunt over to check out the Casket Grill from Immoral Designs, available in a selection of colors. It even gives out wieners! Only the best for our shoppers at Necrosis!
When you go as pale as the Sacrilege Skin from Infernal Alchemy you absolutely must make sure to use The Goth Block from Spookshow. If you don't you may find yourself with a bit Too Much Sun (appliers from Germinal.) Once that sunburn sets in you won't want to wear things that rub, so the sexy lil strapless jumpsuit from Secret Oktober will be perfect. I swear I was wearing this for a week straight I love it so much! 
Links below.
Happy Shopping!

Necrosis Exclusives

[Immoral Designs] 

Casket BBQ Grill -Black

*Secret Oktober*

Dead of Night Jumpsuit  Maitreya


Too Much Sun?

Infernal Alchemy

Sacrilege Skin - Black 

Omega appliers / BOM included 


Goth Block - Cream 

Includes holdable bottle with animation / face applier and a dollop for your hands!


Black Pentagram Earrings 

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