Saturday, June 13, 2020

All together ooky

Angelic Designs ~ [Victor Gothique] Chair
Angelic Designs ~ [Lost Souls] Casket Loveseat
The Angelic Designs items include a menu allowing you to pick just the right colors for your room.
Zond ~ Old Tv - A Necrosis Exclusive
Zond ~ Gramaphone
The Old Tv from Zond is lots of  fun. It includes a collection of vintage show intros.

Pixelancer  ~ Black Rose Boutonniere - A Necrosis Exclusive.
Pixelancer  ~ Black Rosebud - An Exclusive Necrosis Gift.
Both items are available on the little table in the booth. 

 Look at those peepers! 
I don't even know how to beign to explain the creep that is all over this scene. You can blame Pixelancer for it all. It's a combination of living, breathing, pulsating ick, ichor, tentacles and ooze. Seriously this stuff is alive! It was creeping me out on so many levels, which is a good thing because we do all so love the creep! 
While the Tentacles are making their debut at our event, the Ick is a Necrosis Exclusive, stop by the event booth to see all these items in all their glory.

All of the featured items are currently available at Necrosis.
The Summer of Goth round ends soon though, so you'd better hurry.

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