Sunday, June 14, 2020

Capturing Beauty

It was just another night at Sinners. 
The usual crowd of rockers, vamps, goths and wannabes. Nothing different than any other night. During my shift behind the bar I noticed one of the regular wannabes was taking pictures of the scene again. He did this about once a month. He was always  nice enough (tipped well) and sometimes he would bring in copies for the regular girls and for us to put up behind the bar. It seemed a bit weird to get an actual photo these days but everyone was always happy when they saw them. Besides the pics made for great conversation. He was really good at it. He really did capture their good sides.

I once asked him why he did it, what was in it for him? He told me that it was his way of feeling strong, that he knew a guy like him would never date a girl like any of them. He said he loved how their eyes would shine in the lens of his camera. He said that he loved to capture beauty. 

I had no idea what he really meant. 

Photos by Asbjorn Raven
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