Monday, February 9, 2015

Never Hint At What You Really Feel...

...Teach the children quietly
For someday sons and daughters
Will rise up and fight where we stood still...

The future is coming! One of the grids most anticipated events, Futurewave, is almost here.  Beginning at noon PT on 13 February (and ending at midnight 1 March), this year's event is going to be stellar!  There is a giant lineup of some of the most amazing designers in SecondLife all gearing up to offer you some of their best creations.  

Two items featured here are the Android Arms & Legs by Aryn Gellner of My Stuff...the legs come in Ballet Heel, Tiptoe Heel, and Wedge Heel, and Fitted versions and the arms also come in regular and fitted versions with optional gesture positions for the hands.  

Also featured is the BluPrintz Data Pad attachment; this comes with a HUD for customization so that you can adjust it to fit any look you may desire!

Finally, the third item featured is a facial tattoo by Beautiful Freak, the Circuit Eye Makeup and lipstick.  These come in sooooooooo many colors you'd seriously have a hard time not finding the perfect one!  So many colors!!!

This is just a teeny peek into the amazing items coming to the event beginning 13 February, so mark your calendars!


My Stuff Android Arms Black (available at Futurewave, opening 13 February)
My Stuff Android Legs Black (available at Futurewave opening 13 February)
Beautiful Freak Circuit Eye Makeup (available at Futurewave opening 13 February)
Beautiful Freak Circuit Lipstick (available at Futurewave opening 13 February)
Mystic Canvass Alina Skin Peachy No Brows
VerseEye Midnight Mesh Eyes
Mandala Taper Ears
Endless Pain Tattoos - Andyne
AITUI Egypt Etched Hairbase
MINA Knut Black Hair


BluPrintz Data Pad (available at Futurewave opening 13 February)
Shameful Trading Company Digital Eyepiece 1.1
[sYs] Pulsar - Catsuit


Shamrock Sales Batgirl Action Pose
Del May Standstill
DP Knees (Custom pose, not available for sale)


All pics taken in the Electric Shock Shadow Inc. LGBT Industrial Complex sim.

*Title lyrics taken from "Silent Running" by Mike & The Mechanics

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