Wednesday, February 25, 2015

In The Middle Of The Night...

...I go walking in my sleep
Through the valley of fear
To a river so deep
And I've been searching for something
Taken out of my soul
Something I would never lose
Something somebody stole...

Are you ready for another round of Sneak Peek?  It opens today and is overflowing with loveliness!  The first item I'm featuring is a beautiful dress from Petit Chat. If you haven't shopped Petit Chat before you are missing out on some truly original artistic designs.  Trinity, the creative mind behind the line, applies stunning artwork to the clothes transforming you into a walking canvas.  The Lose Yourself Dress is a lovely rich green dress with a soft silky texture that catches the light just right as you move.  The dress comes in the 5 standard mesh sizes and also comes with a matching leather handbag and watch to complete your look, both of which are resizable.

On a fun little note, I was out exploring looking for a place to take pics and I stumbled into the Pandora Box Of Dreams sim.  A beautiful place that I quickly realized it was prefect for this dress.  While there I ran into a lovely gentleman who helped me procure the boat I wanted for some pics.  As we chatted he took some lovely photos of his own and with his permission I have included them here as well.  I always get so happy seeing other people's photos taken from their unique perspectives and his are simply stunning!    

 This photo taken by Thomaz Blackburn

This photo taken by Thomaz Blackburn

Applier HUD for Modern Grid Nails


Petit Chat Lose Yourself Dress and Watch (available at this month's round of Sneak Peek)
Forever Famous Onyx Ring
Meva Ani Ring
Reign Devotion Heels


VerseEye Tenor Red
[INK] Bovver Hair
Glam Affair Neva Frost
Kibitz Teeth
Mandala Taper Ears


PosESion Lady 6
PosESion Lady Sexy 4
PosESion Lady Sexy 9


All pics taken in the Pandora Box Of Dreams sim.

*Title lyrics taken from "River Of Dreams" by Billy Joel

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