Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Love Bites

-Extra- Love Bites pose set with mesh coffin included in the set. 

All images taken by Asbjorn Raven at The Ravens Nest Cafe & Gallery.

Koffin Nails on a coffin.

G'evening Vamplings. There is nothing like starting your day, or night with a bite of something sweet to get your blood pumping. Rise and shine they say and with this pose set from Extra you and your dear undead can do just that. Complete with the pictured coffin, I am sure you will love this set as much as we do. 
If my polish looks familiar that's because I showed you the dark version on the "It's Sweater Weather" post a few weeks ago. This time around called for a bit of paleness and Dark Passion's , Gothic Lolita -Light,  Koffin Nails is just perfect. There are always perfect Koffin Nails for every look! 
Keeping it short this morning, beauties. You know how this goes, links are down there after the designer's pretty pics. 
Happy Biting!

Love Bites Set
Includes a coffin! 

Dark Passions 
Koffin Nails - Gothic Lolita - Light

Ravens Nest Cafe & Gallery

Morja Lingerie Set

November VIP Gift

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