Saturday, July 29, 2017

It's time for a Gothic Garage Sale!

July 28 - Aug 8, 2017

 *With the fabulous Bcreative Wilde from Dark Passions. I think we are watching for the hoards of walkers.. umm I mean shoppers on their way*

Hello Darklings!  It's Saturday morning and time to hit the sales! 
You are so going to want to hurry over to the Gothic Garage Sale where everything is discounted... no, seriously everything is on sale. Plus there is a fabulous 5L hunt where you can pick up more goodies on the super cheap. This event has close to 30 designers and all of them have stuffed their garages with all kinds of past releases and even a few new ones, all on sale! 
Both my bodysuit from Beauty of Darkness and my necklace from Psycho Barbie are avail at the Gothic Garage sale. The necklace is a hunt item so it's only 5L while the bodysuit from BoD is only 100L at the event and includes 5 different patterns.
So really, just get your self over there!

After you get through there be sure to visit Suicide Dollz and grab some more goodness from Psycho Barbie. Right now both my boots and the socks are available at SD. These super fabulous texture HUDS will give you a never ending amount of possibilities with these two items. And how perfect are they with the body suit?  Right?

As always Dark Passions has your manicure for you. These absolutely wicked cross design polish HUDS are at MBA this round, but hurry as it ends when the month ends.  The Fatpacks for all the main body styles are 275L during the event, while single body styles are 100L. 

And while not a sponsor I realized I have become mildly obsessed with Suicidal Unborn. I love her eyes, and her make-ups and her accessories and well yeah did I mention I may have a lil obsession? Please do not try to plan an intervention, she has plenty of goodies for us all. 

As always links are below after my sponsors ads. 
Happy shopping!

Sponsor Items
Duvessa Bodysuit
Includes design HUD
Available for a discounted price at Gothic Garage

[Croix Necklace]
Includes a metals HUD
Available for a discounted price at Gothic Garage

[Kitten Boots]
These boots include a HUGE color HUD
[Ouija Knee Highs]
Texture HUD with so many styles!
Available at Suicide Dollz

Koffin Nails - Endless Night
Available at Mesh Body Addicts

My Current Obsession
Alice Lipstick
Laney Eyeshadow
Available at N21
Bento Piercing Set 03 Labret Ink 
Bento Piercing Set 03 Nose Rings Ink
Available at Somber
 Kronium Cuff #01
 Darcey Eyes
Available at the main store

Finishing Touches
Group gift

Immortal applier for Carwa

Mesh Body - Lara

Kimberly Bento Mesh Head

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