Thursday, January 30, 2014

All I can see is red.

All I can see is red. I like red, red feels like home, feels comfortable and familiar. And red coating everything before my eyes right now, feels right. I have missed red. She doesn't see in red. She sees in rainbows. I prefer just red.

This short excerpt from Mixed Blessing by Nicola Claire is the main character's inner Vampire or "Dark Shadow" speaking as she emerges for the first time. It was also the first lines I read in the book mere minutes after sliding into this amazing limited edition skin from MysticCanvass. Could it be any more fitting? 

It is near impossible to find a good red skin in sl. Oh there are red colored skins... well usually more like sorta reddish skins, so when I heard Lara Darkbyrd was going to do a red skin for Project Limited I was ecstatic. Of course Lara did not let me down. The skin is beautiful, absolutely gorgeous. Did I mention it's a very limited release? Only 15 ever in SL, so you should really hurry. Project limited ends soon, but this will surely sell out before that.

~And let me just add a personal lil note ~
Thank you Lara for bringing Guennie Demon back to life. I have missed red.

Skin: [MC] Asrella Skin D-Cup Devil (Only available at Project Limited
Hair: "LoQ Hair" "LoQ Hair" Stout - Jet Black
Feet: Slink AvEnhance Feet Female High

Jumper: [ ZerO ] Prowler Suit  - ( Latex ) 
Boots: Slink Quinn Kneehighs black

Bracelets: DRD - Limited Collection Bracelets: Spiked bands (Project Limited)
Necklace: DRD - Skeletonhands Necklace 

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