Sunday, January 5, 2014

All differences in this world are of degree, and not of kind...

...because oneness is the secret of everything.
~Swami Vivekananda

You HAD to know this was coming....our first collaboration post!  How do two chicks (one country, one yang, one yuppie, one who runs and hides if someone tries to chat) become friends?  Well it seems that no matter how vast our differences may be (and how much we truly enjoy making fun of each other for those differences) they all seem to mesh into one big chunk of sameness.   Seriously, we're like one unit sharing the same brain.  So, knowing we wanted to do similar posts we joined forces and hit the machines at OMGatcha (one of us even forgot to dress in all the excitement and hit the machines wearing nothing more than strategically placed tape) and got all kinds lovely goodness from DRD and [MC].  Of course we had to complete our looks with some lovely and oh so sexy goodies from [ Zero ]...a perfect combination!

Watching each other's backs....those damn Zombies are sneaky!
Guen here - "Is that a giant snail??!! Darn it I forgot my giant salt shaker." - No, Dante can't take me anywhere.

Guen tries not to laugh at Dante's posturing
I was really thinking -"Dante, I think my claw is stuck....come help!"

We always keep each other grounded.



The looks:

On Dante:

Shorts: [ Zero ] Velvetine Hotpants
Jacket & Hat: [ Zero ] Vesper Vive Jacket - Cirque/Dapper - Sombre

Skin: [Mystic Canvass] Hera Pale A-cup Cyan ~ At the Oh My Gacha Event
Hair: *AP* Steph - Glitter/Rainbow Streaks - Blue
Eyes: Repulse Living Dead Eyes
Legs: Death Row Designs Creature Legs - Albino ~At the Oh My Gacha Event
Horns: Death Row Designs Creature Horns - Draconian Light RARE ~At the Oh My Gacha Event
Wound: Repulse Slashed Cheek Wound Tattoo
Tattoo: Eclipse Art Studio Tattoo My Dreams Flower

Collar: [MC] Cyborg Chain Collar - Noir 

On Guen:

Tape: [ ZerO ] Nipple Tapes - OG-X - PALE
Skirt: [ ZerO ] Barely There Micro Skirt - Leather 

Skin: [MC] Hera Snow D-Cup Cyan ~ At the Oh My Gatcha Event.
Hair: *AP* Steph [M] Glitter/Rainbow Streaks - Teal
Eyes: **NOYA** Soleillumiere Eyes 2013
Legs: -DRD- Creature legs -sapphire ~ At the Oh My Gatcha Event.
Horns: -DRD- Creature horns - Ovis ash ULTRA RARE ~ At the Oh My Gatcha Event.

Necklace: -DRD- chain necklace female 
Piercing/ Tattoo: :Little Pricks: Stapled Facial Piercing

Katink - Yes Dear
Nani Poses - Express Yourself #3 and #8 ~At the Oh My Gacha Event

All photos taken in the The Sleepy Snail sim.

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