Monday, October 28, 2019

Does the Cauldron Bubble?

Just a bit of Toil and Trouble...

The above images are by Asbjorn Raven  

I just love the decor that is available at this time of year. So many fabulous pieces all over the grid, but especially at Trick or Treat Lane. Almost everything in this scene is from ToTL. I say almost because that fabulous lamp is from Immoral Designs and currently at Necrosis. Isn't it wonderfully disturbing? 

This post is already filled with so many images I left out the vendor ads, you will just have to wander the events instead.Fear not lovelies, all the links you need are listed below. 
Happy Haunting!

Trick or Treat Lane
Items currently available at Dark Passions Trick or Treat Lane
Ends Nov 1

(*<*) 1313 Mockingbird Lane
Luna Mary Janes
OMG So cute! The Fatpack HUD is fabulous with oh so many choices.
Seriously these stockings are halloween fun at it's finest.

Bianca Dress
Includes a lovely texture hud perfect for the season

Outfit's Finishing Touches
Magical Pentagram


Sponsor and Featured Items
Dark Passions
Koffin Nails - Extra Wicked & Bound
Available at Hallow Manor
Open until Nov 1

[Immoral Designs] 
Cthullu Skull Lamp Purple
Currently Available at Necrosis

Bloody Night
My Pretty
Both poses are part of the Toil and Trouble set available at the
MadPea's Terrifying Tale Trail 
The terror starts here

The Scene
You can currently find all of the decor items and the cottage at 
Dark Passions Trick or Treat Lane

*paper moon* 
Paper Bats: Purple Watercolour - Bat B & Long Cluster
Available in multiple colors to choose from. 
Each set comes with 13 pieces to choose from ranging in 1-4 LI. Multiple pieces can be linked together to lessen LI.  
A set of these wonderful bats in a special shade awaits you as ToTL as a lovely gift.

Dragon Magick Wares 
The Clairvoyant's Cottage
Ritual Table
The table is a gift at the event

Junk Food 
Potions Crate
Also includes a version to carry

Lilith's Den 
Qi-Gong Display
50% off at the event.

Spiritvalley clock
Spiritvalley mirror
event gift

Spooktacular Jar Light - Bats

The Half Moon Market 
Eye Candy - Blue / Brown / Green

Mimi-C-auldron // Trick
Includes color HUD

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