Sunday, January 20, 2019

Waiting For My Prince ~

                              ~ I already have the glass slippers

Beautiful Darklings, I've missed you! Real life has been filled with, umm let's call them adventures because that sounds so much better than what I could call them. I have been trying to get this blog posted for a few weeks now, things have just been that over whelming that I failed to show you all this fabness!
Ok seriously these shoes from MODA!  So pretty. Perfect bejeweled glass heels, fit for a princess... no wait, a Queen! You will love them, and with the wonderful MODA customization hud you can change them up to match any outfit.  Don't ya love it?
Speaking of pretty colors, the shades on the "Peach Cider - Koffin Nails" hud from Dark Passions are so pretty I based this whole outfit around them. Although I admit it was challenging to pick one shade, but to be honest that is pretty much every polish set from DP. 
Once you are camera ready, stop by Extra poses and pick up a bento pose or three. In this series I am once again using the "Succubus" pose set, which includes a mesh condom, because you don't want to get SL preggie and have to wear one of those chatty tummies!  Good lord no! For the shots closest to the bed I used the "Not Your Kitten" pose. Which despite my lack of kitty parts works perfectly here. 
Check below for all your shopping links.
Happy Shopping!

Sponsor Items
Dark Passions
Koffin Nails - Peach Cider

Jewel Glass Platforms
includes the MODA customization HUD

Not Your Kitten
condom included

Finishing Touches
CHER Lingerie Bra / Panties / Shorts

Charlotte hairstyle /Reds dyes

Adison Tone01 Skin Applier - Catwa Mesh Head

eye make-up.
"#onfleek" makeup palette - Catwa applier

Applier Dark Lip Tint Hud

Piercing Set 05 - Dimples
Darcey Eyes - Catwa HUD

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