Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Welcome Back!

The Darkness Chamber Fair:
 Bargains on the Bayou
March 17 - March 31, 2018

Dark Passions Events presents:
Ostara's Altar
March 16 - April 3, 2018

Hello Darklings! Yes, I am back. Sorry I disappeared for a bit, but what better time to come back than with the latest rounds of The Darkness Chamber Fair and Ostara's Altar? OMG so much good stuff!

First up is this round of TDCF, Bargains on the Bayou. This is a discount event with designer exclusives being heavily cut in their prices. And not just the exclusives, many designers have additional items at some serious linden saving deals. How can you pass that up?
My lil romper is available from Goth1c0 at TDCF. And I swear I did not want to take it off, LOVE it. So cute and sexy, and with the dark themed patterns it perfect for any gothling. 
Serendipity Poses are once again at TDCF, this time with four sets. I have to say her poses are always fabulous, and if you like the look on her ads, she has style cards in these sets.  

It's spring so of course Ostara's Altar from Dark Passions is open. With it's usual enchanting mix of  enlightened darkness, this event always is one to please. 
I've got a lot going on from Ostara's in this post. From the dermal piercing from TLB, to the bracelet from BoD, both of which not only have really fabulous texture / metal HUDS but are both hunt items. Such great designs for almost free! You can't pass that up.
All of my cosmetics are also available at Ostara's. And by "all" I do mean ALL of them. My polish is of course from Dark Passions, I seriously never ever wear any other polish. Her designs are always crisp and clear and the HUDS are perfect.  
My porcelain skin, lipstick and the cross tattoos are all from Misschevious. This is a new brand to me, and I have to say I love the skin. It is wonderfully pale and really lovely. The lipstick is perfect on this skin, you will want to grab them both! The Gothic Glare Gacha is filled with some gorgeous eyes, but the rare prize is to die for.  I so love it!  I may have a thing for cross face tattoos.

As always your shopping details for the event items and all the finishing touches are after the vendor ads. 
Happy Shopping!

Event Items

March 17th - 31st.
Visit the website for gifts and designer exclusives info: TDCF

Astrid Romper- Stars & Moon 
Six patterns to chose from.

Charlotte Bento pose set

March 16th - April 1st.
Check out the shopping guide for designer exclusives and hunt items. 

Goddess Dermal HUNT item only 5L
Texture / Metals HUD

Devils Bracelet HUNT item
Texture / Metals HUD

Koffin Nails - Spring Moon Goddess

Delora Skin (Pale) Catwa
Delora Skin (Pale) Maitreya Body Applier
Lip - Paint It Black - Goth HUD
Gothic Glare Gacha - Cross Makeup Rare HUD

Sponsor Item
Kimmy Shape 
Soon to be re-released

Finishing Touches

Eris Earrings

Frida Boots
Huge Texture HUD

Ophelia Eyes Amethyst
Past gacha item

Kimberly Bento head

Mesh Body - Lara 

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