Wednesday, October 11, 2017

~Welcome To My Cemetery ~

October 11- November 1, 2017
Welcome to my Cemetery, won't you come in?

Pose from Serendipity: madara... exclusive for TDCF

The detail in the tombstones is really lovely.
This pose is from the "amalia..." pose set from Serendipity

My friend Grim is also available for purchase from Angelic Designs at TDCF

It's that time of year darklings! When everything on the grid turns wonderfully creepy and deliciously spooky. Don't ya just love it?
It's also time for another round of The Darkness Chamber Fair. This time around the theme is "Halloween." Well, of course it is! As always there is tons of fab creepiness at TDCF!  I'm like a kid going through my candy haul with all the goodies at the event!

So my location for this set of pics, is actually a build from Angelic Designs you can purchase for a hugely discounted rate at TDCF. I have to say I am tempted to take down my lil skybox home and live in this cemetery forever. Complete with sounds and sit animations it is absolutely to die for!  

And of course you need to dress up for all cemetery visits, so with my lovely gown from The 100 I feel wonderfully pretty. The Wendy Halloween Gown includes a texture HUD giving you quite a few options. The Luna Choker from Astara is an enchanting piece. It's beautifully delicate and makes for a graceful accessory for any look.  

W:6 has the crowning touch with this headpiece, available in both black or red its really stunning in it's elegance. My eyes are also from W:6, include four different versions in both the Catwa applier and mesh versions.  

Serendipity Poses are back at TDCF again with a few different pose packs. As always they are wonderfully lively poses and capture such a great sense of movement in them.  

What girl doesn't like a bit of makeup? Even dead girls like to look pretty, so I have finished up this look some lovely shadow from W:6 currently available at the E/M event and of course some Dark Passions polish. Now look closely at this polish set, the insides of the nails are a different color! So while you have a super somber and sexy black manicure you get the subtle accent of color coming from the inside of your nails. I so love this! So much! 

As always, shopping links are after the designer's ads.

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Oct 11- Nov 1, 2017

The items below can all be found at 
The Darkness Chamber Fair
GrimWood Cemetery
75% off during the fair!

My white eyes (catwa and mesh eyes)
Skull mask - red

Wendy Halloween Gown
Includes color HUD

Lunar Choker
Includes color HUD

  Serendipity Poses
Madara pose set 
TDCF exclusive
Amalia pose set

Sponsor Items
Koffin Nails for Astralia Stilettos - Absence Of Color
Available at The Black Fair

Rainn eyeshadow catwa 
Available at the E/M Event

Kimmy Shape for Catwa Kimberly Bento
Body shape is mod and has been! The face is straight out of the box. ♥

Finishing Touches
Just For One Night


Compatible nails system

Immortal Skin / Body Applier

Lara Mesh Body

Kimberly Bento head

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