Saturday, April 22, 2017

When I called her Evil...

She's got a date at midnight
With Nosferatu
Oh baby, Lily Munster
Ain't got nothing on you
Well, when I called her evil
She just laughed
And cast that spell on me
Boo bitch craft
                                   ~Lyrics from Type O Negative 
                           Black No. 1

I do believe it may actually be required blogging for me, Ms. Gothly to blog all pieces from The Little Bat that say "Goth Girl" on them.  I am sure somewhere in the blogger requirements it is stated as such.  No, but seriously how can I not? Ok yeah there are other designs included on this adorable top, but I may be a bit biased towards this one. 
This skirt!  O! M! G!  Really, need I say more? Oh, it also comes in white.You can tell just by looking at the pics that it's fabulous. Sooo loving it! Both the skirt from Psycho Barbie and the top from TLB are currently at Suicide Dollz.  

Last post I showed you the great lipsticks from Psycho Barbie at Applique, but while you were there did you notice the eyeliners as well? They are a great lil splash of color along with that beloved winged liner.  You totally need these in your SLife. 

The Darkness Monthly event is still going and W:6 and TLB have some great items there, including today's accessories. The hoop earrings are a great chunky splash of color, and with the texture HUD they have so many options. Don't forget to grab the High Gloss Lips for Catwa from W:6 while you are there, that whole set is 50L!  Yes, you read that right, five - ohhhh! 
The anklets from TLB can be worn as a complete set like I am or you can choose to just wear one leg which is kinda nice too.  

I'm still wearing my Kimmy shape for the Catwa Kimberly Bento head from Pin Up. I really do like the face on it and since the body is mod I can adjust that as needed. But the face is perfect, and I haven't changed it one bit. 

Have you ever noticed that I always wear Koffin Nails polish from Dark Passions? It's not just because she is one of my oldest sponsors, and dear friends, nor is it because through so many changes she has always made sure that I know she wants me on her "Elite Blogger" team. Nope, although those are all great reasons to ALWAYS wear Koffin Nails, I wear them exclusively because they frickin rock.  No other polish brand has as many unique and exciting designs as Dark Passions, especially for those of us who skew towards the dark side (well at least when we aren't being pink for said sponsors - yes you can blame my pastel goth infatuation on Bcreative the master mind of Dark Passions .. totally all her fault!) 
I am fully lovin the Hellfire set of Koffin Nails. Kinda reminds me of the old Nana's goth clothing line I used to love. Long before Hot Topic stores like Retail Slut in Hollywood were the place to go, my goodness I loved that store! It was every Goth Girl's dream!

Sponsor Items
[Electric Eyeliner Pack] Catwa HUD
Available at APPLIQUE
[HellBound Skirt] Black 
Choice of white or black
Available at Suicide Dollz

Coffin Anklets-Full
Includes a color HUD for the coffin
Ingrid Top/Maitreya
Includes a texture HUD
Available at Suicide Dollz

Koffin Nails - Hellfire - Silver
Available at Genre
25% off during the event. 
90L for single body style HUDS 
218L for the Fatpack

Kimmy Shape for Catwa Kimberly Bento head.
 Shape slightly altered on the body.  

Fay Hoop Earrings
At the main store - Includes a texture HUD 
High gloss lips Catwa 

Additional Items
Forget It HUD - Black Magic
Available at TLC

Suicidal Unborn
Hadria Eyes

Skull Nose Piercing 

 Reno Tattoo - fade

Sassy Heart Panties  

an lar [poses] 
The Rainfall Series - Five

WHOLE WHEAT Landscaping & Creation

Immortal Skin Applier - Catwa Bento Head
Tone Immortal Body applier v2.0 for Maitreya

HEAD Kimberly v2.11
TEETH Kimberly [S]

Mesh Body - Lara V4.0
Bento Hands
Feet V4.0

Type O Negative - Black No. 1
"Loving you was like loving the dead"

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