Saturday, November 19, 2016

Holding on...

I'm holding on to fall as long as I can.

Here in California fall still means tank tops and sandals. Windy days abound around here but we still manage to squeeze in some bonfires when we can. I love fall, it is pure perfection to me, I feel free and full of life in fall. I just wish it lasted longer here, seems like I blink and it's gone.
How much do you love this outfit from Petite Mort?  So super cute! Of course it fits all the usual mesh bodies and each piece is available in a selection of colors at The Old Fair for a few more days. 
As always your shopping links are below. 
Have a lovely weekend!

Have you seen the "Shades of" series of Koffin Nails polish HUDs from Dark Passions? They are HUGE, each color set has so many shades and gradient shades of the color it's absolutely fabulous.  The latest one is Shades of Yellow and it's currently at Genre for a very special price. You can also pick up any of the previously released shades at the main store.

Sponsor Items 
Gyspy Soul Tank 
Available in 6 colors to fit most mesh bodies. 
BF Jeans 
Includes a HUD for the belt. Available in a selection of colors.
Both items availabe at The Old Fair

Alari Milk

Jubiloso - Red
Available on the Marketplace

Poses from
Adorable Pose Set
Innocent Pose Set

Dark Passions
Koffin Nails
Shades of Yellow
Available at Genre


Poppy - Variety/Ombre/Eccentric
 Available at C88

Feather Earring - Faded Brown

Bangles - Copacetic Tallulah

Hierarchy Heels v2

All images taken at the Whole Wheat sim.

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