Sunday, September 25, 2016

In Her Heart There's a Hole

Hey! In her heart there's a hole
There's a black mark on her soul
In her hands is my heart
And she wont let go until it's scarred
Try to breathe, but I can't
'Cause the air she feeds me is dammed
Got a touch like a thorn
'Cause the girl, she's hiding horns.
                                                            Lyrics from Horns by Bryce Fox

Sometimes everything comes together perfectly. 
The the skin, the clothes, the poses, the location all seem to meld into something lovely. I love the how the setting picks up the texture of the lovely dress. I really can't do justice to the sim with my pictures, if you haven't been to Elysium City of Templemore yet you are so missing out. It is a never ending source of beauty. 

I do need to thank my friend Sullen Fang for help with the song today. Not only is Sullen a pretty fabulous DJ but his photography is really, truly beautiful. Take a minute to go have a peek at Sullen's pics on flickr, I am sure you will agree with me. 

Speaking of beautiful , did you see my new header / logo up at the top of the blog?  Ok, yes I know it needs to be aligned to the template better, does anybody know how to do that? I tried last night and well Macabre Beauty was almost gone.. oops.
But back to the header, how stunning is that? Absolutely frickin stunning! Of course it is, because it was made for me by none other than Spookyboo Puddleglum.  Now you know why it is sooo amazing! I have long admired Spooky's work and recently have gained the honor to call him friend. I am so grateful to him for making me this edit to use on my blog and Facebook page.  Thank you Spooky, I LOVE it!
You can see more of Spooky's work on flickr.

This post is made up of so lovely parts, so many pieces that come together perfectly.  As always all the links you need follow below.

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