Monday, May 23, 2016

A Pink Dream

Never smile
Never stare
She doesn't seem to care at all
Never cry
Never scream
She doesn't seem to really need me at all...

Fourteen weeks I stay away from home
A hundred days a part of me unknown
Apart in pink and perfect moments play
And as a wonder of the world
She sucks my breath away
                          A Pink Dream by The Cure

Yesterday was World Goth Day and I found myself reflecting on just how far we have come in the past few decades. I was thinking just how hard it used to be to find all the wonderful things that helped us look the way we wanted. I used to have to drive 45 mins to Huntington Beach to The Electric Chair to get my Manic Panic. If I was lucky I could find some buckle boots on the sale rack (happened twice for me!) My fishnets had to come from a sex shop, and I had to beg my big brother  to drive me to Los Angeles to a men's workboot store to get my Docs. Years later a boyfriend had a friend bring me my beloved pointy toed thigh highs down from San Francisco because they were no where to be found in Hollywood at the time. Gawd, I loved those boots. Someplace I still have some of those sale rack buckle boots stuffed away, they always bring a smile to my face when I see them.
I love that today there are so many more options to express one's gothic creativity. The scene has grown and prospered into a continuing source of beauty. I can't help but smile when I see a group of young goths basking in their paleness. I am sure they often wonder why I am smirking at them, I'm just proud to see them and know the subculture still thrives.

SL gives us such vast opportunities to indulge in so many styles, but somehow I always wander back to my beloved goth. You can tell the designers that hold it close to their hearts like I do. They help us make our second lives so much more wonderfully dark.  (And in the case of Dark Passions - so much pinker! - Just kidding B, but I do blame my love affair with Pastel Goth entirely on you ♥)

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A Pink Dream ~ The Cure

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