Monday, January 4, 2016

Death is on the Midway ~ The DeadPool sim returns!

Death is on the Midway
Gambling with souls
Roulette on the wire
Ace is in the hole
I sink beneath the feeling
Moon is in my hands
A crooked wheel of twenty-one
I just don't understand - NO!
Laugh - Yeah - Drown and Laugh
Your life is over

In just a few days the DeadPool sim will return!  
And it is everything you have come to expect from the brilliant mind that brings us DeadPool. You've seen the others, now return to the original!
There is so much to explore on the sim, underground tunnels, creatures hiding in mazes, secret passages... so much to see and do!

From blood to amusements, it's all here. With a wide variety of stores to shop you will find everything from polish to poses from some of your favorite brands.  The DeadPool Sim has Dark Passions ~ Koffin Nails, Poison Ivy, Style Guy, Sexxie Gestures, $TGG$ Gestures, Kaotic Clothing and Lyric Poses.

If you dare

Skin: [MC] Never Skin Sheen-5 CL NEW RELEASE
Tattoo: Inhale Tattoo Co. Breathless From A past round of Chapter 4
Hair: Lamb. Wake Up Past Arcade item.
Sweater: Blueberry - Gwen - Cardigan Dress  Available at Uber
Septum Piercing: POMPOSITY - Skull Nose Piercing 

Grease Paint and Monkey Brains - White Zombie 

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