Thursday, December 10, 2020

The Victim Has Been Bled

Nov 27 - Dec 11, 2020

Antique Sleigh 
Set includes a large "life sized" version (8LI) and a small mantle version (2LI)
[Dead Fred]  Misfortunate Snowman (2LI)
This lil guy has some awesome things to say, just give him a lil touch and you'll see. You can even add custom text!

Chest Veins Purple 50
Upper Eye Black 

Baroque Beauty Necklace 
Includes customization HUD
Note: Not a Necrosis designer - but I loveeee this necklace. You should totally go check them out and tell them about Necrosis!

Koffin Nails - Coal Dipped & Frosted 

Skaoi.Eyes - Blind/Black

All images taken by Asbjorn Gothly-Raven at the Necrosis sim

On both of us 
Selene long dress wearing the optional sparkles
Includes customization HUD
Also on The Pale Queen 
Skaoi Fractured Horns + Crystals 

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