Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Welcome to the Freak Show

Above pic by Asbjorn Raven

Above pic Pic by Asbjorn Raven

Asbjorn's tattoo available at

Hello beautiful darklings. I have been trying for days to get this to you but RL is so demanding sometimes. It's like an evil mistress, lurking and threatening to implode if I don't pay attention to it. We can't have that, now can we?  It just gets so messy!
We had so much fun doing these pictures, I really love how the outfits turned out, especially Asbjorn's. His coat is from Contraption (at the March round of Eclipse) while you can find his cane at the main store. His head tattoo is at Psycho Barbie. I was seriously excited when she released it. I kinda think it's perfect on Mr. Raven, but I may have a slightly biased opinion.
Be sure to get over to the Freak Show event at the Garden of Shadows. There are so many fun and awesome designs this round, including my corset. I love the feathers on the bottom. The corset is available in multiple colors too. Stop by the event to check them out.
My pose is from Extra and includes a cute lil balloon, but I wanted to shade my pale skin a bit with the parasol. The pose worked perfect for it. I love when I can think outside the box a bit with poses and end up with the perfect look.
I know you count on Dark Passions for polish, but did you know that she has a few make up sets also? The ones I am wearing were available at the skin fair, they should be at the main store pretty quick after the fair ends.
Like our picture background? It's actually the event stall created by Beauty of Darkness a while back.  It worked perfectly. Be sure to stop by the new BoD location to take a peek at the newest releases and join the store group for great gifts.
As always all your shopping links are below, I'm off to bed. 
Happy shopping!

Masquerade Productions 
Garden of Shadows:
~ Freak Show ~
March 15-30, 2019
Be sure to check out Masquerade Productions socials:

Sponsored Items
Mesh Corset with Feather Skirt-Carnival 02
Four color choices available.
Available at Masquerade Productions: 
Garden of Shadows "Freak Show"

Dark Passions 
Catwa Lipstick HUD - Eternal Kiss
Catwa Makeup HUD - Bat Liner
Available at the Skin Fair until March 24th. Check the main store after the event ends.

Koffin Nails
Astralia Stiletto HUD - Something Wicked

Extra Poses
Party Girl 1
Includes a blue balloon

Gothic Wonderland Stall Hearts

Finishing Touches
G1025 hair / HUD-C

Oh My Goth Hat - Purple
Oh My Goth Parasol - Purple

Compatible nails system
w/ Skeleton ADD-On

Sisley HUD / 25 Colors

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

She's the bomb!

I love it when a look just comes together beautifully, especially when I can get more than a couple Macabre Beauty sponsors into it. This look is exactly that! With Psycho Barbie, MuggleBorn, Dark Passions, W:6, MODA and Extra poses all in one outfit how could it be anything but fabulous?
First this bomber jacket from Psycho Barbie. I just love it. It's a perfect balance of punk and sexy, it just makes my heart happy. Pair it with the latest leggins from MuggleBorn and you have some serious hotness happening.  
I should also mention the Bomber Jacket is on special right now as part of Syndicate Sunday. Yes I know it's no longer Sunday, but the March round of Syndicate Sunday runs from March 3rd-10th, so you have plenty of time to see all the great deals. The 69L deals!  Seriously this jacket with the color HUD is 69L! Don't worry, your LM is below.
Soon as I saw these booties from MODA I was crazy about them. They are fierce! Of course they include that massive color / texture HUD you expect from MODA.
Be sure to grab the latest polish set from Dark Passions at the Curves event. It's right next to The Trunk Show so don't get confused when you land, you are in the right spot.
I love these scars from W:6. They are beautifully done and really dimensional. There are so many versions, including system layers so no matter what body you are using there will be a set that works for you.
My poses from Extra are from a past event but are a great reminder of how fabulous their selection can be.  Did you know that in addition to single poses, friends poses and sexy poses Extra also has poses for child avatars? Take a look at their Flickr or visit the main store to see just what they have to offer.
As always all your links are after the vendor ads. 
Happy Shopping

Macabre Beauty Sponsors
+Psycho Barbie+
[Bomber Jacket]
Includes color hud
Currently available for 69L during the March round of Syndicate Sunday. 
[Spiked Cuffs - Black]
March Group Gift


Julliet Leggings
Be sure to check out the fun patterns available.

Dark Passions

Koffin Nails - Dangerous Curves
At the Curves event from Pale Girl Productions
March 3-24

Open scars face tattoo 
Open scars body tattoo  
Available at The Darkness Monthly Event

Rhino Platform Booties
Includes the Moda Custimazation HUD
Available at the Fetish Fair

~Extra~ poses
Quiet Bento Pose
Spectral Bento Pose
From a past event - check the main store for an awesome selection of poses.

Finishing Touches
Queenie B&W
Includes accessory HUD

Alice Lipstick
Calavera Septum Piercing Silver
Celestria Earrings
Grotos Collar
Piercing Set 04 Labret / Nose Studs
Piercing Set 05 Dimples