Thursday, September 14, 2017

S.O.S. - Spoonful of Sugar a Benefit for Doctors Without Borders

Hello darklings, today I have something really different than my usual posts. I want to share with you an event that opens on Saturday Sept 16. 
The Spoonful Of Sugar Festival is a wonderfully huge event benefiting Medecins San Frontieres / Doctors Without Borders (MSF.) 

What better cause than this amazing organization that brings so much help and care to people in the most dire of circumstances and situations? Doctors Without Borders brings medical care and aid in some of the worst places without prejudice towards race, religion or politics. You can read more about MSF at their website and also at the S.O.S. Festival website.

So I took an early morning walk yesterday and snapped a few pics to show you just how awesome this event is. With what looks like close to 150 vendors there is seriously something for everybody. A portion of all the items sold at this event will go to Doctors Without Borders
Not only are there stores and stores filled with shopping, but I saw a gacha orchard, an auction and a raffle area all of which had some really great items.  There will also be fashion shows and live music at the stage area. Be sure to look for the lil sugar bowls at each store for some fabulous gifts!

To find out the events schedule and so many more details check the Spoonful of Sugar website.

Below are a few pics from my morning walk, I do so hope they inspire you to come out and support this event. With so much going on in this world so many are struggling, even if we can't individually do much, we can each do a little and together we make a difference. 

Sept. 16 - Oct. 1, 2017
Check back for the slurl on opening day!

When you land at S.O. S. you will start here at the train station. Which is your source for everything you need to know and of course being a train station it has all your travel needs covered (click the grey signs for a list of all stores on each sim.) 

So many pretty spots on the shopping sims.

This is just a partial view of 1 of the 4 shopping sims. There are some seriously fab stores here, from high fashion to some of  our beloved alt style brands, everything is represented. One complete sim is dedicated to landscape and furniture with some really lovely items on display.

Cerridwen's Cauldron always has the most gorgeous items that shine with a brilliant life all their own. 

S.O.S. exclusive set from Amam Cara Designs - this chair is so adorable! Look at the bunny hands and feet! *SQUEALS*  Yes, I may have squealed when I saw it. It has a huge texture hud with some really great designs, from daises to a couple textures that say for "Daddy's Princess."

I made a friend at Fluid Designs display. How adorable is he?

Although this isn't event related I just have to say I am so loving this new skin form 7 Deadly Skins. There are three new tones, including this one "cloud" which is so soft, pretty and gorgeously pale. 

Just a lil bit about my outfit 

[HellBound Skirt] White 

Kimmy Shape for Catwa Bento Kimberly
I have altered the body a lil bit, but not the face shape.

Vyra - omega face & body appliers in "cloud"

Loli - Hoodie Top 

Elle hair - Color fades @ C88

Friday, September 8, 2017

Pale in the Moonlight

All images taken at the +Psycho Barbie+  main store.

Hello darklings!  Yes, I am back.  My apologies for so much time between posts, but I have been plagued with technical difficulties.  Can you believe I went over 3 weeks with no Internet? Which of course meant no SL, so no playing pixel dress up for me!  It's taken me a bit to get caught up with things, I feel like I missed so much but here we are and today I am bringing you a ton of pale sexy goodness. 
How sexy is the latex dress from Pin Up? It's so daring and naughty, ya gotta love it.  The outfit does include some lovely heels but I chose to use these sexy thigh high lovelies from W:6, which are a group gift along with my tattoo and a few other items. There is a small join fee but so so worth it!
Now we all know I am a bit shy and since I needed to cover up my bits I thought this harness set from Psycho Barbie was perfect, even if I only used panties. The set is omega and includes multiple colors so I am sure I will be using this again often.
Gawd I love the Astralia add on nails so much and seriously and giddy over the fact Dark Passions is now doing polish Huds for them. Koffin Nails for Astralia Stiletto nails, it really doesn't get much better than this!
Did you see that Suicidal Unborn has a new bento piercing set at The Chapter Four? The set also includes a nose ring which is not pictured here. I love the lil nose studs, I may become attached to them!
Recently a few people have asked about good sources for unique bento poses, and I keep sending them to Reve Obsura. I am just really loving their poses, they really do have a feeling of life to them. I always look forward to seeing what their latest release is.
As always all your shopping links follow after the Macabre Beauty sponsor's ads. 

[Hex Harness Set] 
Omega multi color HUD

Koffin Nails - Shattered Dreams
Astralia Stiletto HUD

See Now Tattoo 
Amelie Heels 
Group gifts - 50L join fee

Elle Dress Maitreya - Latex
 Available at The Grab Sales Event
Kimmy Shape 
for Catwa Kimberly Bento (body has been modified by me)
Available at the main store

Compatible nails system 
Skeleton hand + add on  and rings

Piercing Set 04 Labret 
Piercing Set 04 Nose Studs 
Available at the Sept round of Chapter Four at 50% off
Xenira Eyes - MOURN
Available at the main store

Heart Taker BENTO Pose 
Includes Mesh Dagger and Heart (only the heart shown)
Lush - BENTO pose
Bad Girl - Bento Pose

Past gacha item

Immortal Skin Applier
For Catwa Bento Head and Maitreya Body

Kimberly Bento head

Mesh Body - Lara 

Monday, August 7, 2017

Dark Passions does Koffin Nails for Astralia!

I'm walking in the street
With the latest on my feet
And the hair that makes people stop and stare

I got no money, well that's okay
Because I live from day to day
Well, I'm free to come and go just as I please

Wild, wild, wild youth
Wild, wild, wild youth
Wild, wild, wild youth
                                                             Lyrics from: Generation x ~ Wild Youth

G'Morning gothlings. Hope your weekend was fabulous and you are ready to face the week.  You are going to need to be quick to catch the last few hours of The Gothic Garage Sale. You really don't want to miss this event if you haven't been by yet, there are so many fabulous deals it's crazy!
My super cute lil necklace from The Little Bat is part of the hunt at the event and only 5L!  That's a lot of cuteness for almost nothing!  While you are there snatch up one of the creepy sweaters from Goth1c0.  There are a few styles to choose from, all perfect for the coming fall evenings. They pair wonderfully with these high waisted shorts from Beauty of Darkness. While these shorts are not at the Gothic Garage Sale they are available at the new remodeled BOD mainmall, which is just a quick jump away. You can use the link below or grab a landmark from the BoD booth at the event where some items are up to 75% off!

Loving these boots from W:6, They are all kinds of  sexy! With the texture HUD you will find so many uses for them, I just know you will. They are at the Darkness Monthly Event with a few more goodies as well. 

Ok so truth be told I have been kinda wanting some of those fabulous stiletto nails from Astralia, but since I am lucky enough to be a Dark Passions blogger I honestly do not use any other polish huds. I really don't.  So let me tell you I was so, so super excited to see that Dark Passions is now doing manicure huds for the Astralia nails I ran right out and grabbed them up, and how perfect is the timing that the skeletons hands set from Astralia is out now as well.  It's like everything I could want all at once! *SQUEALS*

At the current round of Mesh Body Addicts Dark Passions has 4 manicure sets available for the Astralia nails for 125L per set.  There are also two additional fatpack sets for the usual nails, including one at for 5L! FOR A FATPACK!  
My work here is done, all your links are below. 


Additional Koffin Nails for Astralia at MBA

Ends Aug. 8!
Familiar Necklace/Unisex
Includes a design HUD - 5L Hunt prize!
All items in the TLB booth are 60% off!

Horror Short Sweater  
Multiple creepy styles available!

Sponsor Items
Laced High Boots 
Includes multi texture HUD
Available at the The Darkness Monthly Event

Waist Seduce Hotpants Leather 

Koffin Nails for Astralia Stiletto - Murderous Metallic
125L ~ Manicure HUD only. Astralia nails required (linked below.)
Available at Mesh Body Addicts 
Aug 1-21

Finishing Touches
Compatible nails system (Maitreya Stiletto base)
Skeleton hands 2.0 (Maitreya)
Available at Fameshed

Darcey Eyes 
Alice Lipstick +CATWA APPLIER+
Bento Piercing Set 03 Medusa Ink 
Bento Piercing Set 03 Nose Rings Ink 


Immortal Catwa / Maitreya appliers

Kimberly Bento Head

Mesh Body - Lara 

Images taken at The sPunk Rock Club

Generation X ~ Wild Youth

Saturday, July 29, 2017

It's time for a Gothic Garage Sale!

July 28 - Aug 8, 2017

 *With the fabulous Bcreative Wilde from Dark Passions. I think we are watching for the hoards of walkers.. umm I mean shoppers on their way*

Hello Darklings!  It's Saturday morning and time to hit the sales! 
You are so going to want to hurry over to the Gothic Garage Sale where everything is discounted... no, seriously everything is on sale. Plus there is a fabulous 5L hunt where you can pick up more goodies on the super cheap. This event has close to 30 designers and all of them have stuffed their garages with all kinds of past releases and even a few new ones, all on sale! 
Both my bodysuit from Beauty of Darkness and my necklace from Psycho Barbie are avail at the Gothic Garage sale. The necklace is a hunt item so it's only 5L while the bodysuit from BoD is only 100L at the event and includes 5 different patterns.
So really, just get your self over there!

After you get through there be sure to visit Suicide Dollz and grab some more goodness from Psycho Barbie. Right now both my boots and the socks are available at SD. These super fabulous texture HUDS will give you a never ending amount of possibilities with these two items. And how perfect are they with the body suit?  Right?

As always Dark Passions has your manicure for you. These absolutely wicked cross design polish HUDS are at MBA this round, but hurry as it ends when the month ends.  The Fatpacks for all the main body styles are 275L during the event, while single body styles are 100L. 

And while not a sponsor I realized I have become mildly obsessed with Suicidal Unborn. I love her eyes, and her make-ups and her accessories and well yeah did I mention I may have a lil obsession? Please do not try to plan an intervention, she has plenty of goodies for us all. 

As always links are below after my sponsors ads. 
Happy shopping!

Sponsor Items
Duvessa Bodysuit
Includes design HUD
Available for a discounted price at Gothic Garage

[Croix Necklace]
Includes a metals HUD
Available for a discounted price at Gothic Garage

[Kitten Boots]
These boots include a HUGE color HUD
[Ouija Knee Highs]
Texture HUD with so many styles!
Available at Suicide Dollz

Koffin Nails - Endless Night
Available at Mesh Body Addicts

My Current Obsession
Alice Lipstick
Laney Eyeshadow
Available at N21
Bento Piercing Set 03 Labret Ink 
Bento Piercing Set 03 Nose Rings Ink
Available at Somber
 Kronium Cuff #01
 Darcey Eyes
Available at the main store

Finishing Touches
Group gift

Immortal applier for Carwa

Mesh Body - Lara

Kimberly Bento Mesh Head

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Not Today Satan

Hello lovelies, just a super quick post today to highlight a couple fabulous items from my amazing sponsors. Be sure to hurry to grab the items at the event prices. Never fear if the events have ended, the items will all be available at their regular prices at each main store. 

[Mischievous Heels] @ Suicide Dollz  
Ends July 20, check the main store after the event.

Ouija Bodysuit @ The Darkness Chamber Fair
Ends July 22, check the main store after the event.
 Bloody Cross Head Tattoo @ The Mainstore
Appliers for almost all the mesh bodies

Koffin Nails - French Ombre Metals @Mesh Body Addicts
Special event pricing!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Black Magic at The Darkness Chamber Fair

The Darkness Chamber Fair 
Black Magic
July 1-22

Morning lovelies!  Hope your weekend was fabulous, I spent some more time working with some items from the Darkness Chamber Fair. Gotta say there is so much good stuff!  But there always is at this event. 
If you haven't been following the event's Flickr go take a peekie at it here: TDCF Flickr Pool
or on Facebook here: TDCF Facebook

While I was working on this post Bcreative from Dark Passions sent me a sneakie peek at her latest design, now me being me I pretty much had a lil fit til she sent them to me early.  Gawd, I love my sponsors. I really, really do! I don't have many but that's really because to me they are all more than just a box a week and a logo on my blog. They are the people who inspire me to do my best for them. They have become friends on so many levels, as have some of my fellow bloggers I work with. I just love them all!
But wait, back to the Koffin Nails, This set is called Sirens Call and you will have to run over to Genre to grab them. They really are super pretty. 

Yes, I am still wearing my Kimmy shape from Pin Up. I tweak the body a bit here and there, but I have not touched the face at all. It's really pretty so there is no need to. Be sure to check out her new store, same location just a new store. It looks lovely and there are always some great deals on clothes, tattoos and sweet lil sexy things!

Ok enough with the blah blah blah, go shop!
Links are below.

July 1 - July 22

Witchy Choker
Includes color HUD

Mystic Brujah Maxi Skirt

Backless Tie Black Magic2

Runes Tattoo

Sponsor Items
Koffin Nails - Sirens Claws
Available at Genre

Kimmy Shape 
For Catwa Kimberly Bento


Finishing Touches
Darcey Eyes (Fatpack)

Cross Earring 

"Macabre" Pose Set 
Avaible at Somber


Immortal Skin Applier - Catwa Bento Head

Kimberly Bento Mesh Head

Lara Mesh Body w/ Hands and Feet