Wednesday, February 23, 2022


I fell into The Grid again ...

And came back out on the darkside.  

Greetings Darklings! I have another cyberistic look for you today. Seriously how much fun is this genre? I am so loving it, I may have to stay here for a while.
The Grounder Liners from KILLJOY come with 5 variations and tint layers! I love the tint layers. With a lil purple they were just what I needed on the Sasha - drow skin from Cadabra. I truly think they are lovely together! 
This beautiful body suit and harness are from the ever amazing Normandy and is currently available at the Abnormality event until the end of the month. The Bodysuite and Harness have all kinds of customization options including opacity controls. 
 The Crystal and the Aura with the lil light flare sparkles are all from WitchCraft. She has a lovely collection of these types of items to add that lil bit of color to your pics.  The hardest part is picking which ones!
As always links are below.
Happy Shopping!

Featured Items
Grounder Liners V2 tint 
Available at The Grid
Feb 19th - Mar 5th
Sasha Skin Drow V2
Available at The Grid
Feb 19th - Mar 5th

Ether.Bodysuit & Harness
Available at Abnormality
Feb 7th - 28th
Ritual Crystal 
Crystal Aura & Light Flare 
Finishing Touches
Infinity Arms 
Pink Hair

Sunday, February 20, 2022

It's time to slip back into The Grid.

Feb 19 - Mar 05, 2022

It's time to slip back into the future with another exciting round of The Grid at the Another Earth sim. The sim is an adult cyberpunk fantasy RP sim based on the alternate reality world of The Another Earth book series by Duane Ellefson. If you haven't snatched them up yet, take a peek at the sim's FB page for a link to get the first book for free.

So can we talk about Lunch? LunchMeat to be exact, and this super sexy new release they have for The Grid event. OMG these shorts are all about the booty! No seriously they are crazy cute, and of course have all kinds of customization options. Don't forget the matching boots!
The Kasumi Markings from Germinal are Bom layers and include tintable versions so you can get that perfect shade. 
This fabulously kinetic aura is from Kaotic Kreations and is just so much fun. I love the feeling of movement it brought to the pics. 
WitchCraft is over at The Tokyo Zero event with these sparkly canisters that absolutely look like something Brigid might have at her store. What? Who's Brigid, well read the books and you will find out.
But after you do your shopping!
As always shopping info and LMs are below

Featured Items
Available at 
Feb 19th - Mar 5th 2022 
Kaotic Kreations 
Glitch D Particle Effect
Kasumi Markings

Available at Tokyo Zero  
Feb 10-25
Plasma Canister 

Finishing Touches
Pink Hair 
[The Forge] 
Kera Arm
Dita Eyebrows black - Evo X
Illythia Skin - Grey Alien

Monday, February 7, 2022

Time for a lil snack ~ Lunchmeat and Normandy at BIGGIRL

Sometimes a girl just needs to sneak away for a lil snack. 

You still have a few more days to pick up the second release from Lunchmeat. This super sexy outfit comes with so many customization options, including a tint HUD so you can get your perfect shade of delicious. 
I thought it paired wonderfully with the Solo Bracers from Normandy which also allow you to customize to your dark little heart's content.

Have you made your way to Another Earth: Chicago Chronicles yet? This lovely futuristic sim is filled with all types of sexy delights. With an emphasis on sexy! They are vamping up their RP and hosting some fun events in character to get to know each other and to help newcomers create their own characters. 
You can find out more about the lore of the sim and find links to the books that started it all here: Another Earth

Be sure to keep an eye on their Facebook page for details.

Or pop into their Discord to find out how to join in the fun.

The fashion:
MELON Available at BIGGIRL

SOLO.Bracers Available at BIGGIRL

BIGGIRL is open until Feb, 11th

The snack:
Eyes Scream Cone 

Finishing touches:
layla hair 

Illythia Skin (GREY ALIEN)
Shadow / contour / liner also included

Ipanema Body for Maitreya - Skinny (Grey Alien)

Dita Eyebrows 

Vampira Eye Makeup Purple 

Wednesday, December 8, 2021


November 26 - December 10, 2021

Hello darklings, I've made another visit to The Grid and this time things went a little dark and a little sexy. 

Here we have a  creepy AF Bunny Mask from The Angry Store (I mean of course it's creepy, it's from The Angry store) and some delicious tattoos from Killjoy that are just sinful on your curves. Add in a little bit of magic from our blessed Witchcraft and a little love with a holdable heart from Kaotic Kreations, because at the heart of it all these designers and this event are very dear to my heart. 
Don't wait too long though as The Grid closes soon, on December 10th!

So it's seriously time to slip on that sexy cyber outfit you picked up on last weekend's sales at Normandy and dash over to The Grid. do know Normandy seriously rocks the weekend sales, right? Like every week, killer deals of oh so much sexy! Which are all perfect items to wear when you visit Another Earth for some RP fun. Wander the sim, meet some of the citizens. 
If you want to know more about Another Earth: Chicago Chronicles and the books that inspire it, take a peek at their socials: 

These items are currently available at The Grid 

[Angry Store] 
Bunny Gas Mask
LubDub Holdable & Decor
Ripped Tattoo  
Cyber Circle - aqua
Cyber - red & aqua

Additional Featured Items

High.Waisted Thong
Wicked -Piercing/Collar - Onyx

Friday, December 3, 2021

Waiting in the Aerie.

November 26 - December 10, 2021

I'm not sure why they brought me here, the Aerie is beautiful but I don't belong up here. I wonder if I should hide away my magic,  should I contain it, or have they already found me out.

Where did they take my friends? I hope they are safe. They have to know we were not responsible for that explosion. 

Oh I think they are coming now...
I hear them...

Hello darklings, it's been awhile hasn't it? I'm popping back in here to be sure you know about The Grid. 
It is a fabulous new event (only the second round) with a completely CyberPunk theme. You can find The Grid on the Another Earth role play sim. 
Want to know more about Another Earth and the books (yes I said books) the sim is based around take a peek at their Facebook page:
Another Earth: Chicago Chronicles

Ok so one of the most exciting things at The Grid is the premier of Lunchmeat. 
Lunchmeat is a new brand brought to you from the amazing ladies behind Normandy and Beauty of Darkness. With both of these ladies behind this brand you never know what you may find, but you do know it will be well made, and highly customizable. 
For their premier they are bringing us a super sexy bodysuit and the perfect boots to go with them. When I say you can spend hours trying all the color combinations I am so not exaggerating! So many choices, there is even some animation in the outfit. Seriously cool tech for those cyber rp moments!

Also at The Grid is the super captivating lil sphere you see floating around in my pics. You really need to see it in world to appreciate how lovely it is. The Dragonbone Kinetics has multiple colors and even a decor option in the fatpack. 

I'm finishing off this look with some animated ears from Beauty of Darkness, a new and totally awesome mask from Normandy and the skin that finally melted me and after months of searching made me more than happy. The Illythia skin from Gorsimi is gorgeous! It is currently sold in a fat pack which includes the fantasy / halloween colors. For details: Gorsimi

So I told myself this would be a short quick blog...
Old habits are hard to break!

As always shopping links are below

These items are currently available at The Grid 


Both of these new releases from Lunchmeat include a texture HUD and a customization HUD, giving you an endless number of color combinations. And they are 50% off at The Grid event!

Dragonbone Kinetics 

Additional Featured Items

Draga.Breather Available at Planet 29

Illythia Skin - GREY ALIEN Included Smokey shadow/ liner and Contour also worn

Friday, March 12, 2021

There is still time to get into The Darkness Chamber Fair for some great deals. Not much time though so you better run, Bargains on the Bayou ends on the 13th!

Items available at 

Addicted Apothecary 
Vampira Stilettos

hand tattoo.
Silence Hands - faded

Pentacles Lance Piercing 

Little K 
Lilith Eyes 

Sponsor Items
Vampire Duchess Bag (red)

Dark Passions 
Koffin Nails - Astralia Stiletto HUD - Murderous Metallic

Finishing Touches
Psycho Barbie
[Satan's Mark Bloody] Omega - Faded 
Valentina E
Bacall Dress Black 
Gigi Hair

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Heart in a Cage

Jan 29 - Feb 13, 2021

It's another round of Tainted Love at Necrosis, another celebration of our favorite holiday and all that it represents.... oh wait, who am I kidding? I am talking about Necrosis, that's not how we do it, or how we have ever done it. It's another round of dark delights, of still beating hearts and blood trails, it's coffins, cages and so much in between.  It is Necrosis and this is just a small sampling of what you will find. 

Necrosis Exclusives 

eyes. make-up.
Painful Love - "Love & kisses" & "
Horror Eyes"

Tainted Love - Faded

my lil friend.
Tainted Lover Heart

Finishing Touches
Kuro Hair
Valentina E.
Nova Dress FLF Rose Lara
Violet Heels