Monday, December 10, 2018

Christmas lights - Christmas sweater

Oh my goodness... Real life has been strangling me.. so much so that I missed the end date for the RLF Christmas expo. Seriously no idea how I did that. As you know the RLF events are huge and help to raise so much money for worthy causes. You can see just how amazing the event was on the website:
My sweater is from NerdALERT and was an event item at the Christmas Expo. Check their mainstore once the event sims are closed. It's super cute and really a sexy lil ugly sweater. 
The pose is "Naughty List" from Extra poses and is super sexy cute! Really helps make sure you keep up that naughty image! 
I'm keeping this short today... rl has me tired. 
Happy Shopping.

Christmas Expo
NerdALERT at the expo direct LM
Ugly Christmas Sweater Dress - Filthy
Maitreya / Slink / Belleza / Ebody / TMP / Tonic / Classic

Tone 2 at the expo direct LM
Shine On Lips Palette
Lelutka / Catwa / Omega HUDS
Smolder Palette
Lelutka / Catwa / Omega HUDS

Macabre Beauty Sponsor
Naughty List

Finishing Touches
Adison Tone01 Skin Applier


Luminous Eyes

Ayeka Heels -Red Lips

A New York Christmas

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Love Bites

-Extra- Love Bites pose set with mesh coffin included in the set. 

All images taken by Asbjorn Raven at The Ravens Nest Cafe & Gallery.

Koffin Nails on a coffin.

G'evening Vamplings. There is nothing like starting your day, or night with a bite of something sweet to get your blood pumping. Rise and shine they say and with this pose set from Extra you and your dear undead can do just that. Complete with the pictured coffin, I am sure you will love this set as much as we do. 
If my polish looks familiar that's because I showed you the dark version on the "It's Sweater Weather" post a few weeks ago. This time around called for a bit of paleness and Dark Passion's , Gothic Lolita -Light,  Koffin Nails is just perfect. There are always perfect Koffin Nails for every look! 
Keeping it short this morning, beauties. You know how this goes, links are down there after the designer's pretty pics. 
Happy Biting!

Love Bites Set
Includes a coffin! 

Dark Passions 
Koffin Nails - Gothic Lolita - Light

Ravens Nest Cafe & Gallery

Morja Lingerie Set

November VIP Gift

Monday, November 26, 2018

He wants to call it "Giblets"

Sometimes you have to think outside the box and that is exactly what Mr. Raven and I did here with the super sexy Hands On pose from -Extra-  It works fabulously with the Gutted attachment from Hotdog. I love how wrong this is!
The Mr. wants to call it "Giblets" since we did it on Thanksgiving. Me? I am leaning more towards "Love Your Guts." What do you think?
Shopping links after the designer's ads.
Stay creepy!

Have you entered the -Extra- photo contest yet?  
Take a look at the Flickr post here for more details.  

Pic by Asbjorn Raven. His Flickr

Hands on

Dark Passions
Koffin Nails - Murderous Metallic
for Astralia Stiletto 

Compatible nails system
Maitreya Stiletto base

Gutted . Maitreya
Currently available @ Eclipse

Reyane September VIP gift

Ravens Nest Cafe & Gallery
Be sure to check out the rezzable backdrops above the studio. Teleports available in the main gallery. Join the Ravens Nest group for access to rezz your own items / poses for pics.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

It's Sweater Weather!

Hello beauties!  Have you recovered from October yet? Oh my goodness wasn't it fun? I just love when the weather turns chilly and we can wear sexy lil sweaters. ISON released some new pieces at this round of Collabor88. The sweater and pants pair perfectly together but can be worn separately (they are sold separately.) Be sure to try a demo to see the amazing plaids the pants come in. I think I might need to go back and get those too. 
MODA of course has the perfect shoes to match this outfit, in any shade. I love the corset detail on the heel of the Kelly Wedges. They include the MODA customization HUD so you can match these perfect lil wedges to so many outfits.
The Gothic Lolita - Koffin Nails polish HUD from Dark Passions has a lovely collection of lace detailed polish appliers. Available at the current round of Gothical you can find them in both a dark and light version with huds for Slink, Maitreya and Omega. All sold in packs per body / color. Be sure to grab them at the special event price!
I am fully in love with the cross earrings I purchased from Astara when they were on special for Syndicate Sunday this month. They are big and bold and have a HUD so you can change the metals.  Be sure to check the SL Syndicate website to see when the next round of Syndicate Sunday is and to get some great info on other events, hunts, sales and fabulous locations around the grid. Totally a website you want to bookmark!
As always links are below the ads. 
Happy Shopping!

Dark Passions 
Koffin Nails - Gothic Lolita - Dark
Available at Gothical
Light and dark versions available.
Slink, Maitreya & Omega fatpacks for 150L each.

Kelly Wedge 
Includes the MODA color HUD

Nora rock on skinny - black
Riley knit sweater - black
Available at C88

Available at C88

Cross Earrings
Includes a metals HUD

Belle Epoque 
Runaround Sue Handbag 

+Psycho Barbie+ 
[Made In Hell Tattoo] Omega HUD

Images taken at Tokyo City

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Out of the Darkness

And out of the darkness the zombie did call
True pain and suffering he brought to them all
Away ran the children to hide in their beds
For fear that the devil would chop off their heads

And with this we end October. What a fabulous month, I have had a blast blogging all the amazing creations and enjoyed doing some wonderful collaborations with friends. I'm sad to see the spooky season come to an end, but seriously, does it ever really end for some of us?
Trying to keep this post quick and short, just sliding in one more before time runs out. I have to say I think this my favorite ensemble of the month. This outfit from Ison is fabulous and the skirt is bento. It comes with an AO to make it billow out. I love it!
Ok yes, I said keeping it short - everything will be below for ya.
Happy Haunting.

Ironwood Hills
This Is Halloween Face HUD
This Is Halloween Upper HUD
See this tattoo on Flickr

Spectral Pose
 Ironwood Gift
See this pose on Flickr

Trick or Treat Lane
Pentacle Earrings
Pentacle Bindi
See these items on Flickr

Collabor 88
 Safiya Dress
Eris Lace-Up Pants
Read about the bento feature on the dress on Flickr


Bloopy heels

Ouija Scars. Maitreya Applier.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Trick or Treat Time

The big day is almost here!  I was a bit eager and ran over to Trick or Treat Lane to gather up some more "treats" from the designers. It's not too late to stroll the beautiful sim and get in some more shopping. This event has everything from clothes to decor. And so many great gifties too!  So hurry over before the pumpkins turn into... umm just what do pumpkins turn into at midnight?
Keeping this short everything you need to know is below the vendor ads. Limos included!
Happy Haunting!

20 Pull Prize

Dark Passions Event's present:
Oct 12 - Nov 2, 2018
These amazing items are available at ToTL
Darla - Hair 

Chompy Choker - Onyx

Bat Aura v1  
Event gift

Sara Outfit 

Spooky Gloss V2 
Catwa/Omega HUD

Hellfire Eyes - Catwa

Halloween Haunts Gacha
 Available at GachaLand
Sale Price: 50L per play 
     Commons: ( 10 total - Each play gets Slink/Omega & Maitreya for toes & tips)
     Rares: ( 1 total with 13% chance - Each play gets toes & tips)
 Exclusive 20 Pull Prize
    This item is a given every 20th play to gacha players 

^^^New Location ^^^
SkeleGuen Earrings 
SkeleGuen Bracelet 

Briana Work Boots
Includes the MODA color HUD

Finishing Touches
Swarm Tattoo. Maitreya Applier.

Hallow-Inu :: Candy Bucket 

Monday, October 29, 2018

Grease Paint and Blood Stains

The thing about blogging is not only do you get some amazing creations to showcase but you meet the best people. Recently I became friends with the fabulous Rudhmellowen Laguna, and even though we have blogged in the same circles for years (and I do mean years) we have never really spoke. OMG why did we wait so long? This gal is awesome and in a competitive world of sl bloggng, she is so full of encouragement and kindness it's absolutely impossible not to love her.
And have you seen her blog? Rudh's Random Ramblings is so much fun, and filled with so much info you are going to love it. Giver a follow on the blog (linked above) and on flickr. You will be glad you did!

There are still a few more days of our favorite season so you still have time to get spooky! This look started by chance, you see Rudh and I keep bumping into each other at events and while chatting at Cynful for the Sat Sale deals I almost bought the wrong color sweater which evolved into some joking about sweater and undie wearing killer clowns.  So there you have it our own version of creepy clowns.  Be sure to check Rudh's blog for her pic and info. 
Lots of cuteness here, love these bright socks and pumps from Secret Oktober, they really are fun and great colors too. You can grab them at Trick or Treat Lane and while you are there pick up the awesome Butcher knife from Zombie Suicide. Not only is it fabulous, it's also free during the event.
If you haven't already picked up the chemical appliers from Clemmm X - [TWC] at Ironwood Hills you really want to do that. I already know I will be getting lots of use out of them.  The friends pose we used is from Extra and also available at Ironwood Hills along with a few others.
All pics were taken at the Gators MC. Be sure to stop by and check out their Halloween event: World Wide Halloween 2018
As always links are below.
Happy Haunting

Dark Passions Event's present:

Oct 12 - Nov 2, 2018
These amazing items are available at ToTl
Jack'O Socks and Pumps Orange 
For Maitreya Lara - Available in six colors 
Butchers Knife
Includes animations
Trick or Treat Lane gift

October 1-31, 2018
These amazing items are all available at the Ironwood Hills event. 
Be sure to complete the game to unlock the hunt prizes so you can snatch them up while you shop. 

Omega applier for face and body
Spooky Sisters

Finishing Touches
Film School

Chuckles Omega HUD

Nightmare Bra
Nightmare Panties
Color hud includes both bloody and clean versions. Bra and panties sold separately

Fuzzy Cardigan