Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Out of the Darkness

And out of the darkness the zombie did call
True pain and suffering he brought to them all
Away ran the children to hide in their beds
For fear that the devil would chop off their heads

And with this we end October. What a fabulous month, I have had a blast blogging all the amazing creations and enjoyed doing some wonderful collaborations with friends. I'm sad to see the spooky season come to an end, but seriously, does it ever really end for some of us?
Trying to keep this post quick and short, just sliding in one more before time runs out. I have to say I think this my favorite ensemble of the month. This outfit from Ison is fabulous and the skirt is bento. It comes with an AO to make it billow out. I love it!
Ok yes, I said keeping it short - everything will be below for ya.
Happy Haunting.

Ironwood Hills
This Is Halloween Face HUD
This Is Halloween Upper HUD
See this tattoo on Flickr

Spectral Pose
 Ironwood Gift
See this pose on Flickr

Trick or Treat Lane
Pentacle Earrings
Pentacle Bindi
See these items on Flickr

Collabor 88
 Safiya Dress
Eris Lace-Up Pants
Read about the bento feature on the dress on Flickr


Bloopy heels

Ouija Scars. Maitreya Applier.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Trick or Treat Time

The big day is almost here!  I was a bit eager and ran over to Trick or Treat Lane to gather up some more "treats" from the designers. It's not too late to stroll the beautiful sim and get in some more shopping. This event has everything from clothes to decor. And so many great gifties too!  So hurry over before the pumpkins turn into... umm just what do pumpkins turn into at midnight?
Keeping this short everything you need to know is below the vendor ads. Limos included!
Happy Haunting!

20 Pull Prize

Dark Passions Event's present:
Oct 12 - Nov 2, 2018
These amazing items are available at ToTL
Darla - Hair 

Chompy Choker - Onyx

Bat Aura v1  
Event gift

Sara Outfit 

Spooky Gloss V2 
Catwa/Omega HUD

Hellfire Eyes - Catwa

Halloween Haunts Gacha
 Available at GachaLand
Sale Price: 50L per play 
     Commons: ( 10 total - Each play gets Slink/Omega & Maitreya for toes & tips)
     Rares: ( 1 total with 13% chance - Each play gets toes & tips)
 Exclusive 20 Pull Prize
    This item is a given every 20th play to gacha players 

^^^New Location ^^^
SkeleGuen Earrings 
SkeleGuen Bracelet 

Briana Work Boots
Includes the MODA color HUD

Finishing Touches
Swarm Tattoo. Maitreya Applier.

Hallow-Inu :: Candy Bucket 

Monday, October 29, 2018

Grease Paint and Blood Stains

The thing about blogging is not only do you get some amazing creations to showcase but you meet the best people. Recently I became friends with the fabulous Rudhmellowen Laguna, and even though we have blogged in the same circles for years (and I do mean years) we have never really spoke. OMG why did we wait so long? This gal is awesome and in a competitive world of sl bloggng, she is so full of encouragement and kindness it's absolutely impossible not to love her.
And have you seen her blog? Rudh's Random Ramblings is so much fun, and filled with so much info you are going to love it. Giver a follow on the blog (linked above) and on flickr. You will be glad you did!

There are still a few more days of our favorite season so you still have time to get spooky! This look started by chance, you see Rudh and I keep bumping into each other at events and while chatting at Cynful for the Sat Sale deals I almost bought the wrong color sweater which evolved into some joking about sweater and undie wearing killer clowns.  So there you have it our own version of creepy clowns.  Be sure to check Rudh's blog for her pic and info. 
Lots of cuteness here, love these bright socks and pumps from Secret Oktober, they really are fun and great colors too. You can grab them at Trick or Treat Lane and while you are there pick up the awesome Butcher knife from Zombie Suicide. Not only is it fabulous, it's also free during the event.
If you haven't already picked up the chemical appliers from Clemmm X - [TWC] at Ironwood Hills you really want to do that. I already know I will be getting lots of use out of them.  The friends pose we used is from Extra and also available at Ironwood Hills along with a few others.
All pics were taken at the Gators MC. Be sure to stop by and check out their Halloween event: World Wide Halloween 2018
As always links are below.
Happy Haunting

Dark Passions Event's present:

Oct 12 - Nov 2, 2018
These amazing items are available at ToTl
Jack'O Socks and Pumps Orange 
For Maitreya Lara - Available in six colors 
Butchers Knife
Includes animations
Trick or Treat Lane gift

October 1-31, 2018
These amazing items are all available at the Ironwood Hills event. 
Be sure to complete the game to unlock the hunt prizes so you can snatch them up while you shop. 

Omega applier for face and body
Spooky Sisters

Finishing Touches
Film School

Chuckles Omega HUD

Nightmare Bra
Nightmare Panties
Color hud includes both bloody and clean versions. Bra and panties sold separately

Fuzzy Cardigan

Saturday, October 27, 2018

See what's on the slab...

Oh No! 
What have I done?  

This was the Dr's favorite pet, Riff Ratt. This wasn't a test rat. Oh no, the Dr. is going to kill me!  What am I going to do? He gets so angry, it's like he's not even the same person. What am I going to do?
Wait, maybe I can fix this. We have the tools. I'll just put him here on the slab....darn, he's so small. 
Oh no, this isn't going to work. The Dr. isn't going to take this well.
RIP Riff Ratt, I'm sorry, I hope I don't see you soon.
You will find the conclusion to our fair lab assistant's tale in Asbjorn Raven's submission at the upcoming Raven's Nest Gallery event "It Came From Second Life" opening on Oct. 27, 2018 at 4:00 PM SLT. This exhibition is a celebration of B Movies and the monthly themed show for Oct/Nov at 

Details of the exhibition can be found here: It Came From Second Life. There is still time for you to join, submissions are open to everyone. All the details can be found at the above link. 
Keep tabs on the scheduled events and exhibitions at the gallery on facebook  or even better join the inworld group when you visit. 

As always, shopping links are below.
Happy Haunting

October 1-31, 2018
Haunting is Ironwood Hills Halloween interactive game / hunt. Follow the clues to unlock the steps on your free HUD (you can pick it up at the landing.) Once you've unlocked them all, reap your rewards at the shopping area.
Take a look on Facebook to see some of the awesome prizes.
Items available at the event
Heads or tails rat  
Includes an AO HUD
Ironwood Haunting Hunt gift

The Reanimator Gacha Set
Don't forget to pick up Mrs. Stein's Arm as the Hunt Gift

Sponsor Item
Includes an unopened condom, but I didn't think it would help fix Riff Rat.

Finishing Touches
Gone Mad Gacha: Dress Red 
Gone Mad Gacha: Gloves Black
Available at the October round of The Arcade

Piercing Set 05 Dimples 

Em - mix color Hud

Cody's Goggles Fire
Past Event Gift

Extra Poses - Succubus

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Voodoo Dolly

She's your little Voodoo Dolly
And she's gonna make you lazy
Like the little drum in your ear
Transfixes you to your fear
                                           Lyrics from Voodoo Dolly by Siouxsie and the Banshees

It's that time of year. Time to be one of the things that go bump in the night. Time to creep around among the ghouls and their friends... but you want to do it in style, right? You want to look super hot and still be able to run when things get way too creepy. That's where these amazing boots from MODA have you covered. They will totally get the job done! Of course I went with all black, but since they are MODA they have a massive customization HUD so you get lots of options. And if you prefer thigh highs, check the mainstore for the taller version (pic at the end of this blog.)  

I love these stockings from 1313 Mockingbird Lane which are currently available at Trick or Treat Lane. The hud lets you mix and match colors in so many ways. Totally perfect for all your Halloween looks. I know I will be using these again they are just fun.  

Speaking of fun, I frickin love this little voodoo dolly from La Baguette that I purchased on a whim. I really am not one for dolls at all, but I mean you get to poke this one with needles.  Poke -  poke - poke.  Ok I am easily amused, but seriously it's cute as hell!
Oh how I love these earrings from Astara that you can find at Trick or Treat Lane, along with the matching Bindi I wore in my last post (Meet the Ravens. Part Deux.) Seriously they are big and bold and just striking. You can color them up in all kinds of ways with their HUD. They have now joined the ranks of my fave earrings, I love them that much.   

A ghoulish girl must have a perfect manicure at all times. That's just a fact of the afterlife. By now you know that Dark Passions always has amazing new designs from cute to sexy, there is always something perfect for the season. The Wicked & Bound set is sexy as hell and looks fabulous on all the nail shapes / lengths. Have you ever noticed on the Koffin Nails ads that the designer so kindly notes which nail lengths the polish set is best for? So helpful!  

Shopping links are after the vendor pics.
Happy Haunting!

Dark Passions Event's present:
Oct 12 - Nov 2, 2018
These amazing items are available at ToTl
Fiona Stockings
Sold in mini-fatpacks. 
Each pack contains a HUD with six stripe colors and inserts in black/white.

Pentacle Earrings
Includes color HUD

Sponsor Items 
BRIANA Work Boots
Includes the MODA Customization HUD
Available at The Black Fair

Koffin Nails - Wicked & Bound
Available at The Black Fair

The rest of the fabness
Lindsay Dress #5 - 
Available at Cosmopolitan 

Group Gift

Calavera Septum Piercing Silver 
Part of the MIdnight Doll Gacha at Epiphany
Grotos Collar
Kronium Cuff #01
Piercing Set 04 Nose Studs

Voodoo doll 
Available at Salem

[Runic Tattoo] 
Omega HUD with multiple colors

Three Crosses Necklace 02

Wicked -Piercing/Collar - Onyx

Stretched Ears Season 2 Gold

Kimmy for Catwa Kimberly
Body shape has been adjusted

Lara Mesh Body

Kimberly Bento Head

KHALY Tone 01 appliers

Available at the MODA Mainstore 
or on the Marketplace.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Meet the Ravens. Part Deux.

One big creepy happy family!
One day while taking an evening stroll at Ironwood Hills we found the sweetest young man just wandering around with his batty sister in his arms. He asked us if we could help him hunt for his family, as they seemed to have left them there. So after an evening of searching and speaking to the local residents we had grown so attached to the youngins we just had to take them in. They are such an utter delight. For the most part Zorphan is content to play quietly play with his toys while his sweet lil sister just wants to be cuddled and nuzzle your neck. I mean she really likes to just nuzzle whoever is holding her, it's truly precious.
So yes Mr. Raven and I have officially adopted and we are one big happy family now.  

With the Haunting event still in fully force at Ironwood Hills I was able to do a little shopping while we searched for the kiddos missing parents. I found the Bloodshed Bento gloves from Wicca's Wardrobe to be a perfect accessory for my Maven dress from ISON. I also knew that with two kids joining our home we were likely to need a hand in caring for them now and then, so I picked up a couple from CLAVv. Zorphan just loves shiny and bloody things so he had to have the FML knife from Hotdog, but I did say no way to the pet rodent after he cut it in half. I was afraid an undead rat would give his sister nightmares as she just seemed agitated when he let the blood drop on her. Now you know I can't pass up a new coffin, especially the lost souls one from Crate that comes with it's own ravens. 

Dark Passions Events - Trick or Treat lane is now open! Be sure to stop in and look for all the awesome treats left out by the designers, like this bindi from Astara. It even includes a color HUD! Astara also has matching earrings for sale at Trick or Treat Lane. I will have more about this event in a few days so keep watch here or check their website for all the event details and shopping guide.
Dark Passions Events

I also owe another huge thank you to Asbjorn Raven for taking these pictures. It's always wonderful to collaborate on a project together. You can see more of his images on Flickr
Asbjorn is also the owner of The Raven's Nest Cafe & Gallery. Keep tabs on the scheduled events and exhibitions at the gallery on facebook  or even better join the inworld group when you visit. Maybe you would like to participate in an exhibition, we'd love to see your work!  

Shopping links are below.

Happy Haunting

Ironwood Hills
October 1-31, 2018
These amazing items are all available at the Ironwood Hills event. 
Be sure to complete the game to unlock the hunt prizes so you can snatch them up while you shop. 

Evil Hand Black -  Hunt Prize Worn on leg
Evil Hand Cloth Hanger D Silver (animated) 
Shown on piano 

Zorphan [zombie kid]
Zorphan even brings his own toys! 
Black Widow Spider / Toy Eye / Toy Heart

Bloodshed Gloves 
Fully customizable bento gloves for Maitreya

Lost Souls Coffin

FML knife .  Bloody
 Includes animations 
(Shown with Zorphan's toys - what can I say, he likes shiny things)

Dark Passions Event's present:
Oct 12 - Nov 2, 2018
These amazing items are available at ToTl

Pentacle Earrings
Pentacle Bindi
Includes color HUD

Items that make my little dark heart swoon! 
Maven Dress - black 
Available at Uber until Oct 22
Bloopy heels ~ Maitreya
Available at C88 until Nov 6

Finishing Touches
Em - mix
Piercing Set 05 Dimples 
Piercing Set 06 Septum 

Vampire Bat Baby 05 Swatch 2