Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Spookshow Baby

She's a killer!
She's a thriller!
Spookshow Baby!

Hello Darklings!
Let me introduce you to Spookshow,  the newest sponsor of Macabre Beauty. I had recently discovered this brand on some random sim wanderings, and fell in love with them. They are wonderfully creepy and so unique. I am really looking forward to sharing more of their designs in the near future. Take a look at the designer's flickr to see just how fabulous they are. 
In this series I am wearing the Moloch shadow from Spookshow. I love being able to control the intensity of makeup on my head, depending on the outfit sometimes I want a softer look like in these pics. Seriously a lil nudge of the sliders on my Catwa hud and look at the delish look.  I think I may keep this makeup on for a bit.
Yes, I am wearing a collar! But the Tammuz collar from Spookshow is amazing, with so many customization options you can make it as colorful or as simple as you like. So much fun!
I love the lil thigh strap on my dress from W:6, it kinda makes me think of a straight jacket! In case you aren't feeling the white look, there is a texture hud with lots of great options.
Are you checking Extra Poses each week on the Saturday sale? You totally should! The "perfect body" pose was part of the sale at the beginning of the month (yes that's when I started this post, but well RL keeps me prisoner.) Seriously stop by each week to see whats on the slab, err I mean what's on sale. 
How have I not seen these sexy heels from Moda before? Since they are Moda, you will have so many color options in the texture hud they will match everything. One thing though, I cant decide if they are boots or heels or sandals. They kinda cover it all.
Oh I am still in love with the Oil Spill polish from Dark Passions.  Not sure I will ever take it off, kinda like my Psycho Barbie tattoo.  I really do love this tattoo, but I bet you know that by now!
Another store I recently discovered is Father, where I picked up this eye applier as a gift. There are actually quite a few free gifts at Father, not to mention a confessional booth, you know.. just in case you have sinned and need to... ahh well umm, confess? Or whatever it is you do in there.
All your shopping links are below after the designer's pics.  Go shop, confess, then shop some more. I've heard it is good for the soul. 
Spookshow baby!

Macabre Beauty Sponsors 

Moloch Shadow - Catwa
I lightened it for my pale skin via my head hud
Tammuz Collar
3 versions and a fat pack available
Customize via hud

Perfect Body

Scarlett Dress
Includes a 17 texture hud

Dark Passions
Koffin Nails - Oil Spill
No I haven't taken them off yet. ♥

Halsey Heels

Psycho Barbie
Made in Hell 
Omega applier

Finishing Touches 

Mother Pearl Gray Eyes Neutrals Omega HUD
Free Gift
On flickr

Paradox - B&W

Immortal Skin Applier for Catwa / Maitreya

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