Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Fog In My Mind...

...darkens my eyes
silently streaming for a distant sound

So much fun stuff going on right now!  First, VerseEye is participating in three events right now...the Sinister Goth Sinner's Hunt, the Fairy Tale Hunt, and the Femboy Hunt!  They have a lovely set of mesh eyes for each one and they all come in multiple sizes as well as a system eye option so a perfect fit is easy as pie.  And oohhhhh so lovely!  Shown here are the Soul Eater Eyes prize from the Femboy Hunt.  It starts on 1 August so get ready!

Dark Passions - Koffin Nails is also taking the grid by storm....so many nails in so many places I hope I remember to list them all!  Specially designed nails are currently being offered at Suicide Dollz, the Cosmetic Fair, the Pier Market, and the Aloha Fair!  The nails shown here are the Riveting Wreckage Nails...just one set of nails Koffin is currently offering at the Cosmetic Fair, they are lovely metallic nails that come in 12 colors for fingers and toes.  You need these....they go with EVERYTHING!  Annnnnd....let's not forget that the 50% off sale is still running at the inworld store for a couple more days.  If you haven't run over there to shop yet you better hurry before it ends!

Last but not least, Horror Haute is still running for a few more days.  The lovely dress shown here is the Sleeping Death Gown by Skindustrial Bodyworks!  It's a mesh dress coming in 5 sizes with lovely slits up the side to show off those legs!  Beautiful lines, beautiful texturing, you can't go wrong with this dress!


SKBW Sleeping Death Gown (for July Horror Haute)
*LODE* Viking Necklace Silver
[The Forge] House Martell Ring Gold


VerseEye Soul Eater Mesh Eyes (from the Femboy hunt starting 1 August)
[Mystic Canvass] Angie Peachy Skin With Appliers
Analog Dog Tantrum Cacao
DP - Koffin Nails Riveting Wreckage Nails (at the Cosmetic Fair)
[Buzz] Summer Speckles


PosESion Nails 3
Nantra Urban Chic 8


All pics taken in the El Laberinto Perdido sim

*Title lyrics taken from "Night Boat" by Duran Duran

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