Monday, June 9, 2014

She Wipes The Filth Away...

 ...and it's back on the streets again
Spreading the disease
Everybody needs
But no one wants to see

DeadPool Fashion has released a number of new items lately, some of them are exclusive to the current Thrift Shop event while others, like the men's cargo shorts below, are available on the Marketplace or the inworld store.  These mesh cargos come in black, grey (shown here), and beige and as you can see, they fit a girl just fine too!  I do love my boy clothes *giggles*.  They are 3/4 length, come in L, M, S, XS so there are plenty of sizes to choose from to fit any avi!  Check back here soon to see some of the other items DeadPool has released, Guennie or I will have some pics up!

All of these pics were taken in an amazing sim, the Home of the Ex de Umbris Hord.  This is a Bloodlines group in Second Life who were kind enough to invite me in to take pictures of their lovely home.  This place is open to the public (you don't have to be in Bloodlines to enjoy it) and is a fantastic urban setting where one can wander the city streets finding all kinds of hidden nooks to explore or play a game of Greedy or, for the truly daring, a game of Russian Roulette.  There is an adult video store if you're feeling a bit sassy and a lovely little diner with working video games.  And the best part?  Sometimes....just'll find yourself surrounded by hungry zombies roaming the city looking for flesh!  There are free weapons available as well as a free combat HUD for all your zombie killing fun and if they start kicking your ass (and trust me, they will), there's a safe-zone to run to where I must admit it's rather amusing to watch the zombies explode when they hit the electrified fence!  So go check it out, I highly recommend this's beautiful and the people are amazing!

Zombies attack!!!

DeadPool Cargos Grey
::i*:: Crown Hoodie (possibly no longer available)
Scrub Death In My Belly Piercing
SiCK Piercings The Contour
Schakal Holy
Fusion Silver Multi Earrings
EA! Brass Knuckles Black
DeeTaleZ Black Chuckers

[Mystic Canvass] Angie Peachy (with appliers)
VerseEye Nightfall Edward
Letis Tattoo Bats
Letis Tattoo Death
Clemmm Damaged Hands (with Slink applier)
Corvus Bloody Lips
Corvus Deep Black Eye shadow
Soedara Bruised Body
Trdlo Rib Stitches
AITUI Etched Hair Base Momentum
Milk Hair Bang! Bang!

Del May Mime/Lookout
Embody Karolina 1
Diesel Works Miaa 5
Del May Little Sploosh (It's cold)

All pics taken in the Home of the Ex de Umbris Hord sim

*Title lyrics taken from "Spreading The Disease" by Queensryche

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