Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Vengo de la tierra del fuego...

...Ten cuidado cuando llamas mi nombre.

 The Big Show is on again and I have to say, I usually like to wait for things to die down a little bit before I brave the large events.  Not this time...as soon as I got a look at what Reign was offering it was pretty clear there would be no waiting...my patience only goes so far.  So, the very SECOND the event opened up I dropped in and snatched them!  I'll go back and see what else is there later, I got my shoes baby!!!

So, after busting through the crowd like a bargain hunter on Black Friday I went back home to complete my look (I already had my outfit all planned for those strappy little beauties, a sexy bit of newness from the folks over at GizzA...total hotness!!!! ).  That's when the problem hit, I had no idea where to take my pics.  After a few hours of nothing working I stumbled into a lovely sim called The Station & Dead City.  Part Steampunk, part art gallery, part amusement park, this place has all kinds of wonders!  A very nice person there I'll call ED welcomed me through im's giving me great suggestions about things to see and do and made sure I experienced all there was to get the full effect of the place.  It's a gem of a location, I highly recommend it!

GizzA Strapless Top
GizzA Untouchables / Trousers
Reign Monarch Heels available at The Big Show
:Fusion: Multi Earrings
Zibska Ninon Deux Jewelry Set
~Sassy!~ Polished Cuff Bracelet

[Mystic Canvass] Symbia Peachy A-cup
Vanity Hair Liberty HP Blacks
Clemmm Charcoal Lip Blush
MONS / Makeups Eyeshadow Glamorous
MONS / Makeups Miracle Eyeshadow Purple
Slink Hands and Feet

Diesel Works Vixen 11
Diesel Works Vixen 2
.glamRus. Hiphop 5

All pics taken at The Station & Dead City

*Title Lyrics taken from "The Flame" by Arcadia


  1. Great post, cool looking outfit, and thanks for visiting the sim. Love the pics!