Friday, April 25, 2014

And The Night, When The Moon Is Bright....

...Someone cries, something ain't right...

More Horror Haute creepiness to share!  Dark Passions is offering up this macabre little dress for this round, it's a special edition print and comes both with and without the crosses and lots of blood for your horror loving looks!  For this round of HH it's being offered at a discounted price saving you 95L so you better get while the getting is good!  I paired it with the HH skin from [Void], a lovely tear stained and bruised skin that just went perfectly with the blood!  

Also, last week The Elegant Goth revealed yet another amazeballs sim design with tons of new releases!  I decided to sneak over there today to take a peek at the new look and get some pics and oh! my! god! I found a treasure!  There is the most insane movie theatre in there, and it shows real movies! I didn't even get  to the rest of the sim....I got so distracted by the movie greatness I nearly forgot I was there for pics.  So, as a compromise I decided to take them all in this gem of a theatre (which you can totally buy by the way) while I enjoyed Dracula!  Schwee!  This may become my home away from home.  Anyway, if you're in the need for some horror entertainment the movies currently showing include "Nightmare On Elm Street", "An American Haunting", "The Exorcist" and a few others!  Yes, I get distracted easily...if a squirrel had run by I would have been totally screwed.  So, the point is, if you're out shopping, stop in and watch a movie!  There are munchies and refreshments and a lovely big screen!

Dark Passions Valdis Bloody Mess/Crosses (Horror Haute)
[Gos] Bordello - Rock Chic - Black
Barely Legal Mesh Cross To Bear Ring
Death Row Designs Upper Arm Chain

[Void] Etain Victim - Cold With Optional Bruises (Horror Haute)
.:Glamorize:. Sweet Combo - Lips
Magika Awake Hair
VerseEye Nightfall - Bella

PoSEsion Malicia 1
Tabou Irresistible Rock Attitude Pose 1
PoSEsion Raquel 9

All pics taken at The Elegant Goth

*Title lyrics taken from "Pet Sematary" by The Ramones

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