Tuesday, March 25, 2014

And The Wounded Skies Above...

...say it's much too late
Well maybe we should all be praying for time...

In just a few short days, 1 April to be exact, the Krave Urban Freestyle Fair is set to begin!!!  There will be 64 designers for this event and it looks like it will be epic!  Zero will be in attendance offering up some fantastic items for all your urban fashion needs.  The Zero Boss Lady Ensemble will be there at a reduced price so don't forget to snatch that one up (it's amazing...there will be pictures here soon for you to get a peek at) and another item designed exclusively for the event is Zero's Urban Ally Unisex Mesh Backpack.  This backpack features a texture changing HUD giving you 5 different looks including quilted leather and houndstooth, it has a resizer for easy customization, it's implant friendly and the textures are just phenomenal (seriously, I'm in love with those adorable little buckles on the front of the arm straps)!  I tried it on with a number of looks before settling on what you see below and with the resizer it made it a breeze to fit with various clothing options.  The textures featured on this bag were just stunning no matter which light scheme I walked into, incredible detail and depth, it's not to be missed!


Zero Urban Ally Unisex Mesh Backpack...comes with HUD to change between 5 different style options, fits around implants and has adv resizers.  AND, if you leave a review on the Marketplace about your item and the service you received Rei will send you a Limited Revelator Mask!  The Limited Review Reward item is valid for any item purchased except demos....grab one while you can!!!
Gos Triumph Boots v2 in Black
Death Row Designs Chained Upper Arm (gacha event item)
Death Row Designs Chained Waist (gacha event item)
Death Row Designs Zombie Apoc Armblade (gacha event item)
Death Row Designs Zombie Apoc Watch and Compass (gacha event item)
Sn@tch Mesh Tequila Ribbed Tank
Sugar Mesh Apparel  Men's Bondage Pants Red Camo


Xia's Boutique Dark Eyes Mono
Corvus Punched Face
Repulse Sinner Stomach Wound
Repulse Slashed Cheek Face Tattoo
Oh!Liv Beauty Mark Cindy
[V] Lipstick (New Gen) Rouge
[Mystic Canvass] Asrella Skin A-cup Steam
Milk Hair High End Hippy


All Poses from Diesel Works Poses & Animations
Lourdes 3
Miaa 6
Lourdes 1

All pics taken in the Hazardous sim

*Title lyrics taken from "Praying For Time" by George Michael

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