Saturday, February 15, 2014

Cool Pools Drown Your Mind...

...what else will you find?

The Enchanted Rockabilly Hunt is still going strong...the event runs from 30 January to 28 February with a variety of offerings from from multiple vendors all offering goods reflecting their personal interpretations of their fairy tale theme.  DeadPool Fashion's prize is this retro-styled dress, adorned with one of my fave characters of all time, the Aladdin Genie!  So go find the prize, grab the dress and watch your wishes come true!

I think the bright colors of the dress pair beautifully with the rich darkness of the Mystic Canvass Asrella Night Skin.  Unfortunately the skin is no longer available, it was only around in limited quantities for Project Limited but if you missed that event, Mystic Canvass will be offering new skins at the upcoming Skin Fair that runs 14 March through 30 March!  

DeadPool Fashion Billie Jean Rockabilly Genie (from the Enchanted Rockabilly Hunt )
The Little Bat Hypnosis Necklace Yellow

[MC] Asrella Skin A-cup Night
[MC] Cyber Liner Thick-Fire Shadow
LoQ Hair Syrah Jet Black
[Pink Fuel] INK LipGloss
Pink Acid 2 Much Makeup v2 Evening Moon

Katink Editorial Pose
Kirin Burlesque

All pics taken using Katink background Pack 60s Throwback

*Title lyrics taken from "Arabian Knights" by Siouxsie And The Banshees

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