Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Night I left the city...

...I dreamt of a wolf

So many wonderful things to share in this post!  A lovely skin, a new outfit, a big sale, and a hunt!

Skin: Deadly Beautiful Tadem Pale Skin 1
Makeup: Deadly Beautiful Sparkle Black Eyeshadow
Makeup: [Mystic Canvass] Cyber Linter & Shadows Tattoo Layer - Cyber Liner Thick
Eyes: {Dead Apples} Sorrow Eyes (past group gift)
Wound: Ghurab - Black Vulo Design Severely Wounded Upper Body
Hair: LoQ Hair Pieva Black - Big sale going on at LoQ right now...all sorts of goodies at big discounts!!!

Skirt/Sweater: {MV} Shiver Vitae

Bounce This Poses Kneeling
FN In The Eyes Of Fire
Songbird Wound Down Dolly Lean Back
Elephante Poses Looking For You
Hopscotch I'm Back

Title taken from the lyrics of "Cry Wolf" by A-ha


Top 3: Forgotten City
Bottom 2: The Elegant Goth

I planned to have only three pics in this post but yesterday I got a group notice from The Elegant Goth...the first words I saw were 'customer appreciation hunt' and I ran right over to get started because let's face it, their stuff is fabulous!  The first thing I noticed was a redesigned store and sim...it's really quite lovely so I had to take a couple pics!  But as it turns out, I was a couple days early (hey, what can I say?  The word 'hunt' got me excited!).  The hunt will begin on 15 January and will be sim wide with 8 new items as prizes!  The notice stated that the items will be relatively easy to find and from the hints given it sounds like they will be quite amazing to have!

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